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The H.L. Hunley. By Leslie Holt. Background of Civil War. Southerners seceded from Union because the belief of states rights. Abraham Lincoln became president of Union On April ,12 1861 1 st shots of Civil War were fired. Attack lasted 34 hours then Union surrendered. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The H.L. Hunley

The H.L. HunleyBy Leslie HoltBackground of Civil WarSoutherners seceded from Union because the belief of states rights.Abraham Lincoln became president of UnionOn April ,12 1861 1st shots of Civil War were fired.Attack lasted 34 hours then Union surrendered.

What Was The H.L Hunley?February 17, 1864 the H.L Hunley went out for its final mission but not successful. The Hunley was a secret weapon for the Confederacy.The Confederacy built the Hunley to get under Unions blockade In February of 1864 it sank the USS Housatonic.

Important PeopleHorace Hunley helped build the submarine and because of his support they named it after him, the H.L Hunley.Some of the crewman were James A. Wicks, Frank Collins, George E. Dixon, C Lumpkin, Arnold Becker, J.F Carlson, Joseph Ridgaway, and MillerGeorge Dixon was a captain of Hunley.

Horace Hunley

George DixonEnd of Civil WarAbraham Lincoln passed Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863 to let slaves free.The Battle Of Palmito Ranch was last battle in Civil WarJune 23, 1865 Robert E. Lee ( Confederate soldier) surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant (Union soldier)Union won Civil War.

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