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  • The Handbook of High-Performance

    Virtual Teams A T O O L K I T F O R C O L L A B O R A T I N G

    A C R O S S B O U N D A R I E S

    Jill Nemiro Michael Beyerlein Lori Bradley Susan Beyerlein Editors

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  • The Handbook of High-Performance

    Virtual Teams A T O O L K I T F O R C O L L A B O R A T I N G

    A C R O S S B O U N D A R I E S

    Jill Nemiro Michael Beyerlein Lori Bradley Susan Beyerlein Editors

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    The handbook of high-performance virtual teams : a toolkit for collaborating across boundaries / Jill Nemiro . . . [et al.]. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN-13: 978-0-470-17642-9 (cloth) 1. Virtual work teams—Management—Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Teams in the workplace— Management—Handbooks, manuals, etc. 3. Performance—Management— Handbooks, manuals, etc. I. Nemiro, Jill E., 1954- II. Title: High-performance virtual teams. HD66.H36 2008 658.4'022—dc22 2007028792

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  • iii

    C O N T E N T S

    Web Ancillaries viii

    Figures, Tables, and Exhibits ix

    Acknowledgments xiii

    The Editors xv

    The Contributors xix

    The Challenges of Virtual Teaming 1

    Jill Nemiro, Lori Bradley, Michael Beyerlein, Susan Beyerlein


    PA R T O N E Working Collaboratively 29

    O N E A Framework for Working Across Boundaries 31

    Michael Beyerlein, Jill Nemiro, Susan Beyerlein

    T W O Design Principles for Successful Virtual Teams 59

    Gail Goodrich Harwood

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  • Contentsiv

    PA R T T W O Building a Collaborative Culture 85

    T H R E E The Three-Fold Path of Expanding Emotional 87 Bandwidth in Virtual Teams

    Trina Hoefl ing

    F O U R Getting Virtual Teams Right the First Time: Keys 105 to Successful Collaboration in the Virtual World

    Linda M. L. Peters, Charles C. Manz

    F I V E Sensemaking to Create High-Performing Virtual Teams 131

    Gina Hinrichs, Jane Seiling, Jackie Stavros

    S I X Trust Building Online: Virtual Collaboration and 153 the Development of Trust

    Chris Francovich, Michelle Reina, Dennis Reina, Christopher Dilts

    PA R T T H R E E Leading Collaboratively 177

    S E V E N Transformational Leadership Attributes for Virtual 179 Team Leaders

    David Braga

    E I G H T Going Beyond Leadership Style: When and How Do 195 We Lead Change?

    Dina M. Mansour-Cole

    N I N E Leading Virtual Teams: Potential Problems 213 and Simple Solutions

    Thomas A. O’Neill, Rhys J. Lewis, Laura A. Hambley


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  • Contents v

    PA R T F O U R Setting Up a Collaborative Team 241

    T E N Team Composition and Member Selection: 243 Optimizing Teams for Virtual Collaboration

    Kara L. Orvis, Stephen J. Zaccaro

    E L E V E N Generational Differences in Virtual Teams 263

    Emanuel Brady, Lori Bradley

    T W E LV E Assessing Training Needs for Virtual 273 Team Collaboration

    Marilyn Sawyer Wesner

    T H I R T E E N Design Concepts for Virtual Work Systems 295

    Jodi Heintz Obradovich, Philip J. Smith

    PA R T F I V E Working on a Collaborative Team 329

    F O U R T E E N The Technology That Supports Virtual 331 Team Collaboration

    Lori Bradley

    F I F T E E N Training for Virtual Collaboration: Beyond 345 Technology Competencies

    Arie Baan, Martha Maznevski

    S I X T E E N Combating Confusion: Virtual Teams 367 That Cross Borders

    Sue Freedman

    S E V E N T E E N Problem Solving in Virtual Teams 391

    David Braga, Steve Jones, Dennis Bowyer

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  • Contentsvi

    E I G H T E E N Correcting Chronic Decision-Making 405 Problems Through Effective Collaboration

    Mehran Ferdowsian

    PA R T S I X Tools and Assessments for Collaboration 439

    N I N E T E E N Tools for Effective Virtual Team Start-Ups 443

    Kimball Fisher

    T W E N T Y Tools for Effective Virtual Team Meetings 461

    Dipti Gupta, Lori Bradley, Terence Yeoh

    T W E N T Y- O N E VEtiquette: What Is the Etiquette 479 of Virtual Teams?

    Mal Conway, Jack Jennings, Curt Raschke, Mary B. Witort,

    Michael Beyerlein

    T W E N T Y- T W O Creativity Techniques for Virtual Teams 491

    Jill Nemiro

    T W E N T Y- T H R E E Using Assessments to Predict Successful 533 Virtual Team Collaboration Performance

    Scott K. Filgo, Scott Hines, Scott Hamilton

    T W E N T Y- F O U R Building the Business Case to Executives 553 for Virtual Teams

    Michael Beyerlein, Susan Beyerlein


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  • Contents viivii

    PA R T S E V E N Case Studies 571

    T W E N T Y- F I V E Virtual Teams in Medical Care Delivery 575

    Steven K. Rothschild, Stan Lapidos

    T W E N T Y- S I X Distributed Work: Using Data to Drive 591 Business-Focused Decision Making

    Anita Kamouri, Eric Richert

    T W E N T Y- S E V E N Virtual Collaboration in 619 a Matrix Organization

    Amy Kates, Paul J. Erickson

    T W E N T Y- E I G H T Knowledge Transfer and Learning 653 on Virtual Design Teams

    Jude G. Olson

    PA R T E I G H T Conclusion 679

    T W E N T Y- N I N E Collaboration in the Real World: Virtual 681 Team Key Take-Away Principles That Work

    Michael Beyerlein, Lori Bradley, Jill Nemiro, Susan Beyerlein

    T H I R T Y The Virtual, Networked Organization: How 693 One Company Became Transparent

    Jeffrey Stamps, Jessica Lipnack

    Name Index 707

    Subject Index 717

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  • W E B A N C I L L A R I E S

    Readers are invited to review and download the supplementary Web materials

    for The Handbook of High-Performance Virtual Teams: A Toolkit for Collaborat-

    ing Across Boundaries. These materials include a variety of assessment surveys,

    practical tools, and additional chapters and references to assist in developing high-

    performing virtual teams. Related items on the Web have been listed at the end of

    relevant chapters in the handbook.

    The supplementary Web materials are available FREE on-line at www.wiley


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