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The Great War. 1914-1918 Outbreak of WWI. Long term causes for the outbreak of World War I Militarism The belief that a nation needs a large military force Alliances Agreement between countries Nationalism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Great War1914-1918

Outbreak of WWILong term causes for the outbreak of World War I

MilitarismThe belief that a nation needs a large military forceAlliancesAgreement between countriesNationalismThe feeling of pride, loyalty, and protectiveness of ones countryImperialismThe policy by which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over a weaker nation.World War I Opponents Allies

Central PowersGreat BritainFranceRussiaSerbiaBelgiumUnited StatesGermanyAustria-HungaryBulgariaOttoman Empire

Outbreak of WarImmediate cause of the outbreak of WWI

AssassinationArchduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were murdered in Sarajevo June 28, 1914Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia; soon after other European countries were following (because of alliances)leading to the outbreak of WWI for U.S. involvement in WarInability to remain neutralSinking of American merchant shipsAlliance with Great Britain

German submarine warfareGerman u-boats torpedoed several merchant ships without warningunrestricted warfare.

Sinking of the LusitaniaGermany torpedoed the British passenger ship killing 1,198 people including 128 Americans

U.S. economic and political ties to Great Britain

The Zimmerman TelegramWorld War I:The United States enters the warThe Untied States Declares WarWilson is reelected in 1916 and events quickly turned the US towards war. Zimmerman Telegram:German official named Arthur Zimmerman, instructed the German ambassador to propose an ally between Mexico and Germany.Germany wanted the US forces to be tied down to Mexico, not Europe.Plan fails when British intelligence intercepts the Zimmerman Telegram.In March 1917, Germany continues with unrestricted submarine warfare; sinking three American ships. Wilsonasks for a declaration of War, April 6, 1917 The Home FrontStep 1: Building up the Military Selected ServiceAll men between the ages of 21-30 were required to register for the draft and a lottery randomly determined the order they were called.

2.8 million men were drafted and 2 million volunteered.

African Americans400,000 were drafted only 42,000 served in combat.

Encountered discrimination and prejudice in combat.

Served in segregated units.HOMEFRONTStep 2: Organizing IndustryCongress creates special boards to coordinate mobilization of economy. Used to emphasize cooperation between big businesses and government

HOMEFRONTFood & FuelFood Administration; Herbert HooverTo conserve food Americans followed:Wheatless Mondays, Meatless Tuesdays, Porkless ThursdaysVictory gardensFuel ; Harry GarfieldIntroduced daylight savings to conserve energy.Heatless MondaysShortened work weeks for non war production factories.Paying for WarBonds: American people were loaning the government money.Victory bonds

HOMEFRONTStep 3: Mobilizing for WarNational War Labor BoardMediate labor disputes.Pressured industry to grant wage increases, 8 hour workdays, right of unionsWomens Support IndustryFilled vacancies in the industry.Shipping industriesRailroad industriesJobs were not permanent for women.

WomenFirst time served in armed forces asNurses, clerical duties, radio operators, electricians, pharmacists, photographers, chemists and torpedo assemblers 11,000 women served in NavyArmy only allowed to enlist in Army Nursing Corps: 20,000 served and 10,000 served overseas