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ten meters high, six meters wide at the base and five meters wide at the ramparts.


<ul><li><p>The Great Wall Badaling (Sights Beijing) </p><p>Nearly everyone has heard of the huge stone wall known as the Great Wall of China. The Great Wallof China was built to protect the Chinese Empire from invaders. </p><p> Reasons to go there </p><p> This wall is huge and definitly worth seeing. When we reached there , we noticed we were the onlyones from a foreign country, the rests were locals. </p><p> We went to the Badaling section where you have nice views and can walk up the hill for quite someheight. The left part of the Badaling wall is steeper but gives a better scenery of the wall. </p><p> Badaling, located at Yanqing County 70 km northwest of Beijing, is about 5 km long with 19watchtowers. The wall extends from peak to peak and is made of rectangular slabs, standing eight toten meters high, six meters wide at the base and five meters wide at the ramparts. </p><p> Tips </p><p> Badaling and Juyongguan are nearest to Beijing, most crowded and touristy and these two sectionshave been heavily rebuilt. These sites can be visited in one day starting from Beijing. Travel Beijingand go there! </p><p> Be aware of bus scams that may ruin your day. You may want to bring a jacket against the wind orcold in the chillier season - in the summer you will need lots of water, there are plenty of vendors atthe most visited sections. </p><p> How to get there </p><p> Do not go for organized tours to the Great Wall in the 100-150 Yuan range that are advertised bypeople handing out flyers around the Forbidden City in Beijing for example (the real bus service to theGreat Wall only costs 20 Yuan!). Also, the driver might just stop and set you off before yourdestination. Only pay afterwards! </p><p> Take Bus919 - it is a cheap local bus, but really great an comfortable. Or take tourist bus No. 1 atFront Gate, No. 2 at Beijing Railway Station, the west gate of Beijing History Museum, No. 3 at EastBridge, No. 4 at Xizhi Gate or Beijing Zoo, No.5 from the west Taxi station at the Front Gate, No.8from AnDingmen or Qianmen station. As it is well reachable in a short time, one can say Badaling isan attraction or sight of Beijing. </p><p> Infos </p><p> The Great Wall of China can be visited at many places along its length of several thousand</p></li><li><p>kilometers. Its condition ranges from excellent to ruined and access from straightforward to quitedifficult. </p><p> The Great Wall is a maximum 9.1m (30 ft) wide and is about the same color as the soil surroundingit. Still, the apparent width of the Great Wall from the moon is the same as that of a human hairviewed from 2 miles away. Not surprisingly, no lunar astronaut has ever claimed seeing the GreatWall from the moon. View all our Photos of the Great Wall </p><p> We postet all our photos of the Great Wall at Badaling at We hope they helpfor your Beijing trip. Travel Beijing - its an amazing city! Dont be trapped. </p><p> Pay a fair price for your hotel in Beijing! This site helped us to easily compare over 30 hotelreservation sites. It helps to save time and money. Compare and find the best hotel prices for Beijing. </p><p>Book Bejing Hotels</p></li></ul>