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  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    "The laws of Nature are written in thelanguage of mathematics.

    The symbols are triangles, circles andother geometrical figures,without whose help it is impossible to

    comprehend a single word.All truths are easy to understand once

    they are discovered, the point is to

    discover them."Galileo

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    For Multi-Language Translations click here

    The essence of the information published on this

    page is that The Great Pyramid isapproximately 5,000 years old and we still haveneither the technology nor the engineering skillsto reproduce that magnificent structure where itstands.

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    Both The Great Pyramid's Northern Latitude andslope angle correspond to the speed of light (seeoriginal research below).

    Additionally, if you transpose The GreatPyramid's 'Pi dimension' to a time/date andcreate an ancient geological map of the solarsystem then the result is a configuration thatresembles: a "capstone", a pyramid, and alsoresembles the Reticulum Constellation (imagesimmediately below).The Reticulum constellation is significant

    because the first seriously investigated "alienabduction" (1961) scenario led baffled, and quitelegitimate, researchers to suspect that the visiting"ET's" came from the Reticulum Constellation.What is presented here is a 'high probability-proof' (100%) of the existence of highly advanced/ highly intelligent extraterrestrial life.

    (above) Zeta Reticulum ConstellationViewed from the "outside"looking towards our solar system

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    (above) Star Map of The Reticulum Constellation - from Wikipedia, the free

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt



    The Geometric Solar System (Astrology Chart - enhanced)created by the transposition of "The Great Pyramid's Pi Dimension" to a

    time/date(see below Algorithm of Time )

    Original chart created by transposition of Pi to a time / date,see, (immediately below) the algorithm of time for Pi conversion

    Also, the Sun, orange circle on lower right of chart above, is conjunct (very nearto, in the zodiac) "Fixed Star" Zeta Reticuli

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt



    transposes to

    3 years - 14 months- 15 days- 92 hours- 65minutes- 40 seconds

    and reduces to

    3 years - 14 months- 15 days- 93 hours- 5 minutes -40 seconds

    and reduces further to

    4 years- 2 months- 18 days- 21 hours- 5 minutes -40 seconds


    February 18th 5 at 9:05:40 PM, location The GreatPyramid

    This transposition initially provided a window ofapprox.11 years (5 BC to 5 AD)

    A 5 BC date provided the astounding chart (after adjusting forGregorianCalendar discrepancies)


  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    Why the 'Algorithm- Because the Astroarchaeological and Archa

    typicallyrequire 'dates'.- So, with The Great Pyramid's most predomibeing 'Pi', it seemed reasonable to investigatedimension' of the pyramid was, somehow, link-Plus 'Pi', and 'time', as we measure it, are botmeasure it, is 'circumference'; the 'circumferenbeing the daily rotation of the Earth on her axi

    'circle' is the Earth's annual circumnavigation

    Reticulum is a constellation in the Southern hemisphere (declination -60degrees). "Zeta" is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet so ZetaReticuli [Zet1 Ret(HD20766) and Zet2Ret(HD20807) are a widebinary system] sixth brightest(magnitude) star. The word"reticulum" isLatin for " little net ". The Reticulum Constellation is diamondshaped(image on top of page) and also depicts (suggests) two pyramidsthat are aligned with their bases touching . Zeta Reticuli is

    approximately 39 light years from the Earth (so pack a lunch). ZetaReticuli is located in the 30th degree of Aquarius in the siderealastrological wheel. The constellation boundaries are(approximately) Right Ascension = 3 hours 17minutes (notice the Piapproximation "Pi + .Pi" or pi + point pi or.pi = 3 hours 17minutes) toRA=4h 40m and DECL = 53 degrees to DECL = 67 degrees andcontains two class "G" stars that are very similar to our Sun. Theprobability of sentient life in this system is considered "quite possible".

    This (immediately below) is the short version of how ZetaReticuli was introduced

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    into the non-astronomical western mind

    In 1961 (September 19th), Betty, then 41 and Barney, then 39, Hill (wellknown in UFOlogy, which is not really my specialty) were stopped by

    visitors from Zeta Reticuli who were asking for directions. The aliensshowed Betty Hill a star map which she was able (only) to reproducelater under hypnosis. It has since been determined that the map thatBetty Hill saw was a star map of the Reticulum Constellation.

    Shortly after the story of the Hill's extraterrestrial experience waspublished in the newspapers many other individuals throughout thecountry (USA) started to claim that they were channeling messagesfrom the alien Reticulums and the Hill story has since become popularfolklore in UFOology. Not one of the supposed,after the fact, Reticulum

    channelers (to my knowledge) has come up with any informationthat could not have been easily fabricated. No one has provided anytechnological or scientific data and much of the "information" presentedsounds like the Old and New Testaments with a new age twist and,also, there is no astronomical evidence of any planets around eitherZeta1 or Zeta 2, however, our current theories regarding planetformation support the assumption that planets SHOULD be present inZeta Reticuli. Nevertheless, the Hill event became the template for allfuture alien abduction claims.

    The Hills did not attempt to capitalize on their experience nor did theyseek publicity. In fact, Mrs. Betty Hill seemed to have dealt with herexperience in a 'matter of fact' type of even minded way. The Hills' post-abduction demeanor contained neither sensationalism nor hysteria. Theevent, however, took on a paranoid flavor after the story got into thehands and imaginations of a few 'fringe dwellers' who embellished thetale and created a whole Reticulum Civilization out of the Hill's story.

    The abduction ofBetty and Barney Hill was the first Alien abductioncase to be reported and thoroughly investigated. The case was the first

    that employed hypnotic regression in the investigation of Alienabductions. Many consider the Hill's experience to be the only authenticclose encounter reported in recent times.

    If your own parents told you that they had been abducted by aliens forapproximately two hours and each parent's repressed memories aboutthe event were clearly refreshed under medical hypnosis then this

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    [parenthetical ?:-)] hypothetical situation places you in the precisecontext of the Hill's1961 circumstances. You are receiving a virtuallyfantastic story from two highly credible people who have no motive otherthan honesty, and perhaps, a need to make psychological sense out oftheir extraordinary experience.

    This is an especially credible case because of the integrity of the Hillsand the skeptical predisposition of the hypnotherapist, Dr. BenjaminSimon,a Boston Psychiatrist who specialized in hypnotic therapy. PeaseAirForce Base supposedly confirmed that they (The AirForce) hadindeed tracked an unknown object around the time and location of theHills' close encounter, however, I have not been able to confirm theaccuracy of the claim that radar data supports the story.

    The Hill abduction matter was documented in a film called " The UFO

    Incident"(Universal Studios, 1975) and a book entitled "The InterruptedJourney"(by John G. Fuller, July 1997 also, an earlier out-of-print editionfrom Dial Press, 1966).

    O.K.,so that's the Hill story, and apart from my little joke about aliens'purpose in stopping was to ask for directions, the story is generallybelieved to be true . So....why in the world did I mention this? Imentioned it because of The Great Pyramid at Giza.

    The Great Pyramid at Giza is the only remaining "wonder" of TheSeven Wonders of The World. It is the most surveyed structure in

    the history ofhumanity .

    The Great Pyramid was constructed between 3809 B.C. and 2896B.C.(according to multiple mortar samples that were tested for carbon-14 dating in1986 in Zurich, Switzerland) and we, now in the beginning ofthe third millennium, still do not have either the technology or

    engineering skills to duplicate that magnificent structure. In fact, it is stilla puzzle in regard to HOW it was built.

    Presently there are two types of cranes in the world that are capable oflifting stone blocks that weigh as much (70+ tons) as railroad steamengines. However,after attaching a boom arm long enough toaccomplish the task of lifting to heights equal to the Great Pyramid

  • 8/7/2019 The Great Pyramid of Egypt


    (approx. 481 ft high), the boom arm acts like a lever and the entireassembly disintegrates.

    The Great Pyramid is the most perfectly aligned structure in theworld. Its alignment is superior to that produced by laser technology.

    The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of1 :43,200.

    The enormous granite and limestone blocks are so precisely placedthat the joints are less than one fiftieth of an inch in thickness. The jointsare held by a type of "cement" the composition of which we have beenunable to determine.

    The Great Pyramid has perfect geometric relationships.

    It contains a complete astronomical catalogue of our so


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