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    Petko Nikolic Vidusa

    Mystik Book

    Kitchener, 2005

  • Copyright 2005 by Petko Nikolic Vidusa. All rights reserved. No partof this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoeverwithout written permission, except in the case of brief quotations incritical articles and reviews.

    Library an Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

    Vidusa Nikolic, Petko 1952-

    Great pyramid and the Bible: earth's measurements / Petko N. Vidusa.

    ISBN 0-9732371-4-7

    Bible--Prophecies. 2. Great Pyramid (Egypt)--Miscellanea. I. Title

    BS1198.V44 2005 220.1'5 C2005-905691-6



  • ContentsWhy was the Great Pyramid of Giza built 5 Position of the Great Pyramid 7The original base breadth 8 Two bases of the Pyramid 9Who built the Pyramid 13

    Granite in the Great Pyramid 13 Sacred cubit (amah) 15 The Sun and the Solomon's Temple 17 Earth, Solomon's Temple and the Pyramid 19 Jachin and Boaz 20

    Solomon's Sea 22 Sacred Cubit (amah) - mother of the all measurement 25 Imperial measurements of length 27 The Great Pyramid, sacred cubit and Noah's Ark 28 The Earth and Noah's Ark.29 Ark of the covenant and Pyramid's Coffer 30A day's walk. 31The Entrance Axis 31 Pyramid's base 33 The Pyramid's passages 34 The Descending Passage 35 Metamorphose of the architecture 37 The Grand Gallery and the Queen's Chamber 39Antechamber 40 One inch of the excentricity 44 King's Chamber north air-shaft 47 King's Chamber south air-shaft 49 Geometry of the King's Chamber 50 The Coffer of King's Chamber 51 The 35th Pyramid Masonry Course 52 Wisdom calls 55 The causeways 58 Earth's rotation speed 58 Divine proportion of the Great Pyramid 59 Earth's axial tilt (or obliquity) 64The Sign of the numbers 66 The Earth's Perfect Circle 67

  • Earth's Prime Meridian 69 The Great Pyramid's triangle 70

    The Great Pyramid above sea level 75Earth and the Moon 76Geometrical scheme of the Universe 77The Sun - Earth - Great Pyramid 78Synodic period of the Moon 78 Moon phases 80One tren 82The Second Pyramid 84The Third Pyramid 85The Bent Pyramid, Dahsur 87 Bibliography 90


  • Why was the Great Pyramid of Giza built?

    Figure 1. The Great Pyramid of Giza (Photo: Library of Congress).

    Through many millennia lots of earthquakes shook the Great Pyramid.Current physical condition of the Great Pyramid does not correspond exactlyto its original building. At the present time, the ancient building of the GreatPyramid can't be accurately measured and it doesn't show the architect's fullplan, but with a mathematical reconstruction using real natural facts it candecipher the ideological message of the ancient architects. Why was the Great pyramid of Giza built? The Great Pyramid is a timecapsule which holds ancient wisdom, knowledge about the ancient andmodern metrology, knowledge about the size of the Earth, and fundamentalbut important knowledge about astronomy, with an exact precision which isonly in our time established by the modern astronomical science. This is theknowledge about our material physical world.


  • Figure 2. Sectional drawing of the interior of the Great Pyramid(Courtesy of Howard B. Rand, author of "The challenge of the Great

    Pyramid", Destiny Publisher, Merrimac, Mass. 1880).

    The numbers and the measurements of the Great Pyramid alsohold and show the knowledge of future events and show the majorhistorical moments of human history: creation of the world, the timewhen the Pyramid was built, the great biblical flood, the birth of theMessiah, His suffering, resurrection and his second coming to Earth.This is the knowledge about our spiritual world.

    "This has been done of the Lord; and it is wonderful in our eyes." (Psalm, 118:23)


  • Position of the Great Pyramid

    Figure 3. The Great Pyramid: geographical center of the land surfaceof the whole world (from "Description de l'Egypte").

    James Fergusson, in his great work, the History of Architecture,describes the Great Pyramid: "Nothing more perfect, mechanically,has ever been erected since that time, ..." *

    Location: Giza, EgyptLatitude = 29 58' 51 NorthLongitude = 31 08' 6.48 East

    The time of the building: about 3440 BC (Alpha Draconis, orThuban, was the pole star about 3443 BC. Alpha Draconis was distant3.69731025 from the true north celestial pole, or 26.32062897(lower culmination) above horizon of the Giza.

    *James Fergusson, History of Architecture, Vol.1, London, 1865, p. 82.


  • The original base-breadth

    Figure 4. Cross section of the Great Pyramid.

    " 1799, cleared away the hills of sand and debris at the north-east and north-west corners, and reached beneath them the leveledsurface of the living rock itself on which the Pyramid was originallyfounded. There, discovering two rectangular hollows carefully and trulycut into the rock, as it for "sockets" for the basal corner-stones, thesaid Academician measured the distance between those socket withmuch geodesic refinement, and found it to be equal to 763.62 Englishfeet. The same distance being measured thirty-seven years afterwardsby Colonel Howard-Vyse, guided by another equally sure direction ofthe original building, as 763.81 feet, we may take for the present

    solution of our problem, where a proportion is all that is now required,the mean, or 763.81 feet, as close enough for a first approximationonly to the ancient base-breadth." *

    "And in 1869, when the Royal Engineers surveyors, returning fromthe Sinai survey, according to orders, to the Great Pyramid, and


  • announced trough their colonel at home, that the mean length of aside of it square base, from socket to socket, was 9130 Britishinches..." **

    The original architectural base-breadth was 760.9208333 feet, or9131.05 inches = 231.92867 meters = 365.242 Sacred Cubits.

    Two bases of the Pyramid"Socket Sides: North...............9129.8 inches East.................9130.8 inches South...............9123.9 inches West................9119.2 inches" ***

    Architectural dimension of the Gr. Pyramid's socket sides: 9131.5inches. The original architectural size = 9131.05 inches. Petriesmeasured size (eastern side) = 9130.8 inches. Difference between theoriginal and measured size = 0.25 inches = 0.635 cm = 6.35 mm.

    Original base-side socket-length = 365.242 sacred cubits = 9131.05inches = 231.92867 meters:

    231.92867 x 2 = 463.85734 m

    If a certain object was to travel with a speed of 463.85734 m/sec, forone day it would travel a distance of 40,077.27418 km = length of theEarths equator.

    * Pyazzi Smyth, The Great Pyramid: Its Secrets and Mysteries Revealed,London, 1880. New York: Gramercy Books, 1978, p. 36.

    ** Ib. p. 38.*** W. M. Flinders Petrie, The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, London, 1883, p. 38.


  • Figure 5. First base (socket's base).

    Figure 6. Second base (pavement's line).


  • Figure 7. First (I) and Second base (II).

    Figure 8. First (0) and Second base (+30)


  • Figure 9. The length 30 N - 30 S is 12,675.78979 km.

    The original line of the Second Pyramid's base is going oh the surface of the pavement and the length of this base is 9072.919882 inches = 756.0766568 feet = 230.452165 meters:

    230.452165 x 2 = 460.90433 m

    If a certain object was to travel with a speed of 460.90433 m/sec, forone day it would travel a distance of 39,822.13446 km = thecircumference of the Earth's circle in the direction of +30 N-30 S(Figure 9). Position of the Great Pyramid is +30 N.


  • The Earths equatorial circle = 40,077,27418 km. The Earths circle in the direction 30 N - 30 S = 39,822.13446 km:

    40,077.27418 39,822.13446 km = 255,13977 km 40,077.27418 : 255.13977 = 157.079683 km = 50 x 3.14159 = 50 Pi

    The length of the First Pyramids base is 231.92867 meters. The length of the Second base is 230.452165 meters:

    231.92867 - 230.452165 = 1.476505 m = 1/100 of the Pyramid,s height.

    Who built the Pyramid?

    The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, is the largest stone building everever constructed on Earth. The Great Pyramid is located at the centerof the land mass of Earth. The architect had advanced science andgeography data and knew the size and shape of the continents ona global scale. The basic dimensions of the Pyramid also include measurements ofthe size and shape of the Earth. In the period 3000 - 2500 B.C. mandid not have the tools or knowledge necessary to build the pyramids. Who built the pyramids? Aliens or men? The best answer is: aliens(angels) and men.

    Granite in the Great Pyramid

    Quartz occurs abundantly in many rocks, including granite. On ahardness Moh's relative scale of 1 to 10 (talc at 1, glass at 6, and adiamond at 10) most granite is rated between 6 and 7. Because of the hardness of minerals that make up granite, it requires diamonds alongwith water to cut and polish granite. Has it ever been demonstratedthat copper or bronze can cut granite? Ne


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