the gospels as four portraits of jesus. (a)mark’s gospel (b) matthew’s gospel (c) luke’s...

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The Gospels as Four Portraits of Jesus

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  • The Gospels as Four Portraits of Jesus

  • Marks Gospel(B) Matthews Gospel(C) Lukes Gospel(D) Johns Gospel(E) the synoptic gospelsABC

  • Written for the church in Rome and for Gentiles

  • Written by a Jewish author for Jews who were converting to Christianity

  • Genealogy traced to Abraham

  • Genealogy traced to Adam

  • Stresses Jesus as the fulfillment of promises made by God in the Hebrew Scriptures

  • Stresses the humanity and suffering of Jesus

  • Include Genealogy of Jesus

  • Include Infancy Narratives

  • Stresses the universality of the Christian message, particularly by showing the inclusion of outcasts (women, poor, and sick people)

  • Stresses Jesus compassion, mercy, and concern for sinners

  • Demonstrates Jesus role as teacher and preacher (Rabbi)

  • Presents Jesus as "the Word of God"

  • written by a Gentile doctor for Gentile Christians

  • Infancy Narratives with shepherds

  • the earliest and shortest Gospel

  • The miracle stories emphasize Jesus compassion for those who are suffering

  • Stresses the incarnation

  • offers a unique portrait of Jesus

  • Stresses the central role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus life

  • Infancy Narratives with magi

  • Builds on poetic and memorable images of Jesus ("I am" statements

  • similar portraits of JesusThe synoptic gospels

  • Jesus followers take some time to catch on to who Jesus is, and when they finally do, Jesus tells them to keep it a secret, given their expectations of the Messiah)>Messianic Secret

  • Probably written by followers of the Beloved Disciple

  • Mark, Matthew, and Luke

  • is the first of a two-volume work, the second being the Acts of the Apostles focusing on the time period from the Ascension to the Pentecost and St. Peters role in the early Church

  • Focuses on Jesus inclusion of women

  • Jesus washes the Apostles feet at the Last Supper

  • Jesus Restores Peter