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Here are the top popular posts on my website, which is all about gems, minerals, jewelry, rare stones and more. Why don't you come on over and see why these posts are so dang popular? I'm waiting!


  • 1. THE HEALING PROPERTIES OF METALSAluminum is protective.Hematite is From Mars and more of a mineral.Steel is awesome!Gold has a warming effect.

2. AZEZTULITE:REAL OR SCAM? This gem has been trademarked,sworn to be awesome by some,sworn to be fake by others.It's controversial and mystical. 3. MOLDAVITE:GEMSTONE FROM THE STARSA.y y Ilove this stone!This Gem S ' has come to us from space millions of years ago.And it's becoming more rare these days.|t'sjust awesome! 4. IEREMEJEVITE:ONE OF THE MOST RAREST CRYSTALS ON EARTHI actually got to hold this delicate gem and had permission from one of the coolest rock shops to play with it,take picturs and learn how to pronounce it. 5. THE DEATH OF A LEGEND:DARYL ADONIS THOMPSONDaryl,a Grammy Award Winner,is the one who got me into wire wrapping and gems and crystals.Losing him was almost as hard as losing my mother.Daryl was the only person to actually tell people I am hisA daughter.RIP to the only one I will ever call Dad. 6. QUARTZ:THE MASTER HEALERQuartz comes in many varites and many gemstones are just various forms of quartz.Agate,Onyx,Chalcedony,Jasper and many more. Quartz is also known as the Master Healer.