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The Future of Link Building

Paddy Moogan

Co-founder, Aira

The Future@paddymooganwww.aira.netLinks as a ranking signal are NOT going away@paddymooganwww.aira.netFundamentally, they still work well

@paddymooganwww.aira.netLinks are the basis of the web@paddymooganwww.aira.netHowever@paddymooganwww.aira.netRelated signals will change and become more refined@paddymooganwww.aira.netWe dont think as a link as the signal Google use@paddymooganwww.aira.netThere is so much more to it@paddymooganwww.aira.netAnchor textVolumeDiversityType of linkHome vs. deep linkPosition on pageOther links on pageSurrounding text@paddymooganwww.aira.netThese will change over time@paddymooganwww.aira.netAnd new signals will be added

@paddymooganwww.aira.netSocial signals may play a bigger part

@paddymooganwww.aira.netSome rankings just wont make sense to us

@paddymooganwww.aira.netPenguin will become more refined and quicker@paddymooganwww.aira.netIts constantly learning (its nearly two years old now)@paddymooganwww.aira.netThey have lots of fresh data to learn about bad links

@paddymooganwww.aira.netPenguin targeted scalable link building techniques@paddymooganwww.aira.netAnything scalable will be targeted at some point

What this means@paddymooganwww.aira.netFor businesses

@paddymooganwww.aira.netLets use Panda as an

There was collateral damage with

But Google didnt mind@paddymooganwww.aira.netDont take risks with your business

@paddymooganwww.aira.netFor churn and burn sites@paddymooganwww.aira.netSpam will always work short-term at leastWhat to avoid@paddymooganwww.aira.netAnything that scales@paddymooganwww.aira.netScaling = potential loss in quality@paddymooganwww.aira.netToo much commercial anchor text@paddymooganwww.aira.netPutting all your links in one basket@paddymooganwww.aira.netLinks that you may be taking down in a year or two!What to focus on@paddymooganwww.aira.netEasy wins are still out there@paddymooganwww.aira.net1) Broken incoming

@paddymooganwww.aira.net2) Competitor

@paddymooganwww.aira.net3) Unlinked mentions of company or

@paddymooganwww.aira.net4) Learn what PR people do@paddymooganwww.aira.netThey craft stories around people, companies and

@paddymooganwww.aira.net5) Invest in content@paddymooganwww.aira.netInvest in content@paddymooganwww.aira.netInvest in understanding what makes a good

@paddymooganwww.aira.netFollow these people:

@jcolman@halvorson@epicgraphicIn summary@paddymooganwww.aira.netLinks will always be important@paddymooganwww.aira.netDont scale link building if youre building a business@paddymooganwww.aira.netSpend some time on the quick wins

(they still work)@paddymooganwww.aira.netInvest in understanding good ideas and how PR worksThank you!

Paddy Moogan

Co-founder, Aira