the food pyramid. building blocks of the pyramid there are six food groups on the pyramid: grain...

Download The Food Pyramid. Building Blocks of The Pyramid There are six food groups on the pyramid: Grain Fruit Vegetable Meat Milk Other

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  • The Food Pyramid

  • Building Blocks of The PyramidThere are six food groups on the pyramid:GrainFruitVegetableMeatMilkOther

  • The Grain Group

    This group gives us carbohydrates for the energy that we need to keep our bodies running 24 hours a day.Eat at least six servings of this group each day.

  • What will you find in this group?

    Bread: white, wheat, bagels, muffinsCereal: hot and coldPasta: spaghetti, macaroni, noodlesRiceCrackers

  • The Fruit Group

    This group of foods provide vitamin C to help our bodies heal cuts and bruises and fight infection too!It also provides vitamin A that helps prevent diseases

  • Fruit

    Fiber in fruit also helps us digest our food.Eat at least two servings a day.Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, pear, kiwi,melons, pineapple, and many more.

  • The Vegetable Group

    Vegetables give us vitamin A that keeps our skin healthy.It also contains vitamin C that helps to prevent diseases.

  • Vegetables

    Vegetables come in many varieties.Broccoli, corn, peas, green beans,lettuce, celery, carrots,potatoes, mushrooms, and many more.

  • The Meat Group

    Meats help you build strong muscles and it also provides the iron and protein that your body needs.This group gives you the energy to get you through your busy days.

  • Build musclewith these meat group foods:

    Beef, pork, chicken and turkey, fish, peanut butter,eggs and nuts.

  • The Milk Group

    Did you know that your body has 206 bones that are alive and growing?The milk group helps keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy because they provide calcium.Calcium strengthens bones that are growing.

  • Milk Products

    Try some of these products:Milk, yogurt, cheese,pudding, ice cream, cottage cheese and manymore!

  • The Other Group

    This category is most commonly known as the fats, oils, and junk food.As long as you eat mostly meals and snacks from the five food groups, a few others are okay every day.

  • Junk Food

    This group contains:Potato chips, donuts, cakes, cookies,candy, soft drinks, and other salty snacks.

  • How much should you eat?

    6 Grain Group servings2 Servings from the Fruit Group3 Vegetable Group servings2 Meat Group servings3 Servings from the Milk Group