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The Food Assembly is an online platform enabling everyone to buy directly from local farmers and foodmakers. It brings power back to local communities, ensures that producers are paid fairly and that customers are directly connected to where their food comes from.


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2. WHAT WE DO 3. WHAT WE DO GET TOGETHER TO BUY DIRECTLY FROM LOCAL FARMERS & FOOD MAKERS Offering a range of fruits & vegetables, meat, dairy products, bread, beer and more. 4. WHAT WE DO FOOD ASSEMBLY : A WEEKLY POP-UP FARMERS MARKET CLOSE TO YOU 4 5. WHAT WE DO A FAIR AND TRANSPARENT MODEL Farmers and foodmakers sell their products directly to customers. They pay a service fee equivalent to 16,7%, of their gross turnover, before tax. 8,35 % 8,35 % 100 % CUSTOMER (member of a Food Assembly) FARMER LEADER (manager of the local Food Assembly) 6. HOW IT WORKS 7. HOW IT WORKS FARMERS LIST THEIR PRODUCTS ONLINE 8. HOW IT WORKS THE ASSEMBLY LEADER CURATES THIS LIST INTO A WEEKLY OFFER 9. HOW IT WORKS USERS GET NOTIFIED OF THE WEEKS OFFERS 10. HOW IT WORKS USERS PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS ONLINE BUTTERNUT LEEKS 2 2,50 Easy to cook : make a pie, a fresh salad or an minc. You can make a soup, a gratin or a cake, like with carrots. 1 piece 1 bunch 11. HOW IT WORKS THE WEEKLY POP-UP MARKET : WHERE MEMBERS COLLECT THEIR ORDERS FROM FARMER 12. JOIN THE MOVEMENT 13. JOIN THE MOVEMENT SHARE, CONNECT, ENJOY EXPERIENCE TASTY SEASONAL FOOD CONNECT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY 14. RENNES ROUEN AMIENS LILLE CHLONS-EN- CHAMPAGNE PARIS ORLANS TOURS DIJON LIMOGES POITIERS ROYAN BORDEAUX TOULOUSE CLERMONT- FERRAND LYON ANNECY MARSEILLE NICE AJACCIO MONTPELLIER BESANON METZ STRASBOURG NANTES BRUXELLES CAEN PERPIGNAN NMES GRENOBLE BAYONNE MULHOUSE MORE THAN 400 ASSEMBLIES IN FRANCE AND BELGIUM JOIN THE MOVEMENT 370 opened Assemblies 200 building Assemblies 15. JOIN THE MOVEMENT IN 2014, THE NETWORK EXPANDS TO GERMANY, SPAIN AND THE UK 16. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. FARMERS PUT PRODUCTS ONLINE 2. LEADER CREATE WEEKLY OFFER 3. STARTING WEEKS SALE 4.USERS BUY PRODUCTS ONLINE 5. WEEKLY MEETING START AN ASSEMBLY 17. START AN ASSEMBLY THE ASSEMBLY LEADER BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER THE ASSEMBLY LEADER : Brings together a network of members and farmers. Coordinates weekly online sales. Organises weekly pop-up markets. 18. START AN ASSEMBLY REASONS TO START AN ASSEMBLY Bring great food to your community. Support local farmers and the local economy. Initiate social exchanges in your community. Start an entrepreneurial journey. 19. START AN ASSEMBLY A REWARDING AND REWARDED PART-TIME ACTIVITY AVERAGE INCOME In the countryside : Average of 230 per month. Peri-urban areas : Average of 300 per month. Normal Metropolis : Average of 400 per month. Big Cities : Average of 1075 per month. Data : January 2014 Assemblies in France & Belgium When density > 7 000 inhabitants/km2 TIME Building your Assembly : Approx. 10 hours a week Up to three months Running your Assembly : 8 - 12 hours per week 20. START AN ASSEMBLY EACH FOOD ASSEMBLY HAS A DEDICATED WEBSITE TO BUILD ITS COMMUNITY 21. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. FARMERS PUT PRODUCTS ONLINE 2. LEADER CREATE WEEKLY OFFER 3. STARTING WEEKS SALE 4.USERS BUY PRODUCTS ONLINE 5. WEEKLY MEETING BUILD YOUR ASSEMBLY 22. BUILD YOUR ASSEMBLY A restaurant, a bar, a school, a community center, a coworking space Wherever you can bring people together. FIND A LOCATION 23. BUILD YOUR ASSEMBLY 5 REASONS TO BE A MEMBER Buy high quality fresh produce. Pay a fair price. Connect with farmers directly. Meet people in your community. Take part in the collaborative economy. FIND MEMBERS 24. BUILD YOUR ASSEMBLY REASONS TO SELL THROUGH THE FOOD ASSEMBLY Find new business opportunities. Connect with customers directly. Avoid surplus. Its free and user-friendly. Meet and connect. FIND LOCAL FARMERS 25. BUILD YOUR ASSEMBLY CHOOSE A DAY & DELIVERY TIME 26. HOW DOES IT START THE ASSEMBLY IS READY TO OPEN! 27. Where food is powered by people JOIN NOW