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The Flying Scotsman



2. Important Dates Born in China Jan 16 1902 Died in China Feb 21 19452 3. His early years in China The second son of Christian missionaryparents. Family based at the London MissionarySociety compound in Shanghai. Parents left Shanghai to settle in Tientsin. Eric Henry Liddell born 1902. 1903 family moved to Siaochang in NorthChina 3 4. Education 1) Eltham College2) Edinburgh University. 4 5. Edinburgh University Studied Science Graduated with BSc Played Rugby in Winter Athletics in Summer.5 6. Athletics and Rugby1) Athletics 1921 Scottish Champs 100yds & 220yds WinnerGlasgow Herald Predicted that he couldBe a British Champ and could complete in the Olympics2)Rugby 1921/22 Played in 7 Internationals during that Season 3)1922 Broke the Scottish Native Record for 220yds 21.8secs4)Ran at English Champs at Stamford Bridge and set British Records 100yds 9.7220yds 21.6 The 100yds record stood for 34 years.6 7. Lord Provost Reception Very Formal Presentation. Mention was made of his Trainer TomMcKerchar.7 8. Paris Olympics 1924 1923 Triangular International Competing in 440yds . Feature in the film Chariots of Fire 1924 Selected for Paris Olympics to run in the 400m. Set Olympic and World record 47.6 Scots Kirk Paris. July 17 McEwan Hall Mr Liddell, you have shown that no one can pass you but the examiners!! Complementary Dinner Edinburgh The Student Success in Athletics sufficient to turn the head of any ordinary man has left Liddellabsolutely unspoilt, and his modesty is entirely genuine and unaffected . He has taken his triumphin his stride, and never made any sort of fuss. A) U.S.A. 4x440 Relay B) Canada at Greenock 100yds 220 yds 2) Further Studies at The Congregational College Hope Terr, Edin. 3) Spent most weekends at Evangelical Meetings.8 9. Time Spent after Graduation 1) Athletic Meetings.9 10. Lords Day Association 1) Non Observance of Lords Day 2)Alcohol 3) May 1925 Scottish Champs 4)For China now another race he runs As sure and straight as those Olympic ones And if the endings not so simply known Well judge hell make it since his speeds his own 10 11. Journey to China 4th July 1925 Train to London London to Folkestone to Flushing to Berlin to Riga to Moscow -Trans -Siberian train toChina Reunited with his father and mother. The City of the Heavenly Ford Tientsin.11 12. Tientsin 1) Would live and work for the next 12 Years. He had a break of a year 1932/32 for leave. 2) Population 1.5 Million.Small area occupied by Chinese.Much larger area occupied by Foreigners Austrian,Italian,Russian, Japanese, French,Belgian,German,British.12 13. Anglo-Chinese College Founded by L.M.S. IN 1902. Boys only-mainly Chinese 12Yrs-18yrs. Teaching in English 500 students. Staff of 5 British and 25 Chinese Masters. 13 14. Athletics in China 1926-1930 Min Yuan Stadium in Tientsin. 1928 South Manchurian Railway Meeting 1929 Ran against Otto Peltzer 880yds WorldRecord holder. 14 15. Return to Scotland Served for 30 years. 1898 Started in Mongolia. 1899 Boxers Uprising through to 1901. 1900 moved to Shanghai. North China. 1907 First Home Break.15 16. Ordination 1932 Ordained into the Ministry of theScottish Congregational Church Returns to China to take up a new post. July 1930 Engaged to a Canadian FlorenceMacKenzie whose parents were CanadianMissionaries. 1934 Married in Tientsin. 16 17. Married Life 1935 First Daughter born. 1937 Second Daughter born Moves away from college to do Missionarywork where his father had worked 35 yearsago.17 18. Moves away from Tientsin 1937 Liddell moved to Siaochang to work nowas a Missionary. His wife and family remainedin Tientsin. Outbreak of war between China and Japan. 1939 Went on leave to Scotland while his wifeand two girls returned to Canada18 19. The Dangers of War 1941 Japanese closed down The Hospital andthe Foreign Residences. Siaochang evacuated . All back to Tientsin. Wife and children sent home to Canada. Japan bomb Pearl Harbour. 1943 Internment at at Weihsien19 20. Captivity 1) Accommodation 2)1,800 Internees :Men,Women and Children. Range of Nationalities Camp Committees. 1944 Conditions in Camp deteriorate Feb 1945 20 21. Other interesting Dates 1970 Book published Scotlands GreatestAthlete 1982Chariots of Fire 1991 9th June Memorial Stone dedicated atthe former Internment Camp at Weihsien. 2002 Inducted into Scottish Sports Hall ofFame. 2008 Voted the most popular athlete Scotlandever produced. 21 22. 22 23. 23 24. 24