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1. Gary Hawke 2. TherapyThe English word therapy comes via Latintherapa from Greek: and literallymeans "curing" or "healing" 3. Well-BeingEmotional/SpiritualWell-BeingPhysicalWell-BeingRelationshipWell-BeingCommunityWell-Being 4. Feelings become Emotions thatcan Affect our Well-Being 5. Well-BeingFeelingsEmotionsActions 6. Well-BeingFeelingsEmotionsActions 7. Wednesday 2pmThe Flourishing Well-Being GroupAn invitation to explore bringing even morewell-being into your lives. 8. One Flourishing ExerciseEvery night for the nextweek, right before you go tobed, write down three thingsthat went really well today.These things can be smalland ordinary in importance.Think about why this goodthing happened. 9. Gary Hawke