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  • Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic summer

    and it is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome

    you back for the 2015-2016 school year. As always,

    WCBVI has been a very busy place this past summer

    and I am very excited to be sharing with you many

    important updates related to the on-going work that we do as a school,

    Outreach center and proud representative of the Wisconsin

    Department of Public Instruction.

    First of all I would like you all to know that the 2014-2015 was a

    remarkable year for our students, staff and our historic institution as a

    whole. For example, our campus in Janesville saw the largest enrollment

    WCBVI has hosted for over a decade with a total of 63 students being

    served on campus. Concurrently our Outreach Department, which

    serves students from across the great state of Wisconsin, also forged a

    remarkably successful year and realized significant increases in virtually

    all service areas. In short, WCBVI is growing at a steady rate and, in my

    opinion, the reason behind our institutional growth and success is very

    simple: we have excellent staff who are absolutely committed to being

    the very best they can be every day on the job for the students we so

    proudly serve. Moreover, we have students who are equally committed

    to creating their own success. And most importantly, our students are

    finding true power in their understanding of the capacity they each have

    for positively and productively shaping their own lives and futures.

    In keeping with the many achievements of the formal academic year our

    summer programs also proved to be a resounding success. This year

    WCBVI once again offered its high quality summer programs for school

    age students. The programs included the Crazy for Animals sensory

    program, the Thats a Wrap childrens program, and The EmployAbility




    The Eye Spy

    Inside this issue:

    Principals Corner 3

    See You Later 4

    Graduation 5

    Welcome Spring 6

    Field Trip 7

    Reunion 8

    Crazy for Animals 10

    Urban Ecology Center





    Thats a Wrap 13

    EmployAbility 14

    Adults Program 16

    New Staff 17




    WCBVI Short

    Course Classes


    Reminders 19

    Upcoming Events 22

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    From the Desk of the Center Director by Mr. Peter Dally

    September 2015 Volume 16, Issue 1

  • Page 2 The Eye Spy

    Summer Program for upper grade students. In addition, WCBVI also offered our annual

    Adult Summer Program, whose theme was Theres Always a Way. Once again, all of these

    programs proved to be a tremendous success, and students and staff alike reportedly

    enjoyed the learning opportunities that abounded.

    In addition to these stalwart summer classes, WCBVI was extremely proud to be

    playing host to the very first classes offered by The UW-Platteville Teacher of the

    Visually Impaired Training Program which launched in June of 2015. The UW-Platteville

    TVI Program is a welcome addition to the relatively small number of TVI programs

    across the country that work to effectively train prospective TVIs in the essential skill-

    set they will need to be successful in their work with students who are blind or visually

    impaired. We look for great things to come from the UW-Platteville TVI Program and

    Ill keep you updated on the progress this very promising, and greatly needed, teacher

    development program.

    This indeed has been a very busy and productive summer, but then again WCBVI has

    been a very busy place for the past 166 years. As I proudly note to the many groups I

    have the distinct honor to speak with across the state, WCBVI has a long-standing

    reputation for being a top-flight, highly specialized educational institution. Furthermore,

    WCBVIs rich history stretches back to the year 1849, and in fact WCBVI is among

    Wisconsins oldest public educational institutions. I can say with confidence, our team is

    absolutely determined to maintain the outstanding reputation WCBVI has built up over

    the years, and it is our central goal to be the very best institution we can on a daily

    basis. From my personal perspective I will tell you that it is indeed a rare honor to be

    serving as director of this historic, time-honored citadel of student learning. And as we

    continue to move into the 21st century, I have absolute confidence that working

    positively together, we will succeed in continuing the fantastically rich tradition of

    excellence that was begun at WCBVI some 166 years ago.

    Therefore, I once again congratulate you all on the excellence you display on a daily

    basis WCBVI students, parents and staff. And I look forward to continuing our work

    together as we carry the WCBVI story forward with our central goal of creating the

    highest level of student achievement for each and every one of our amazing students.

    -Mr. Dally

    From the Desk of the Center Director (continued from previous page)

  • Page 3 September 2015

    Mr. Heimerl at


    Mr. Heimerl at the



    Greetings to our families and friends! I am excited to begin my

    second year as principal at the WSBVI. What I learned from the

    students, staff, and parents last year will surely aide me as we

    enter the 2015-16 school year.

    While we graduated eight students from last years class, we are

    on pace with new student enrollment to be at or near our

    student population. Staffing has actually grown recently. When Mr.

    Sheskey took over as the IEP Coordinator his classroom was

    covered by a substitute teacher, Mrs. Schneider. This year the

    classroom teacher will be Karlie Swanson, one of our new staff.

    Karlie completed her student teaching right here at the WSBVI,

    working with Mrs. Heimerl. We are fortunate to have her on staff.

    Maria Schoville also student taught here in the past and was hired

    as a teacher during last school year. She has been a valuable

    addition working with our students, especially in vocational

    education. Suzette Peterson and Tim Fahlberg were also hired

    during the past school year. They both bring years of experience

    Ms. Peterson as an elementary teacher and Mr. Fahlberg as a

    math teacher.

    Please take the time to review the Parent-Student Handbook with

    your child. The dormitory and school handbooks have been

    combined. A couple changes of note include the deletion of when

    a student may wear shorts and clarification on when a student

    may use their cell phones.

    Remember to call Diane Karrow at 608-758-6110 if your child is

    going to be absent from school and to complete the Advance

    Notice of Absence form when applicable.

    I look forward to the school year. Please let me know if you have

    needs, concerns, or advice by calling 608-758-6120 or emailing me


    Principals Corner by Mr. Kim Heimerl

  • Page 4 The Eye Spy

    See You Later by Mrs. Sue Kokko

    Its like Forrest Gump said Life is like a box of chocolates. Your career is like

    a box of chocolates-you never know what youre going to get. But everything

    you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the

    person you are today. Thats the exciting part-it is an adventure in itself.

    Nick Carter

    What an adventure it has been and how much I have learned along the way! 31 years

    ago, after living in Janesville for about a year and a half, I received a phone call from Mr.

    William English, Superintendent of the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually

    Impaired. He said that he had heard that I was a certified Teacher of the Visually

    Impaired and would I be interested in working part-time in a classroom in the PEPC

    building? I told him that my braille skills may be a bit

    rusty; he said that wouldnt matter. I agreed to start

    working on August 25, 1984, and never realized at the

    time what a professional adventure I would experience

    over the next 31 years of my life.

    Working at WSBVI and WCBVI has made me the

    person I am today. I have had the opportunity to

    improve and increase my knowledge and skills in so

    many areas. Along the way I have worked with the best

    children in the State of Wisconsin and alongside some

    of the most dedicated professionals. My 14 years in the

    classroom, eight years on the Outreach team, and

    almost nine years as Dean of Students have enriched my

    life. However, all good things must come to an end. It is

    time for me to have some new adventures-traveling,

    taking classes and learning new things, spending more

    time with my family and friends, making quilts, playing in

    my garden, reading lots of good books and maybe

    joining Facebook. Of course, I will have a hard time not

    turning down West State Street whenever I am on the

    south side of Janesville. I will be back for all the special

    events graduations, holiday programs and athletic

    events. I am now joining that illustrious group known as

    the retirees. This is not good-bye, but see you

    later.I will miss you all.

    2007: De