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THE EXORCIST FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR WELCOME TO THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE THE ESSENCE OF DRAMA IS CONFLICT, AND NO conflict is more primal than that between a person and his or her demons. The demon can take on many forms, and his appearance as the devil and/or his emissaries has a long and distinguished presence in the theater. From the morality plays of the 1500s to the many incarnations of Faustus and even as recently as Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer, the demon usually appears during a crisis of faith, and The Exorcist is no exception. What makes The Exorcist such a fundamentally frightening story is that this devil is intimately specific — each character is haunted by the individual things for which they harbor the most guilt. Despair allows the devil in, and as he takes up residence in the innocence of a child, even men of conviction are pushed to examine the depths of their shortcomings. In the hands of John Pielmeier, an extraordinarily insightful playwright who has wrestled with faith in his play Agnes of God, and John Doyle, a director known for his striking originality, this incarnation of The Exorcist has been brought to life in an entirely new way. Mr. Doyle, who began working with Mr. Pielmeier early in the process, has created a vision of The Exorcist as rich and layered as the text itself. Together, writer, director, world class actors and designers have captured the essence of William Peter Blatty’s classic novel and brought it to life with pulsing immediacy and suspense. We are proud to bring the world premiere of this iconic story to the stage. While we know it is a frightening proposition to sit through an evening with the devil, we hope you will find the journey well worth it. Enjoy the show, Randall Arney Artistic Director PERFORMANCES MAGAZINE P1 Photo by Andrew Southam

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The Exorcist program


  • the exorcist

    From the artistic Director


    The essence of drama is conflicT, and no conflict is more primal than that between a person and his or her demons. The demon can take on many forms, and his appearance as the devil and/or his emissaries has a long and distinguished presence in the theater. from the morality plays of the 1500s to the many incarnations of faustus and even as recently as conor mcPhersons The Seafarer, the demon usually appears during a crisis of faith, and The Exorcist is no exception.

    What makes The Exorcist such a fundamentally frightening story is that this devil is intimately specific each character is haunted by the individual things for which they harbor the most guilt. despair allows the devil in, and as he takes up residence in the innocence of a child, even men of conviction are pushed to examine the depths of their shortcomings.

    in the hands of John Pielmeier, an extraordinarily insightful playwright who has wrestled with faith in his play Agnes of God, and John doyle, a director known for his striking originality, this incarnation of The Exorcist has been brought to life in an entirely new way. mr. doyle, who began working with mr. Pielmeier early in the process, has created a vision of The Exorcist as rich and layered as the text itself. Together, writer, director, world class actors and designers have captured the essence of William Peter Blattys classic novel and brought it to life with pulsing immediacy and suspense.

    We are proud to bring the world premiere of this iconic story to the stage. While we know it is a frightening proposition to sit through an evening with the devil, we hope you will find the journey well worth it.

    enjoy the show,

    Randall Arney Artistic Director



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  • hello, and Welcome To our final Play of The season. We are Pleased to present this world premiere, based on William Peter Blattys haunting 1971 book. directed by Tony award winner John doyle and adapted by acclaimed playwright John Pielmeier, The Exorcist is a suspenseful and psychological theatrical event that uniquely presents the battles of faith versus despair and good versus evil.

    The world premiere of The Exorcist is a fitting conclusion to a diverse and eventful season one that has seen the highest attendance in Geffen Playhouse history: over 135,000 visits. my congratulations to the entire staff on this exceptional accomplishment. This year in the Gil cates Theater, weve featured an exciting multi-media production of Kristoffer diazs Pulitzer Prize nominated The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity; witnessed star-crossed love in Geoffrey nauffts Next Fall; beheld the wit of molly ivins in Red Hot Patriot; and enjoyed the company of david lindsay-abaires outspoken south Bostonites in Good People. in our audrey skirball Kenis Theater, we launched three new plays: we beheld the luminous marie curie in alan aldas Radiance; experienced The Jacksonian, Beth henleys star-studded world premiere; and are currently enraptured by the musical stylings and harrowing story of the recently extended The Pianist of Willesden Lane. now, as we wrap up this season with The Exorcist, i feel that this play about redemption, faith and hope is an appropriate way not only to culminate this season, but also to look ahead to the next with great anticipation and excitement.

    speaking of wonderful ways to culminate the season, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make 2012 a record-breaking year for our annual Backstage at the Geffen fundraiser, honoring Jim Gianopulos and carol Burnett. This June 4 event raised over $1 million in support of our artistic initiatives and our education and outreach programs, which bring the power of performing arts to over 22,500 underserved los angeles youth, adults, seniors and veterans annually. a feat of this magnitude would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our patrons, and for that, i thank each and every Backstage at the Geffen participant.

    Thank you for being a part of another fine year at the Geffen Playhouse. i hope you have enjoyed yourself, and i wish you many happy returns with us next season. now i invite you to sit back, hold on tight to the hand of your date and enjoy The Exorcist.

    With warm regards,

    Frank G. Mancuso Chairman, Geffen Playhouse



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  • talk back tuesday OctOber 2, 9, 16 & 23 Enjoy complimentary Peets Coffee & Tea before the show in the Gil Cates Theater lobby and dig deeper into plot, characters and themes with Geffen artists post-performance. Its interactive, intellectual and thought-provoking.

    you are invited to attend these upcoming signature series events for

    lounge fridays OctOber 12 & 19 Leave the week behind and ease into your weekend with an enticing cultural happy hour, exclusively hosted by the Geffen Playhouse and! Enjoy tray passed champagne and sparkling cider in the Gil Cates Theater lobby during this festive, pre-show reception.

    girls night out thursday, OctOber 4 Join us post-play in the Fall Into Fashion lounge by Bloomingdales Sherman Oaks & meet their fashion experts for the best advice this season! Plus visit our photo booth, enjoy a buffet courtesy of Ronen Levy Events, Martian Ranch & Vineyard wine bar and a take-away gift from Pixi Beauty.

    wine down sundays september 30, OctOber 7, 14, 21 & 28 Marvelous ambiance enhances the mood Sunday nights as you cap off your weekend with complimentary pre-show wine tastings in the Gil Cates Theater lobby courtesy of Peju,a hidden gem in the heart ofNapa Valley. Sponsored by 100.3 The Sound.

    Ticket holders enjoy complimentary champagne at a recent lounge friday event. Photo by vivian frerichs.

    make life mOre play-full




    AL: Can you speak about the genesis of the project and the sequence of events that lead you to take on this adaptation?

    JP: about four years ago, i received a call from two producers, one of whom was a friend of William Peter Blatty. They told me they were acquiring the stage rights to his novel and they were looking for a writer to do the adaptation might i be interested? i hadnt read the novel since it first came out in the early 70s, so i spent the weekend re-reading it, then called them the following monday and gave them my pitch:

    i was not interested in reproducing the film on stage. i wanted to do it with a very small cast. i wanted to do it with minimal, if any special effects. and i very much wanted the demon to be a presence in the play, not a voice coming out of a child.

    They then set up an appointment for me to meet with Bill Blatty and a few days before we were set to meet, i was told by the producers that they were unable to acquire the rights. in the meantime, Bill called me and said he would still like to talk to me, so i went to his house, presented my pitch and he was pleased enough

    to give the rights directly to me. i wrote the play, it found its way to the Geffen and here we are.

    AL: Did you work with mr. Blatty on the script?

    JP: no, i wrote the adaptation on my own, but i showed him every draft. hes been enormously generous from the very beginning, and his comments have always been very much to the point. ive tried to keep him a part of the writing process as much as possible and to incorporate any changes he had.

    AL: At what point did your work with director John Doyle begin? And what has been the nature of that collaboration?

    JP: John doyle was brought on roughly one year ago. We talked about the project, and i absolutely fell in love with him and his bare-bones approach to theater. We had a three-week workshop of the play in london last fall, tackling it with a group of actors who worked script-in-hand. much of the work we did was paring the play down, focusing it, honing it. for example, John believed, and i think rightfully so, that the show should be done without an intermission and my initial draft was in two acts. all in all, it was a great learning experience and it allowed for John and i to get to know each other and learn how each of us works.

    AL: in terms of your adaptation, what were the aspects of the book to which you were most drawn? What part of the story appealed to you most?

    JP: i wanted to tell a story about people who were in the midst of crises of faith. everyone in this play, least of all the little girl, is facing an existential crisis, and what i was looking for in the book were elements

    John Pielmeier is no sTranGer To crises of faiTh. in his play Agnes of God he confronted this issue in the realm of immaculate conception, and now, in his adaptation of The Exorcist, he peels away the faith of true believers by presenting them with a battle for a young girls soul. i had the opportunity to sit down with mr. Pielmeier and discuss his process, his approach to this beloved book and what it means to question ones faith.

    Playwright John Pielmeier

  • that supported that. for example, in the book there is a brief mention that early in his life Burke dennings, the movie director, studied to be a priest. i latched on to that thought and wrote an entire scene around it. There is another mention in the novel that chris, the actress, had a child before regan: a boy who died. This was very rich emotional soil, and i used it as a way to push chris character even further down the path leading to the cliff-edge. once again, Bill Blatty was very supportive in allowing me to riff on something that was but a passing thought in his glorious novel.

    AL: The idea of crisis of faith seems to be a recurring theme in your work. Can you speak to that a bit?

    JP: i suppose its the most autobiographical aspect of my work. ive been in a crisis of faith all of my life. (he laughs).

    AL: Fair enough. What is your writing process?

    JP: im a very organized guy, so i like to work from some kind of outline to help me focus. in this case, because it was an adaptation, i made an outline of the novel for myself so i could see how it was structured, how the story was laid out. Then i did an outline of the play very abbreviated sketches of what i thought scenes might be. This was simply a road map for myself, nothing that anyone else would necessarily be able to understand or follow. Then i went away to a hotel in Provincetown, massachusetts for 10 days in the middle of november, and i wrote, and at the end of 10 days i had a draft. its the fastest i have ever written a play in my life. i dont say that to brag i dont believe that time has anything to do with the quality of a work one way or the other. But i was astonished by how quickly it poured out of me.

    AL: is there a character in the story with whom you identify most?

    JP: There are parts of each of them in me somewhere. i probably identify the most with father damien, our main character. But theres a part of me that identifies with the demon as well. maybe even with the little girl.

    AL: When we initially read the play, we were amazed at how frightened we were by the text.

    JP: i certainly didnt set out to write a scary play, and i think the fear may be in part due to the reputation carried by the novel and the film. i certainly find it an upsetting play, and i mean that in the most literal way. i want it to be a play that upsets your view of things, of how the world may work, of how your life may or may not have meaning.

    AL: Have you ever, as an audience member, been truly frightened in the theater?

    JP: yes, there was a theater piece in new york a few years ago conceived by Teller (who we are lucky enough to work with on this project) called Play Dead that i thought was genuinely frightening. it was an evening in which a narrator creates a kind of sance on the stage and proceeds to tell us stories about some very true murders. i knew i was in for a treat when this character came on stage and asked the audience if they knew what it was like to be in complete darkness. Then all the lights in the theater were turned off, except of course for the eXiT lights, and im thinking, okay, well this is as far as they can go, and then they turned off the eXiT lights. and as soon as they did that something which i was so not expecting they had me completely. anything can happen here, i thought, and thats when i got scared.

    the exorcist



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    t Pa



    directed by John Doyle

    a play by John Pielmeier

    adapted from the novel by William Peter blatty

    scenic & costume design scott Pask

    lighting design Jane cox

    music sir John tavener

    sound design Dan Moses schreier

    creative consultant teller

    Randall Arney arTisTic direcTor ken novice manaGinG direcTor Frank G. Mancuso chairman of The Board

    o p e N i N G N i G h t s p o N s o r s


    casting telsey + companyPhyllis schuringa

    Production stage manager Adam John Hunter

    assistant stage manager Young Ji


    opening Night: Wednesday, July 11, 2012

  • The Geffen Playhouse gratefully acknowledges the following media sponsors for their generous support of The Exorcist.


    The Geffen Playhouse is supported, in part, by the los angeles county Board of supervisors through the los angeles county arts commission.

    This project was also funded in part by the department of cultural affairs, city of los angeles.

    The Geffen Playhouse, a non-profit theater company, is proudly affiliated with the university of california at los angeles.

    cAst oF cHARActeRs(in order of appearance)

    father merrin ..............................................................................................................Richard chamberlain

    chris macneil .............................................................................................................brooke shields

    Burke dennings ..........................................................................................................Harry Groener

    carla ...............................................................................................................................Roslyn Ruff

    regan macneil ...........................................................................................................emily Yetter

    father Joe ....................................................................................................................Manoel Felciano

    father damien Karras ..............................................................................................David Wilson barnes

    dr. Klein .........................................................................................................................tom nelis

    dr. strong......................................................................................................................stephen bogardus

    the exorcist


    aBoUt the pLaYers


    DAViD Wilson bARnes(father damien Karras)Broadway: The Lieutenant of inishmore. off-Broadway: The Big meal (Playwrights horizons, lortel nomination), All New People (second stage), Becky Shaw (second stage/aTl, drama league honor), Lady, St. Crispins Day (rattlestick Playwrights Theatre), Vengeance (stagefarm), The Attic (The Play company), men Without Shadows (The flea), The Square (ma yi Theatre company/The Public Theatre), Hamlet (The Public Theatre), Jail Bait (cherry lane Theatre). international: Becky Shaw (london, The almeida, evening standard nomination). regional: The a.r.T., actors Theatre of louisville, Geva Theatre, The city Theatre, long Wharf Theatre, virginia stage company, The cape Playhouse. Television: A Gifted man, 30 Rock, The Eastmans (pilot, series regular), Sex and the City, Law & order/Ci/SVu, Conviction, All my Children, As The World Turns. film: The Bourne Legacy, You Dont know Jack, Love and other Drugs, Company men, Taking Woodstock, The Scene, Capote, How to Seduce Difficult Women, ozark Savage.

    stePHen boGARDus (dr. strong / demon)Broadway: White Christmas, old Acquantance, man of La mancha, James Joyces, The Dead, High Society, king David, Love! Valour! Compassion! (Tony nomination, obie award), Falsettos, Grapes of Wrath, Les misrables, West Side Story. off-Broadway: The Pavillion (rattlestick Theatre), Sweet Adeline and Allegro (encores!), Love! Valour! Compassion! (mTc), Go Back to Where You Are, march of the Falsettos and Falsettoland (Playwrights horizons), Genesis and umbrellas of Cherbourg (nysf), No Way to Treat a Lady (hudson Guild). regional: God of Carnage (huntington Theatre, Boston), ...Samantha Brown (Goodspeed), Some men (Philadelphia Theatre co.), A Little Night music (center stage), m. Butterfly (arena stage), Elegies (canon Theatre), Bells Are Ringing (la/reprise!), Show Boat and Chess (national tours), City of Angels (la/shubert), 80 Days (la Jolla), Progress (long Wharf). film/Television: Eleventh Hour, Life, monk, Without A Trace, Law & order (all of em), Love! Valour! Compassion!, Ed, Julie & Julia, Little ones.

    RicHARD cHAMbeRlAin (father merrin)chamberlains career began in the 1960s starring in the hit Tv series Doctor kildare. his career reached its zenith in the 1980s with Shogun, Wallenberg, The Thornbirds, The Bourne identity, Dream West and Centennial. feature credits: Petulia The music Lovers, The Towering inferno, The Last Wave, Lady Carolyn Lamb and The madwoman of Chaillot. movie of the Week credits: The Count of monte Cristo, The man in the iron mask, The Ladys Not For Burning, The Last of the Bells, Aftermath and The Night of The Hunter. Theater credits: Hamlet (Birmingham repertory), Cyrano de Bergerac and Night of the iguana (ahmanson Theatre), Fathers and Sons (Public Theatre), Blithe Spirit, my Fair Lady and The Sound of music (Broadway), Richard the Second (seattle rep. and ahmanson Theatre) and Scrooge. recent credits: Leverage, Chuck, Brothers & Sisters, meet the Hartmans and The Perfect Family.

    MAnoel FelciAno (father Joe / demon)Broadway: Sweeney Todd (Tony nomination), Brooklyn, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cabaret. off-Broadway:

    Trumpery (atlantic Theater company), Shockheaded Peter, much Ado About Nothing (nysf/The Public Theater). regional: Scorched, Tales of the City, Clybourne Park, Round and Round the Garden, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, November, At Home at the Zoo, Rock n Roll (all a.c.T.), Elektra with olympia dukakis (Getty villa), Ragtime (Kennedy center), The Three Sisters (Williamstown), i Just Stopped By to See the man (old Globe), George in Sunday in the Park with George (dir. Jason alexander). film & Tv: uncertainty, Trauma, Life on mars, The unusuals, one Life to Live, All my Children. concerts: The World of Nick Adams (san francisco symphony), Zipperz (oakland symphony, marin symphony). felciano is a singer-songwriter, nascent playwright. master classes and directing at a.c.T., Boston university, u.c. Berkeley and the university of florida. san francisco native, B.a. yale university, m.f.a. nyu.

    HARRY GRoeneR (Burke dennings / demon)mr. Groener is happy to be returning to the Geffen Playhouse where he was last seen in Equivocation (ovation award). recent credits: The march, steppenwolf Theatre; title roles in The madness of king George (Jeff award), chicago shakespeare Theatre; king Lear, antaeus Theatre company and The Train Driver, long Wharf Theatre. Broadway credits include: Crazy For You (Theatre World award, Tony & drama desk nomination),


    WHOS WHO IN THE CASTaBoUt the pLaYers

    the exorcist

    oklahoma! (Tony nomination), Cats (Tony nomination), Harrigan and Hart, oh Brother!, is There Life After High School, Sunday in the Park With George, imaginary Friends, Sleight of Hand, Spamalot at lincoln center and Twelve Dreams. film, partial: About Schmidt, Road to Perdition, Patch Adams, Amistad, Brubaker, Dance with me, Day The World Ended, manna From Heaven. Television, partial: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dear John, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, & Enterprise, medium, Bones, Las Vegas, CSi, mad About You, Breaking Bad, The West Wing, once upon A Time, The middle and Supernatural.

    toM nelis (dr. Klein / demon) Broadway: Enron; The Caine mutiny Court martial, Aida. off Broadway: Road Show, Richard iii, Henry iV, the title role in Henry Vi, The merchant of Venice, Tis Pity Shes A Whore (Public Theater); Doris to Darlene (Playwrights horizons); ipheginia 2.0, Hot N Throbbin, (signature Theater); The merchant of Venice (Theater for a new audience, The royal shakeapeare company); ahab in laurie andersons Songs and Stories from moby Dick (Bam/World Tour); oscar Wilde in Gross indecencies (mineta lane); Hot mouth (manhattan Theater club); Pearls for Pigs (richard foreman/World Tour). mr. nelis is a founding member of siTi company, anne Bogart artistic director, and as such has appeared in Cafe Variations, American Document, Antigone,

    under Construction, Score, bobraushenbergamerica, A midsummer Nights Dream, War of the Worlds, Going, Going, Going, The medium and orestes. awards: oBie (The medium), drama league nomination (Score), san diego critics ensemble award, (Wintertime), Barrymore nomination (Candide). mfa, uc san diego.

    RoslYn RuFF (carla)Broadway: Fences (standby for viola davis), off-Broadway: Love, Loss and What i Wore, macbeth, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Things of Dry Hours (drama league nomination), Seven Guitars (obie award), The Cherry orchard and macbeth at the classical Theatre of harlem and Puddnhead Wilson and Taming of the Shrew. regional includes: Jitney (Two river Theatre company), american premiere of athol fugards Coming Home (long Wharf/Berkeley rep), August Wilsons 20th Century Cycle (Kennedy center), Gem of the ocean (mccarter/acT), Gees Bend at alabama shakespeare festival, king Lear (yale rep) in the Blood (Barrymore award) at the Peoples light & Theatre company. international: Piano Lesson BBc radio, lady macbeth at the 2004 Bonn Biennale and shakespeare festival of neuss; The oedipus Plays at the 2003 athens festival. films include: Detachment, The Help, Salt, Life During Wartime and Rachel Getting married. Tv: masters of Sex (guest star), A Gifted man, The Big C, The Good Wife, The Sopranos. mfa: iaTT at harvard university.

    bRooke sHielDs (chris macneil)shields has starred on Broadway as ruth sherwood in Wonderful Town, roxie hart in Chicago, sally Bowles in Cabaret and rizzo in Grease, for which she won a Theatre World award. she was most recently seen as morticia addams alongside roger rees in the hit Broadway show, The Addams Family. she won rave reviews last year for her critically acclaimed one-woman show in my Life at feinsteins. she was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best actress in a Television series musical or comedy. she was also nominated for The american comedy award. she is the recipient of five Peoples choice awards. a Princeton university honors graduate in french literature, shields is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Down Came the Rain: my Journey Through Postpartum Depression. she has also penned two highly acclaimed childrens books: Welcome To Your World, Baby and its the Best Day Ever, Dad! for harper collins.

    eMilY YetteR (regan macneil)emily recently completed Theater Threesixtys national Tour of Peter Pan in the role of Tinker Bell. Prior to that, she performed at l.a.s regional theaters such as The John anson ford amphitheatre, laTc and The audrey skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen Playhouse. in fringe theater, she co-wrote and choreographed Word of mouse at artworks Theater. her film and Tv credits include Project X, Safehouse, Prom Queen, Goth Girl and others. she trained at uclas school of Theater, film and Television as well as The British american dramatic academy. she thanks her family for their undying support and love.

    JoHn DoYle (director)Theater in the us includes Sweeney Todd (Tony award: Best director of a musical), Company (Tony award: Best musical revival) and A Catered Affair (drama league award, Best musical Production); Ten Cents A Dance (Williamstown Theatre festival/ mccarter Theatre, Princeton); Road Show (Public Theatre/menier chocolate factory); Wheres Charley? (encores! new york city center); Wings (second stage, new york); kiss me kate (stratford shakespeare festival); Caucasian Chalk Circle (american conservatory Theatre, san francisco); merrily We Roll Along (cincinnati Playhouse in the Park). in the uK, John has been artistic director of four regional


    aBoUt the proDUctioN


    theaters. numerous credits include: The Gondoliers, mack and mabel (West end), Fiddler on the Roof (Watermill); A midsummer Nights Dream (regents Park); oklahoma! (chichester); Amadeus (Wiltons music hall). opera includes madame Butterfly (Grange Park); Lucia Di Lammermoor (houston/la fenice/ mariinsky/ scottish opera); Peter Grimes (metropolitan opera, new york); The Rise and Fall of the City of mahagonny (la opera). he directed the feature film main Street.

    JoHn PielMeieR (Playwright)John Pielmeier began his career with the play and movie Agnes of God and the television film Choices of the Heart. most recently he has written and acted in the extremely successful television miniseries The Pillars of the Earth and has written the sequel, World Without End. in between he has won the humanitas award (plus two nominations), five Writers Guild award nominations, a Gemini nomination, an edgar award, the camie award, a christopher award, and his projects have won a Gemini award and have been nominated for the emmy award (three times) and the Golden Globe award. a member of the dGa, WGa, aea and saG-afTra, he is an alumnus of new dramatists and a proud advisory Board member of the new harmony Project. he is married to writer irene oGarden. They live in Garrison, new york. if you want to know more, please visit his website at

    scott PAsk (scenic & costume design)his collaborations with John doyle include: merrily We Roll Along (cincinnati Playhouse), Ten Cents a Dance (Williamstown/mccarter),

    Wings (second stage), Three Sisters (cincinnati Playhouse) and Peter Grimes (The metropolitan opera).his selected Broadway credits include: The Book of mormon (Tony award), The Pillowman (Tony award), The House of Blue Leaves, A Behanding in Spokane, A Steady Rain, HAiR, Pal Joey (Tony nomination) Speed the Plow, Les Liaisons Dangereueses (Tony nomination, drama desk award), November, The Coast of utopia (Tony award, drama desk, outer critics circle, hewes awards), The Vertical Hour, The Lieutenant of inishmore, NiNE, Take me out, and urinetown. u.K.: LoveSong, HAiR, on An Average Day, The Country Girl (all West end), The Playboy of the Western World (old vic), Tales from Hollywood, Take me out (donmar), Bash (almeida), Albert Herring (opera north), and The national Theatre. his selected off Broadway credits include: Tribes (Barrow st), Alls Well../measure for measure (nysf-delacorte), Blackbird (mTc), and work at nyTW, Playwrights horizons, atlantic Theater company, Brooklyn academy of music. his regional credits include: la Jolla Playhouse, center Theater Group, arT, yale rep, old Globe and many others. he has recently designed cirque du soleils newest show, Amaluna.

    JAne coX (lighting design)collaborations with John doyle include Road Show in new york and london; Lucia di Lammermoor at houston Grand opera and sydney opera; Ten Cents a Dance at Williamstown Theater festival and the mccarter Theater; merrily We Roll Along, Wings, Three Sisters and Caucasian Chalk Circle. on the West coast, Jane regularly designs for the oregon shakespeare festival, has designed for a.c.T.

    in san francisco and lit Come Back Little Sheba at the Kirk douglas. new york theater includes designs on Broadway and for the roundabout, mTc, second stage, Public Theater, nyTW, Bam, signature Theater, second stage and others. opera designs include houston Grand opera, new york city opera, minnesota opera and Glimmerglass opera. Jane has long term collaborations with choreographers monica Bill Barnes and doug varone and teaches design at Princeton university.

    DAn Moses scHReieR (sound design) Broadway: The mountaintop, Sondheim on Sondheim, A Little Night music, West Side Story, Gypsy, A Catered Affair, Radio Golf, John doyles production of Sweeney Todd, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Gem of the ocean, Pacific overtures, Assassins, into The Woods, Topdog/underdog, Dirty Blonde, The Tempest, Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk. off Broadway: Road Show, Homebody/kabul, Floyd Collins, among others. he recently composed scores for merchant of Venice starring al Pacino, dan hurlins Disfarmer at st. anns Warehouse and John doyles production of Three Sisters. most recent sound designs: John doyles production of merrily We Roll Along and James lapines production of merrily We Roll Along. dan is currently composing An Yet Another Lesbian Pirate musical with adam szymkowicz and matt sherwin. awards: three Tony award nominations, three drama desk awards and oBie award for sustained excellence.

    telleR (creative consultant)Teller has been the smaller, quieter half of renowned magic duo Penn & Teller since 1975. an emmy, Writers Guild award,

    obie and drama critics circle winner, Teller with partner Penn Jillette, has enjoyed successful runs on Broadway, sold-out world tours and is the current longest-running headline act in las vegas. in 2008, Teller conceived and co-directed a bloody, supernatural thriller-inspired stage version of shakespeares macbeth that toured the east coast to raves from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. in 2010, he co-wrote and directed the critically acclaimed off-Broadway hit Play Dead. conceived as an ode to the classic midnight spook shows of the mid-20th century, he again received raves from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and earned a drama desk nomination for unique Theatrical experience. Teller has starred in his own television series and specials, has written five books and has a prolific career as a magic consultant for live theater, television and films.

    siR JoHn tAVeneR (music)Tavener first came to public attention in 1968 when his avant-garde oratorio The Whale premiered at the inaugural concert of the london sinfonietta. as the years progressed his music became increasingly spiritual in conception, contemplative in its idiom and popular with audiences worldwide. in 1977 he joined the orthodox church which was a major inspiration on his work for the following two decades. from the late 1990s he looked for inspiration from alternative sources by his interest in the universalist philosophy, which embraces all great religious traditions: hinduism, Judaism, christianity, islam and the spirituality of the native americans. most recently he has been inspired by the work of Tolstoy.


    WHOS WHO IN THE CASTaBoUt the proDUctioN

    the exorcist

    ADAM JoHn HunteR (associate director / Production stage manager)adam is a native of sacramento, california and now resides in Brooklyn. he has spent the last 14 years working in new york. selected Broadway credits; Sweeney Todd (Psm), Company (ad), A Catered Affair (ad/Psm), Rock of Ages (ad/Psm), Little Shop of Horrors (sm). also, Road Show (The Public), Gypsy with Patti luPone (encores!), Dinner at Eight (lincoln center). adam is very happy to be having his los angeles debut at the Geffen Playhouse.

    YounG Ji (assistant stage manager)Geffen Playhouse: The Jacksonian, Radiance: The Passion of marie Curie, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Extraordinary Chambers, in mother Words, Love Loss & What i Wore, Ricky Jay: A Rogues Gallery; Louis & keely: Live at the Sahara. other los angeles: center Theatre Group: The Cherry orchard (Taper); Wrecks, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Pyrenees, A Very old man with Enormous Wings (Kirk douglas Theatre). antaeus company: Cousin Bette, king Lear, The Autumn Garden (Producer); La Ronde, The Glass menagerie (director); Tonight at 8:30, Phaedra (Getty villa), mother Courage and Her Children, Pera Palas, Chekhov X 4.

    telseY + coMPAnY (casting)Broadway/Tours: A Streetcar Named Desire, Evita, The Best man, Newsies, Porgy and Bess, Godspell, SPiDERmAN Turn off the Dark, Sister Act, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, memphis, Rock of Ages, Wicked, Bring it on, The Addams Family. off-Broadway: Rent, million Dollar Quartet (and Tour, chicago), atlantic, mcc, signature. film: The odd Life of Timothy Green, Friends with kids, Joyful Noise,

    margin Call, Sex and the City 1 & 2, i Love You Phillip morris, Rachel Getting married, Dan in Real Life, Across the universe. Tv: smash, a Gifted man, The Big c.

    PHYllis scHuRinGA, csA (casting) Phyllis is in her ninth season as casting director at the Geffen Playhouse. recent plays include: The Escort, Ruined (la casting), Equivocation, matthew modine Saves the Alpacas, Farragut North, The Seafarer, Time Stands Still, By the Waters of Babylon, The Quality of Life and Third. Prior to the Geffen, Phyllis served as casting director for the steppenwolf Theatre in chicago. her favorites include frank Galatis adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath (also la Jolla Playhouse, national Theatre in london, and Broadway, where it received the Tony award for Best Play), the original production of steve martins Picasso at the Lapin Agile (and subsequent productions including Westwood Playhouse and Briar street Theater in chicago), austin Pendletons orsons Shadow and charles l. mees Time to Burn. Broadway transfers include one Flew over the Cuckoos Nest (Tony for Best revival) and The Song of Jacob Zulu. she teaches auditioning at steppenwolf West.

    RAnDAll ARneY (artistic director)randall arney has been a theater professional for over 30 years, and has served as artistic director of the Geffen Playhouse since 1999. in addition to his artistic programming and oversight at the Geffen, arney has helmed more than 10 productions for the theater, most recently Superior Donuts, The Female of the Species, The Seafarer, Speed-the-Plow and All my Sons. arney is an ensemble member and former artistic director of chicagos steppenwolf Theatre where his directing credits include: The Seafarer, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Death and the maiden, Curse of the Starving Class, killers and The Geography of Luck, among others. arney also directed steppenwolfs world premiere of steve martins Picasso at the Lapin Agile, as well as the subsequent national and international acclaimed productions. mr. arneys acting credits with steppenwolf include Born Yesterday, Ghost in the machine, The Homecoming, Franks Wild Years, You Cant Take it with You, Fool for Love, True West, Balm in Gilead and Coyote ugly. as the artistic director for steppenwolf from 1987 to 1995, he oversaw the, creation of a new state-of-the-art theater which is steppenwolfs current home. Broadway transfers under his leadership include The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The Song of Jacob Zulu (six Tony award nominations) and The Grapes of Wrath (1990 Tony award, Best Play). mr. arney has an mfa degree in acting from illinois state university and has taught master classes and workshops at ucla, steppenwolf, around the u.s. and in Tokyo.

    ken noVice (managing director)Ken novices career in the professional theatre spans 25 years and over 250 productions. Prior to joining Geffen Playhouse, he served as managing director and director of external affairs at Pasadena Playhouse where his credits include the revival of Fences starring laurence fishburne and angela Basset and the world premieres of Sister Act the musical, Ray Charles Live, Stormy Weather starring lesley uggams and many others. he was director of marketing and Public relations for san diegos Tony award-winning old Globe Theatre where his credits include Jack oBriens acclaimed revival of Damn Yankees, the Tony award-nominated musical The Full monty, Henry iV starring John Goodman and sheldon epps Tony-nominated hit Play on! among many others. his credits also include marketing and public relations for the Tony award-winning denver center Theater company and new yorks circle repertory company. as director of Programming for youthstream media networks he developed national marketing and public relations programs for most of hollywoods major motion picture studios. novice also served as head of the Theatre management mfa/mBa program at california state university, long Beach and has been a guest lecturer at san diego state university and the university of california, san diego. he holds a Ba from the Pennsylvania state university and an mBa from san diego state university.



    Geffen Playhouse10886 le conte avenue los angeles, ca 90024

    Administrative Offices ......... 310.208.6500 Weekdays ........................ 10:00 am 6:00 pm

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    Please visit for hours, parking and more information


    box office WindowWhen shows are not in performance, the box office window is open: Weekdays ........................ 10:00 am 6:00 pm Weekends ....................... 12:00 pm 6:00 pm during the run of a show, the window will be open until curtain. Please note: the box office is unable to process exchanges and future sales one hour prior to curtain time on any performance day.


    Accessible AccommodationThe Geffen Playhouse is fully committed to ensuring a satisfying theater experience for our patrons with special needs or disabilities. Please contact the box office or an usher to discuss your needs.


    late seatingshould you arrive late to the theater or vacate your seat during the performance, please expect to be held in the lobby until an appropriate pause in the action on-stage. To minimize disturbance to other patrons, you may be sat into the first available location by the house staff even if different from your assigned seat. Be advised that some productions or circumstances may not allow for late or return seating.



    telseY + coMPAnY:bernie telsey csA, Will cantler csA, David Vaccari csA,bethany knox csA, craig burns csA,tiffany little canfield csA, Rachel Hoffman csA,Justin Huff csA, Patrick Goodwin csA, Abbie brady-Dalton csA,David Morris, cesar A. Rocha, Andrew Femenella, karyn casl,kristina bramhall, Jessie Malone


    Properties master Rich Gillessound master James Grabowskiaudio Technician Jackson campbellWardrobe supervisor leah A. lewisProduction electrician Yelena babinskayaassociate scenic designer orit Jacoby carrolladditional scenic elements constructed by John Gaughanassociate costume designer eb brookscalarts costume intern kate Frycostume construction Minta Manningassociate lighting designer Joshua epsteinassociate sound designer Veronika Vorelstage crew Ryan GodboutProperties carpenter christopher keselProperties artisan Abra braymanucla Properties intern karla braunesreither ucla stage management intern Anthony sierraucla directing intern christopher Adams-cohen


    additional Publicity services tim choy and Peter Goldman, Davidson & choy Publicityset provided by scenic Highlightslighting equipment provided by entertainment lighting servicessound equipment provided by Jon sound inc.additional Props constructed by uclA Department of theatre scene shop

    SPECIAL THANKS uclA school of theater, Film and television scene Prop, sound and costume shops; london cleaners; Peets coffee & tea


    The Geffen Playhouse is affiliated with the university of california at los angeles, specifically the ucla school of Theater, film and Television. The Geffen Playhouse values its role as an important educational resource by providing students with master classes, workshops and internships. students are also able to work and learn from distinguished visiting Geffen artists such as alan ayckbourn, Jon robin Baitz, annette Bening, ed harris, david ives, neil laBute, david mamet, donald margulies, Terrence mcnally, John rando and Kathleen Turner in areas of directing, playwriting, acting, design, dramaturgy, management and production. The Geffen Playhouse also draws upon the distinguished experts in the university to enhance the theaters programs and research.

    The actors and stage managers employed in this production are members of actors equity association; The union of Professional actors and stage managers in the united states.

    The director is a member of the society of stage directors and choreographers, inc., an independent national labor union.


    the exorcist


    opening night of Good Peoplesponsored by oneWest Bank,

    audi of america, inc. and Los Angeles magazine

    FINd OuT HOw TO ATTENd GEFFEN PLAyHOuSE OPENING NIGHTSCall the development department at 310.208.6500 ext.128

    Geffen Playhouse Chairmans Circle member mel keefer, Board member Ginny mancini, Jay Weston and Joyce Eisenberg-keefer

    The cast of Good People with director matt Shakman

    managing Director ken Novice, matt Shakman and Artistic Director Randy Arney

    Geffen donors Ruth and Stanley ZicklinJane kaczmarek with the cake designed by Geffen partner Richard Ruskell

    Geffen Playhouse Board member Fred Specktor with Norman Lloyd and donor Bob Rehme

    Geffen Playhouse donors Hilary and Jack Angelo

    Geffen Playhouse Advisory Board member Deborah Benson Walsh (right) and Carol Dotson

  • subscribe tO aN uNprecedeNted seasON

    NOvember 20 december 30, 2012 coneY islAnD cHRistMAsWritten by DonAlD MARGulies directed by bARt DeloRenzo Based on the short story The Loudest Voice by GRAce PAleYPULITzER PRIzE WINNING PLAYWRIGHT

    september 18 OctOber 28, 2012 bY tHe WAY, Meet VeRA stARkWritten by lYnn nottAGe directed by Jo bonneYPULITzER PRIzE WINNING PLAYWRIGHT

    its hollywoods heyday and the streets of los angeles are filled with glitz, glamour and the chance at stardom that is as long as you have the right look. But when former maid vera stark lands a groundbreaking role in a new southern epic, she turns hollywood on its head and paves the way for future generations of black actresses. more than five decades later, veras influence on race, film and feminism has seeped its way into pop-culture. But who is the real vera stark? Part comedy and part commentary, Pulitzer Prize winner lynn nottages West coast premiere uses todays fascination with celebrity and controversy to get to the truth behind the legend.

    gil cates theater AT THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE

  • JuNe 4 July 14, 2013Yes, PRiMe MinisteRWritten by AntonY JAY & JonAtHAn lYnn directed by JonAtHAn lYnnWEST END SMASH COMEDY

    april 2 may 12, 2013 AMeRicAn buFFAloWritten by DAViD MAMet directed by RAnDAll ARneYPULITzER PRIzE WINNING PLAYWRIGHT


    may 7 JuNe 16, 2013tHe JuDY sHoW MY liFe As A sitcoMWritten by JuDY GolD & kAte MoiRA RYAn directed by AMAnDA cHARlton featuring JuDY GolD in association with DARYl RotH & eVA PRiceWEST COAST PREMIERE COMEDY

    february 26 april 7, 2013Miss JulieWritten by AuGust stRinDbeRG adapted & directed by neil labuteDARING WORLD PREMIERE ADAPTATION

    OctOber 9 NOvember 18, 2012builDWritten by MicHAel GolAMco directed by Will FReARsWORLD PREMIERE

    audrey skirball keNis theater AT THE GEFFEN PLAYHOUSEsubscribe tO aN uNprecedeNted seasON

    Buy season TicKeTs: | 310.208.2028



    donna mcKenna is a PhilanThroPisT, arTisT and arTs activist who has shown immense generosity and loyalty to the Geffen Playhouse as a supporter of our education and outreach programs since 2005, as well as an inaugural chairmans circle member.

    When not immersed in her career as an actor and nissan spokesperson, ms. mcKenna has also been involved with various volunteer efforts including working at a geriatric center and with a reading program for children through the screen actors Guild. a champion of the arts with particular interest in live theater, ms. mcKenna is a supporter of both the Geffen Playhouse and center Theatre Group.

    in addition to supporting los angeles theater, ms. mcKenna also enjoys artistic endeavors including sculpting and collecting contemporary art, and devotes much of her time to her family, which includes three children and her husband mr. flynn chernos, whom she married in september 2011.

    ms. mcKenna has stated, supporting the Geffen Playhouse in its endeavors is an honor. The arts are inspiration, beauty, knowledge and hope, and without them life would be bleak.

    The Geffen Playhouse is deeply grateful to ms. mcKenna for her spirited support of our efforts to remain a beacon of world-class performing arts for the los angeles community to enjoy.

    thank you to those who

    supported backstage

    at the geffen june 4, 2012

    special thanks to our sponsors

    suPPorTinG The Geffen Playhouse in iTs endeavors is an honor. The arTs are insPiraTion, BeauTy, KnoWledGe and hoPe, and WiThouT Them life Would Be BleaK. donna mcKenna

    s P e c i a l T h a n K s T o

    P r e s e n T i n G s P o n s o r s

    los angeles magazine belvedere

    grand marnier craft

    deluscious cookies + milk montage beverly Hills

    notHing bundt cakes ricHard ruskell Pastries

    ronen levy events tribune direct

    s P o n s o r s

    T i T l e s P o n s o r

  • thaNK YoU to the LUxUrY BraNDs Who haVe sUpporteD Us iN the 2011-2012 seasoN

    With iN-KiND DoNatioNs


    the exorcist



    educatiON & Outreach seasON summaryat a time of shrinking financial support for arts education, the Geffen Playhouse has stepped up its outreach serving 20 percent more community members this year than any prior season. expanding far beyond the theater walls, these programs impacted over 22,500 seniors, veterans, low income community members and students bringing creative experiences and artistic excellence to those who need it most. highlights for the season include:

    stoRY PiRAtes taught and celebrated student authors at 22 low income schools with their unique brand of creative writing workshops and interactive performances.

    tHeAteR FoR FAMilies brought laughs, teachable moments and just plain fun to youth and those that are young at heart. This included the popular world premiere of Brilliance!, a family-friendly companion piece to alan aldas Radiance.

    scHool MAtinees worked in collaboration with the mayors Partnership for los angeles schools to bring live theater and educational tools designed to support the classroom curriculum of many under-resourced middle and high schools.

    coMMunitY outReAcH programs provided free tickets and workshops to diverse community groups, low income seniors, veterans and other individuals typically isolated from the arts.

    tAlk-bAck tuesDAYs engaged thousands of audience members with insight into the creation and performance of the art on both stages.

    donate to these inspiring programs. visit for details and to support next seasons outreach and education efforts.







    la s


    l of T


    er, f

    ilm a

    nd T



    n. P










    cHAiRMAns ciRcle$50,000+anonymousPatricia Kiernan applegatearia resort & spaaudi of america, incBen/Joyce eisenberg foundationcity national Bankclearedge Powermary ann cloydcreative artists agencysusan and John ebeyedgerton foundationJoyce eisenberg-Keefer

    and melvin Keeferfox entertainment Groupherbert m. and Beverly J. Gelfandadi & Jerry GreenbergGuggenheim Partnerscarole and Bill habermartha hendersonJ.P. morgan Private Bankmarilyn and Jeffrey KatzenbergGlorya KaufmanKeyes automotive Groupsandra Krause and William fitzgeraldlatham & Watkins llPlincy foundationlos angeles county arts commissionGinny mancinifay & frank mancusodonna mcKenna and flynn chernosron and Kelly meyerann and Jerry mossnews corporationoneWest Bankralph m. Parsons foundationPricewaterhousecoopersmadeline and Bruce ramerlinda Bernstein rubin and Tony rubinrichard and Barbara shermanshubert foundationskirball foundationKate capshaw spielberg

    & steven spielbergdeeanna staats, staats & co.cynthia P. stafford and lanre idewuJodi & howard TenenbaumThe ucla dream funddeborah & michael e. WalshJudy & chancellor charles e. youngdirk and natasha ziff

    eXecutiVe PRoDuceR$25,000 $49,999anonymousa&e Television networksarlene & alan aldaThe Backyardstephanie & Jonathan carsoncBs corporationclassic Party rentalsThe douglas foundationdreamWorks animationGreater los angeles

    new car dealers associationharold and mimi steinberg

    charitable Trustdan hartman arts & music foundationhilton Bora Bora nui resort & spamarcia israel foundation, inc.The lear family foundationlos angeles magazinelouis Xiii de remy martinsusanna midnight & charlie midnightmontage hotels and residences

    leslie moonves & Julie chennapa valley GrilleThe edward a. and ai o. shay

    family foundationsony Pictures entertainmentJudith and Bruce sternshel and cynthia stoneTransamerica insurance

    and investment Groupuniversal studiosvomoW hotel WestwoodThe Walt disney companyWarner Bros. entertainmentWestimeWilliam morris endeavor entertainment

    PRoDuceR$10,000 $24,999 ariel investments, llccharles a. Black, Jr.annette BlumThe eli & edythe l. Broad foundationJames l. BrooksBrotman foundation of californiaeileen & harold Brownlinda and Jerry Bruckheimermark Burnett & roma downeyJames cameroncapital Group companiesceline dion foundationvalarie de la Garza and michael centenocity of los angeles department of

    cultural affairsshelley Wike cranleycarole Bayer sager & robert a. dalydestination fit4ladean and lisa devlinBarry dillerdreamWorks studiosdwight stuart youth fundelectric entertainmentsusan and mark fleischerfour seasonsGang, Tyre, ramer and Brown, inc.G.e. foundationGagosian Gallery incPatty Glaser and sam mudieGloria and Peter Goldarthur Greenbergc. curtis Grisham, Jr.Guy d. Gundlach*in memory of morrie hazanhBo filmseric and samantha heermellody hobsoncindy and alan horninteractive corp (iac)Just for Kids cateringJoan KaloustianKenneth T. and eileen l. norris

    foundationJason & yvonne leeleo s. Guthman fundmarlene & sandy louchheimJanine & Peter lowylucasfilm lTdcarla maldenmona maldenmalibu family Winessusan and Peter mallorynancy and michael mcclellandsandra e. milkenhope mineo & Jeffrey KitchenTodd morgan & rosanna arquettenorthern Trust, naoccidental Petroleum corpchristine marie ofieshlee and lawrence J. ramerrollin ransom and chris lacroix

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    and hon. frances rothschildrichard ruskellPatricia & stanley silverThe simms/mann family foundationsothebysfred specktor and nancy hellerTanino ristoranteheather Thomas & skip Brittenhamdavid Tillman, md & Karen zoller, mdsteve TischTribune directunion BankThe vidal sassoon foundationW fort lauderdaleWells fargo foundationWestfield Groupfred & mary Willardrita Wilson and Tom hanksangela Wommackruth zieglerziffren Brittenham llPKen & ellen ziffren

    DiRectoR$5,000 $9,999J.J. abrams and Katie mcGrathJehan f. agrama and dwora friedJack and hilary angeloanschutz film Group/Walden mediamoca foundationmara and Jonathan BlumBobcat Productions, incmarcy carsey and leo yoshimuraJo champacreative intelligence incorporatedlarry and sophie cripeJeanne cunicelliin loving memory of ed cypertBill & Kate

    in honor of Blanch schimmeldirectors Guild of americafielding edlow and larry clarkenora ephronmelinda and Peter farrellyeric flamholtz and yvonne randleGeorge hoag family foundationPriscila GiraldoJay Gordon & meyera robbinsGreen dot filmsBarbara Grenellhachette Book Grouprabbi uri d. herscher

    and dr. myrna herscherlynne and michael heslovhilton moorea lagoon resort & spavicki iovineWendell and Bernice Jeffreydora and neil Kadishamannon Kaplansally and dr. manny J. Karbelnigl & n andreas foundationPaul lesterdrs. Gerald and Barbara leveyshawn levymichael lewislost iguana resort and spafrank mancuso Jr.and Kim mancusomichael and summer mannBarbara and Garry marshallmorgan stanleymorris and libby singer foundationneda nobari foundationsusan Bay nimoy and leonard nimoyanna K. nupsonPelican hill resort

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    abrams artists agencydr. richard ackerman & miriam shakterJanis adams and John lyonsmiriam aguiarolga s. aldersonrichard alonsolaura and harvey alpert

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    and catherine zeta-Jonesdr. lauras Wholesome Junk foodJan and Thea drayerGerald and sally ducotrichard and amanda duffyWilliam duncanmarilyn P. dunndr. and mrs. Paul eisenbergcolleen m. ellisTerri and david elstonKevin Watts & christine enlowcarl and courtenay enrightmica and ioana erteguncarol and J.B. esterkinsusanna felleman & erik feigGloria and morton fieldmichael filermanmarjorie & arthur fineJoan and charles foxsteve freedmanfreshsarah leonard fine Jewelerscarol and Paul frimmerTomas fuller & Bill Kellyfuture lightinglois and Gerald GallopKathleen Garfieldinez Gelfandharry a. Gilbertrose GilbertKiki and david Gindlercherna & dr. Gary Gitnickcharlotte Golddr. irene Goldenbergmarion Goldenfeldlouis and linda Goldsmanchristopher Gorelikadrienne Grant and Paul JenningsKen Greenblatt & Peter WalshJack Grossbart and marc schwartzallen and deborah GrubmanThe Guerin foundationmonty & marilyn hallalan & michelle heilpern mr. and mrs. William hellmanmel and faith henkindavid and lisa hernandherradura TequilaGrant and lysa heslovJean himmelstein and david colemansteven hochstadtdr. John d. hofbauer

    and dr. laura e. foxmrs. dorothy hoffmanstanley and Gail hollanderroger and linda howardToni hoytThomas Pryor & vincent imhofflynn hunt and margaret JacobTerry & marc J. JacobyJerome and linda JangerJack and cindy Jonesmr. and mrs. vernon d. JonesJordan strauss PhotographyJoseph B. Gould foundationlinda and david KagelKarney Guren family foundationJulie and david Kavner

    The Geffen Playhouse recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of our annual fund and Backstage at the Geffen. donors are listed at the Associate level and higher for gifts made between January 1, 2011 and may 15, 2012.

  • sabrina Kay charitable foundationPatricia Keatinglenny and david KeltonTamara Keoughshelah KiddBarbara and stuart KlabinKent Klavenslisa KlingenbergGwen and Jacob friendron Kolarleslie and norman KoplofThea and neal Kosscarol KrauseKrol vodkarobin and seth Kuglereric and melissa Kurtzmanhelene and arthur laubJoyce lederersteven leemichael and lorna lembeckPhyllis and Ken lembergered & Betsy levinemae and hugh lichtigJohn liebeschristine and david lindsay-abairesteven and nancy lippmanelisabeth lipsmanJudith locke & dennis massiemr. and mrs. Kalman loebJennifer loPatamarcia e. Williams and Gene lucerorobert luketicrenee and meyer luskinsacha malin and dori levanoniThe Jennifer and Greg malins

    foundationGary maloufBrian and renee mannmarie marcianoeric G.c. marklesia & William maxwellJohn mccrite and Juan lopezJanis B. mceldowneysue mchugh & herb seesemelia cozumel all inclusive Golf and

    Beach resortmona metwalliTobias meyerandrew and laura mintzerG2 Graphic service, inc.dr. Kirstin moerk, mr. neil e. Woodburn,

    mr. malcolm r. down, Kenneth r. Johnson & in memory of larry G. mathis

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    by the way, meet vera stark

    8:00pm build

    sunday monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday friday saTurday

    142:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark2:00/7:00pm


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    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    3:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    3:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    3:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark3:00/8:00pm


    3:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark3:00/8:00pm


    2 3

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    9 108:00pm

    by the way, meet vera stark

    8:00pm build

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm



    by the way, meet vera stark

    8:00pm build

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm



    2:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    282:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark2:00/7:00pm


    3:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    2:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    212:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark2:00/7:00pm




    r 18

    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark

    8:00pm extraordinary


    superior donuts


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark


    extraordinary chambers

    8:00pm superior



    by the way, meet vera stark

    8:00pm build




    by the way, meet vera stark

    8:00pm build

    22 23 24 25 26 273:00/8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark3:00/8:00pm


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm


    8:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark8:00pm


    audrey skirball


    gil cates


    2:00/7:00pm by the way,

    meet vera stark



    r 1

    talk back tuesday EVERY TUESDAY


    girls night out THIRD THURSDAY


    lounge fridays FOURTH & FIFTH FRIDAY


    wine down sundays EVERY SUNDAY



    Randall Arney artistic director

    ken novice managing director

    behnaz Ataee General manager

    Frank G. Mancuso chairman of the Board


    Mary Garrett artistic managerAmy levinson literary manager/dramaturgPhyllis schuringa casting director & assistant to the artistic directorshannon noel artistic coordinatorkristina leach literary associateJen Fingal literary intern


    Regina Miller development directorellen catania director of major Gifts & corporate/foundation PartnershipsJessica brusilow Rollins associate director of donor relationsJamie sherman development managerliz sellier development associate scott kriloff development assistantbenjamin lowy development intern


    Debra Pasquerette education & outreach directorconnor White resident Teaching artist & education associateMichael Faulkner education coordinator


    Frankie ocasio executive assistant to the managing directorMaryam Meehan staff accountantJanet Huynh staff accountantMarguerite Harris receptionist


    Miguel del castillo facility managerVictor cueva De loera maintenanceMario santillan-Perez custodial


    Daniel ionazzi Production managerJill barnes associate Production manager Matthew carleton Technical directorRich Gilles Properties masterJames Grabowski sound masterDarren Rezowalli master electricianleah A. lewis Wardrobe supervisor


    Allison Rawlings director of communicationschelsey Rosetter communications coordinator


    Joseph Yoshitomi marketing directorkaren Gutierrez associate marketing directorMark san Filippo Ticket services director & database administrator stephanie strand audience services manager brian Dunning Graphics / Production artist Jodi Feigenbaum advertising & Promotions assistantPaul Millet Group sales Janice bernal associate Box office manager bryan Martin associate Box office manager Janet Huynh assistant Box office managerkorie benavidez, Audrey cain, zack Hamra, Richard Martinez, lilach Mendelovich, Martin Wurst Box office staff


    Jeni Pearsons events coordinatorDavid Gerhardt supervising house managerAmy Farkas, tommy French, Jessica kummer, kimberly legg, Julianne tveten, zack schultz house managers Abdoulaye nGom head usherHunter bird, Michelle cantrell, Adam carr, caroline Harrison, lyndsi larose, Rebecca leigh, nathaniel Meek, katie Mitchell, leah Munson, lindsay nyman, erik odom, Jonathan schwartz ushers

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