the exorcist

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The exorcist

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1. The exorcist 2. Sound A piano is used when the productindent is introduced. There is an airy music used to set thegenre. Stringy music is used when theproduction title is introduced. A Muslim reading is used during thesun set and a sound bridge is used toso from the production title to thesun set(next scene)Editing Blank screen from 0:15-0:15 0:16-0:23 The productionindent is introduced in black andwhite. This makes the audiencewonder what genre the film isset in. Low key lighting is used andthere is a compression oflighting. The title and the production titleis introduced in red and thismakes the audience thinkwhether it is blood. 3. Camerawork The camera focuses on the houseand followed by a use of pan movingfrom the house to the couple walkingon the road. There is an extreme close up of anMary statue. This make the audiencequestion is the movies related toChristianity . An mid shot has been used on thesun rise.Mise-en scene The view of the road tells theaudience that it is set in an posharea. The costume of the couple showsthat it is winter and it is cols in theway they are dressed. 4. Questions posed? Who does the house belong to ? Who lives in the house ? Why is there a close shot of theMary statue ? Why is there a sun set all of asudden? How are the two characters(couple) related to the movie ?What we learn? The sun is set in an exoticplace. There is compression in theculture the movie is set in. The movie goes from aChristian setting to an Muslimreading .