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  • 1. Workplace ExchangeJulyAccessible workspace 2012+Integrated community

2. The Exchange connects: StartupsWhat is theExchange?+ Flexible office spacewithin host companies For External Coworking 3. What DoesReleases underutilized office space onto the market the Drives down the cost of startup office space ExchangeDo? Integrates startups with the broader business community through co-location Creates collaborative opportunities for companies across industries and stages of development 4. WhoSpace Seekers (Startups):Unstable and hard to project need flexibility benefits Working on a budget need affordabilityUnattractive to brokers need self-servefromThrive in communities of other entrepreneursthe Space Providers (Growth mode startups):Sign leases with growth in mind carry extra spaceExchange? Have a lot to worry about need support in subleaseLike to pay it forward and appreciate startup energyInnovation Center Cities:Often have low vacancy rates and high real estate pricesResource rich environments benefit from more integrationDerive value from high bump rates 5. Cross-industry collaboration Where Workbar Established coworking center does it Boston World Partnerships Non-profit economiccome from? development organization Boston World Partnerships Connectors Boston business community volunteers MassChallenge Worlds largest startup accelerator City of Boston/Innovation District: City government 6. Business CommunityStakeholdersIn Innovation Cities The Startup WorldCreative Space Providers 7. 1Easy to participateCOOLExternalCoworking 2More than space... space + community INNOVATIVE3Streamline and productize matchingAspirations ORKING CROSS-4Business incentives for hostsNEWCOWCOM ANY P COLLABORATION! 8. s +s aving+ cost t m unity supporCom admin Space ProvidersHow itWorksVitality Workspace Exchange++Work Collaborationcollaboration space + m em+ Wo bersh rkbar Rentip Startups New mem communibers + rev tyenue 9. High office occupancy cities open up more officeLong Term opportunities for everyone Impact Startups have access to more affordable and flexiblespace in innovation clusters Stronger connections among startups and establishedcompanies create collaboration and businessopportunities