the empire of ghana. what were the 2 major resources traded in ghana? gold and salt

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Chapter 13 Section 2

Chapter 13 Section 2 The Empire of Ghana

1.a. IdentifyWhat were the 2 major resources traded in Ghana? Gold and Salt

1.b. ExplainHow did the silent barter system work?Traders exchanged goods without contacting each other directly, and business was peacefully Conducted

2.a. IdentifyWho was Tunka Manin?King of Ghana

2.b. GeneralizeWhat did Ghanas kings do with the money they raised from taxes and gold mining?The rulers built a powerful ARMY.

2.c. ElaborateWhy did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?To ensure the King was more wealthier than everyone else in his kingdom.

3.a. RecallWhat group invaded Ghana in the late 1000s? The Almoravids

3.b. AnalyzeHow did overgrazing help cause the fall of Ghana?Overgrazing left the soil exposed to the hot desert winds, making it worthless for farmers.

4. CategorizingThe Empire of GhanaLocation Silent BarterTrade from North & SouthControl of trade routes Invasions OvergrazingInternal rebellion