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    "With the establishment of the seers, the sages, the priests in this point of colonization next came the establishment of the higher and finer minds of rulership, dynastic representation from Egypt's salvage--salvation rather, out of Atlantis salvage aided by the accessories of the extraterrestrials. "

    The extraterrestrials worked with those upon Atlantis, as I have explained before. How many understand that which I have already explained before? How many understand that which I have already stated? They worked in building, in education, in government, in science, in medicine and technology---scientific mediology. It is that as they worked and labored there were existent, there did exist five sets of genetic and perfectly genetically matched twins that ruled. These were the Mahachohan, supreme expression of the extraterrestrials. Forever the name of the first of these of greatest power and strength the world would label upon its globe, though limited it would be, Atlantean, Atlantis, Atlanta, Atlantic, Atlas, Anton, Atom, Adam, Abba and others.

    ''Astrology is a science which must be restored to its original beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the divine Plan, as it is expressed at this time through the Wisdom of the Ages." 1

    "The Ancient Wisdom teaches that 'space is an entity. ' It is with the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esoteric astrology deals ....

    Space is an entity and the entire 'vault of heaven' (as it has been poetically called) is the phenomenal appearance of that entity. You will note that I did not say the material appearance, but the phenomenal appearance. Speculation about the nature, the history and identity of that entity is useless and of no value. Some dim idea, providing analogy even when eluding specification, might be gained if you will endeavour to think of the human family, the fourth kingdom in nature, as an entity, as constituting a single unit, expressing itsel


    through the many diversified forms of man ....

    Yet all the while you remain part of a phenomenal entity to which we give the name humanity. Now extend this idea to a greater phenomenal entity, the solar system. This entity is itself an integral part of a still greater life which is

    expressing Itself through seven solar systems, of which ours is one ....

    Bailey, Alice A. Esoteric Astrology Volume Ill A Treatise on the Seven Rays p. 5.



    In esoteric astrology we are, therefore, dealing with the Life and Lives which inform the 'points of light' within the universal Life. Constellations, solar systems, planets, kingdoms in nature and microscopic man are all of them the result of the activity and manifestation of energy of certain Lives whose cycle of expression and whose infinite purposes lie outside the comprehension of the most advanced and illumined minds on our planet. " 2

    "Cancer, the Crab: ... We come now to a consideration of the rulers of this sign and to a study of the planets which act as focal points and as distributing agents for certain cosmic energies. Much has been earlier indicated along this line, and a true understanding of the nature of these impacting energies can only be grasped as we continue with our studies and investigate these signs in the relation which they assume as we study them in connection with other signs, claiming the same planetary rulers. There is one point which I would like to make clear and this is that in the two rulers of this sign--the Moon and Neptune--you have the symbols of a close relationship between the Mother of all Forms and the God of the Waters, that is between the two planets. In this esoteric marriage, you have pictured for humanity a major synthesis of form and of desire-sensitivity and, consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean. " 3

    Out of these twin kings came great strength and, out of Atlantis via the aid of the extraterrestrials, came colonization of many lands, one of great importance being Egypt. The greatest minds of the sages, of the seers, of the priests were sent there and colonized the first of colonies of destined point origination. They marveled at the gravitational pull which was caused by the giant crevice, navel of Pharos Deli, causing in gravity from the encompassing tropical zone. Which is known as the what? The Equator of the earth to be drawn gravitationally toward this point in a polarity northward the river Nile. The ancient Egyptians never knew the source of the Nile but were blessed by it. It flowed north, even as the birds in the summer, yet never did they know.

    With the establishment of the seers, the sages, the priests in this point of colonization next came the establishment of the higher and finer minds of rulership, dynastic representation from Egypt's salvage--salvation rather, out of Atlantis salvage, aided by the accessories of the extraterrestrials. They came together bringing with them women and men of distinction. Some that were already interbred with extraterrestrials, some that were not, lined the boundaries later to be conquered by Egypt.



    Bailey, Alice A. Esoteric Astrology Volume III A Treatise on the Seven Rays pp. 5-9. Ibid. pp. 320-321.



    The extraterrestrials (let me explain this first) were similar to you, but had their distinction in that their purpose was to seek, understand, explore, propagate, induce and bring about a state of blending of genetic factors and codes. How many know of what I am speaking?

    In the animalistic state the aggressive male always is aggressive toward the seemingly docile female, thus even in the animals that were to be genetically blended, the lower or normal state of human existence at that time, the male species or part of the humanoidic species would be aggressive. Therefore, first was sent exploration, first was sent great, with great expense, expeditions to explore from other planets, primarily those of Sirius, Venus, Saturn. They came unto the earth out of necessity and to help.

    "A further factor in cyclic computation lies in the effect of the following stars and constellations upon our system and upon any particular scheme within the system:

    a. The Great Bear.

    b. The Little Bear.

    c. The Pole Star, especially where our planet is concerned.

    d. The Pleiades.

    e. The constellation of Capricorn.

    f Draco.

    g. Sirius.

    h. The various constellations and stars of the Zodiac.

    The mystery is hidden in esoteric astrology, and until the subject of energy working through the etheric body, of radioactivity, and of the transmutation of all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of the 'influence' of these various bodies upon each other will remain at its present stage--an unrevealed secret. If the radiatory effect of a human being or of a group of human beings upon each other is as yet practically an unknown thing from the standpoint of practical science, so the occult effect of these greater forms upon each other remains unknown. Science recognises certain effects, leading and tending to the general coherence of the universe, just as the general laws of the social order among men are theoretically apprehended, but the true scientific realisation of energy-radiations emanating from the etheric bodies of all these suns and groups of suns, and from all these planets and groups of planets is little understood. Their atomic activity is recognised, but



    that department of their being, which finds its correspondence in 'animal magnetism' in man, is little realised, while the even more potent factor of the magnetic radiation of their astral bodies is totally uncalculated, nor is it admitted. All these factors have to be allowed for in any consideration of the factor of time and cycles, and the true esoteric knowledge is not to be gained by the study of figures by the lower mind. It comes as the result of the intuition and is stimulated at initiation." 4

    In the beginning process, then, they saw that their only way was to bring forth the female that she would be approached by the aggressive males and would interbreed. This brought about and came about as the second creation. In the first creation that is mentioned, the Garden of Eden5 did not exist upon the earth but existed upon another planet and then in the astral state, the planet being that of Sirius, and in the astral states, then to the earth. The second creation was the creation through co-creative purposes of establishing in Egypt the sages, the seers, the priests that would help to govern, and those of royalty, the men and the women of royalty, the women that held no power, and to have under them subjugative those of the mutants, or those that were the female extraterrestrials that had been bred with and begat the combination which would eventually become the Libyan, Nubian, Egyptian and the races of the world. For the same or similar process was taking place in each surviving colony and continental colony, subservient, subsistent divisional quality.

    " ... an avatar is a Ray of effulgent and perfected glory, clothing itself in matter for the purpose of service. All avatars in the strict sense of the word are liberated souls, but the cosmic and solar avatars are liberated from the two lower planes of