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The Effective MEChA Meeting was presented at the '08 MEChA Leadership Institute at Mount Hood Community College.


  • 1. The EffectiveMEChA Meeting By: David Molina Co-Founder/CEO, BilingualHire Corporation

2. Whatis a MEChA meeting ? a MEChA meeting isanywhere, anytime wherekey peoplecome together tocarry out the businessof the organization on issues of importance to the group, wherekey decisions are agreed upon, madeandcarried out .Refer to your bylaws/constitution 3. Whatdo effective MEChAmeetings look like? 4. What really happens ?Leadership. the MEChAmeeting lackeddirection wefailed to getanythingdone nothingcreativecame out of it no one participated peopleleft early or failed to show no one knew about it. no one cares. 5. ONLY hold ifabsolutelynecessary. 6. Distribute agendabeforehand .Text, email or as an attachment, but send it. Sometimes impossible. Off-the cuff meetings 7. The day of the meeting have anagenda . Or clear objectives. 8. Crystalclearobjectives.Institute 10-minute rule. 9. Startpreciselyon time.Lead by example. 10. Before the meeting.

      • Welcome everyone.
      • Reread the minutes.
      • Be prepared with any materials or data to provide the group.Ensure key people are there, i.e. those that are reporting.

11. Stayon time.

    • During meetings:
      • State opinions and concerns as your own.
      • On the agenda, avoid deviations when in charge be in charge.
      • Encourage the participation and involvement of everyone present.
      • Encourage discussion/debate.

12. End on time.

  • End on time.
    • After meetings:
      • Prepare the minutes. Send out promptly. Use technology.
      • Follow through with your officers.
      • Check with your group on tasking status.
      • Respect peoples time. Otherwise they may not return.


  • TO be effective , MEChA meetings need to bewell planned and executed(officers).
  • Good meetingsbring forththe best in MEChistAs thebest ideas ,the best decisions,and thebest follow-up(officers).
  • Not all meetingsare good meetings .They dont just happen,theyre plannedand when they do, the MEChA Chapter andthe individual participants reap the benefits and return for more meetings.

Recap. 14.

  • Q&A

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