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We, at DYPIS, celebrated our 72nd Republic Day on Monday, January 25th, 2021 to celebrate the coming into force of
our constitution. Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens and we believe that our students must have a sense of
attachment to their nation which can be strengthened by talking and reflecting about our nation’s achievements and
issues that it faces. Keeping this in mind, students of the primary section enthusiastically participated in activities
according to their grade.
Early Years - These young students participated in a quiz by painting their palms green and orange. They also
participated in creating something which represents our country using fruits, vegetables and pulses
Primary Section
Grade 1 - Students of Grade 1 learnt various slogans given by different leaders, made tricolour sandwiches. One
of the students also made a game where the students learnt the names of the states of India.
Grade 2 - Students of Grade 2 learnt more about the National Sport of India Kabaddi and how this game has
evolved over the years. They also looked at the States of India and how these have changed over the years.
Grade 3 - Students of Grade 3 were introduced to the Constitution of India, Fundamental Rights and Duties of a
citizen as per the Constitution.
Grade 4 - Students of Grade 4 debated on the 2020 Farm bill. Through this debate, students pledged to grow up to
be global citizens and contribute immensely towards India’s further development and world peace at large.
Grade 5 - Students of Grade 5 looked into the New Education Policy and its advantages for the current and future
Animals and Physical education
Our students of Nursery have been engaged in different exercises to develop their knowledge of animal’s movements
in Physical education. Through the different animal poses and movements, the students are working on developing their
gross motor skills and their spatial awareness too is growing steadily. The little learners already had a bank of knowledge
of animal movements which they demonstrated enthusiastically. They shared the cobra pose, duck walk, frog jump and
elephant walk. We are learning to balance physical activity time and screen time.
Fun with stories
Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of learners. They are a good source of information. Reading
helps learners with their confidence level, coping with feelings and developing good language skills. Students of Senior
Kindergarten heard a story on the 3 recyclers where they became knowledgeable about recyclable materials to build a
house. As a follow up the learners looked for scrap materials in their houses and built their own house with the material
they had collected.
“Move The Book” Challenge
For the unit on inventions, students of Grade 2 were given a challenge to move books from one point to another without
touching it with the given base choice (circular - tissue rolls, rectangular - toothpaste boxes and soap boxes). The students
then discussed and reflected on which base worked the best and why. From this activity, with regards to the invention
of the wheel, they gained an understanding of how trial and error is an integral part of any invention and how an invention
evolves as years pass by.
Inspiring young minds through experiments
Learning by doing helps the learners to get a better understanding of the concepts. Thus, learners of Grade 4 were
introduced to the sources of energy through an experiment using black and white jars and ice cubes. The learners using
their critical thinking skills learnt that the black jar absorbs more sunlight as compared to the white jar which resulted
in an increase in temperature. Thus, they concluded that we should wear light colored clothes during summer since it
does not absorb lighter.
Fun with Measurement
Without even realising it, we all use measurement in our daily lives all the time. We measure cups and teaspoons when
we’re cooking, and estimate distance and the time it takes to get someplace when we’re driving our cars. Since
measurement is a necessary skill throughout the walks of life, it’s important that kids form an early understanding of
the concept of measurement, and the units they use to measure with. The learners of Grade 4 inquired into the concept
of measurement. They became risk takers when they explored non- standard units of measurement by making a
strawberry smoothie.
Collaboration with other members of the learning community provides learners with an authentic learning experience.
Mr. Pravin Rana, our secondary school Physics teacher came as a guest speaker to address the queries of our young
learners. He gave a detailed explanation of the different types of Energy through a presentation. The kids had a
wonderful experience which truly aroused more burning questions amongst the Grade 4 learners.
Congratulations Dhrishni Mehta.
We are proud to announce that our student Dhrishni Mehta Senior Kindergarten participated in the 1st LogiQids Mental
aptitude Olympiad in December 2020 and Secured 1st International Rank. We wish her all the very best in the next
The celebrations for the 72nd Republic Day of India were carried out with great enthusiasm and fervour at
DYPIS, Worli. In the true patriotic spirit, the students came together and paid our country the tribute that it has
rightfully earned!
The students of Grade 6 embraced the ‘Diversity in India’ by filming videos on a wide array of topics from food
to festivals to art and music.
Grade 7 took on a topic of great pride for us by making posters on ‘Made in India’, showcasing India’s
achievements in the past decade and thereby trying to promote ‘India’ as a brand!
Our Grade 8 students brought out their digital prowess and made presentations on ‘India - Then and Now’
highlighting how far we’ve come as a country and all that we’ve achieved.
The students of Grades 9 and 10 battled out their opinions on ‘Indian Education being on par with education in
other countries.’ The team that debated against the topic won and Dheer Jhaveri emerged as the Best Speaker
for the debate. Dr. Jeevana Singh, was the judge for this event.
Grades 11 and 12 also had a very intense debate based on solid facts that manifested from their group research
and again the team that debated against the topic won. Utsah Thakur was announced as the Best Speaker by the
judge, Ms. Rukhsheen Vajifdar.
The afternoon ended well leaving everyone in the spirit of celebrating our country as a Republic and feeling
proud to be an Indian!
Jai Hind!
Secondary Section
Movie Mania - Blood Relations
It is with immense pride that we announce that Sanayaah Anand of Grade 7B has made her acting debut in a short film
titled ‘Blood Relations’. The film is a heart touching and an emotional story about a brother and sister. Sanayaah Anand
shares her experience.
“I am Sanayaah Anand studying in grade 7B. I would like to tell you about my short film called ‘Blood Relations’. My
mom and dad both are actors so I thought that I wanted to be one too. This was a great opportunity for me! The film has
already got over 2 million views. When our whole team came to know we had got 2 million views, the director Sai
Deodhar was so happy and pleased that my heart melted.
My mom knew that I have been wanting to act for a long time and this would be a great start. My mom knew the
director so, was comfortable with her directing. When my mom asked me if I wanted to act in it, I had mixed emotions.
I heard the story and loved it! I met the director; she was so nice that I knew I wanted to be in the film.
My experience while shooting the film was fun. The second actor, Devazya, is so funny. There were so many scenes
that were funny like the one where he burns the egg! Standing behind the cameraman, I looked at his face when he burnt
the egg and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. The director made us do many exciting things when we did not have
to shoot a scene. She also got her loving daughter on the sets.
In conclusion I would say this short film is what I wanted to do for a long time and thanks to Sai Aunty I got it! Thank
We congratulate Sanayaah on her success and commend her hard work and determination to pursue what she is
passionate about.
Paper Relief Sculpture
In this pandemic every single situation has taught us something new and in every challenging situation it has brought
out our hidden spark which helps us handle that situation and we start exploring new things. For our paper 3D topic
Grade 6 students explored ‘Paper Relief Sculpture’ using their creativity and art-craft skills they had presented various
themes through this art assignment.
Transfer of Heat
The Physics students of Grade 9 performed innovative experiments to explain the concept of heat transfer on 20th and
21st January. Conduction, convection and radiation – the 3 modes of heat transfer were demonstrated to the class by
small groups or even individually. The students did face constraints due to the unavailability of a Physics laboratory in
online schooling. Nevertheless, the concepts were adequately explained through relevant experiments.
Reha Mehta and Ananya Vora showed the movement of liquids and gases and the formation of convection currents
using red colour for hot water and blue colour for cold water. Similar experiments were also carried out by Dhara Inanai,
Navya Mohta and Diah Makhecha.
Vrisha Shah and Diah Jain preferred to work alone.
On the other hand, Arhan Sheth, Kavya Doshi, Chaitanya Khemani and others explained the process of conduction
effectively. Sticking pins with wax on a metal knife and heating the knife from one end, they explained how heat travels
from one end to the other, such that the wax melts and the pins fall.
All the students participated enthusiastically and are appreciated for their efforts despite the restrictions of a home
Pixel Puzzle
A unique activity was conducted virtually on 22nd January 2021 for 9th grade CS students, by solving this simple
colour-by-number and logical thinking puzzles for the students to gain a deeper understanding of image representation
and compression. Pixel puzzles turn the ways images are represented as a series of numbers representing pixels into
puzzles. They come in various forms from a simple variant of colour-by-numbers to more complex puzzles. They were
assigned two different images - one is a desert animal, another one is a minibeast. They picked their puzzle according
to their roll numbers. Later they used an excel or word(tables) to represent the puzzles and they displayed their final
image on the zoom meet one by one.
Make Meals Matter
Our Grade 7 students have been actively working towards reducing hunger as a part of their GSL project. Their efforts
haven't gone unnoticed. Yesterday, Mumbai's Leading Marathi Daily of Times Group encourages our team by covering
the work we are doing.
This is what the students had to say, "We have started giving out our food packages. We had our first food drive a few
days ago. India's Republic Day is just around the corner and it has been 72 years since India has been a republic but,
14% of India is still hungry. That's 189.2 million people! In the past 2 decades, this hunger quotient has decreased by a
marginal 4%. It is only our generation that can do something about it. A world without people facing hunger every day
can positively impact our economies, health, education and equality. Food is a right, not a privilege. No one should have
to sleep with an empty stomach. There are many people with different professions who help us, probably once a lifetime
like teachers, doctors, lawyers, priests etc. But a farmer is someone we need lifelong, 3 times a day, every day."
Do watch their video at: -
Congratulations Keisha!!
Keisha Jhaveri of Grade 8A qualified at the Maharashtra State Table Tennis Championship 2020, she is selected to play
for the team Maharashtra at National championship 2020 to be held in Indore, in her 2nd year of sub juniors(u-15). She
is now ranked 6th in Maharashtra States.
She has also qualified for the under 18 categories at the Maharashtra State Regional Championship 2020
Reflective Thinkers
Psychology students of DP 1 watched a video on the Millennial question by Simon Simek. They were then directed to
think about, "is high level of technology use harmful to the cognitive processing of millennials? Is it negatively affecting
their ability to process information, make decisions and pay attention?" The class was divided into two groups. The
students had to individually fill out debate planners and then collaborate in a group. They had to reflect on their current
circumstances, use of technology in education and its impact on the learning process as well other cognitive processes.
They had intense discussions and some strong rebuttal rounds. They ended the session with a debate debriefing where
they organised all the collected evidence into positive and negative impact for their Digital World extension topic.
The Cloud Dream of the Nine by Kim Man Jung
Students of grade 11 are reading a Korean novel by Kim Man Jung written in the 16th C which has been translated into
English. This novel is one of the classics in Korean Literature and is highly recommended by international boards. They
have been divided into reading groups and so they are currently reading the novel. This is when students came up with
the idea that they should take a break from reading and instead do something fun. One of the students was quick in
suggesting an idea where they could portray the instances, scenes, characters and setting of the novel in pictures. This
was a brilliant suggestion made for the novel has several characters with supernatural beings such as fairies and dragons,
there are magical monks and reincarnations however, there is not a single picture, image or drawings even on the covers
of the book. Hence, in one of the classes last week the students were given one activity to choose from two. They were
to choose - 1. Create an ‘Instagram Post’ for the main character from the book depicting a scene or 2. Draw and create
a ‘Lifetime of the main character’. Students chose to work in pairs and since this was their own idea, they came up with
some stunning pieces. They made sure to credit the resources and platform to build their presentation. This was then
followed by a reflective activity where each pair had to share their understanding of the ATL skills that were at play
during this task and the IB Learner profile they thought were highlighted in completing the task. This fun activity was
a required break from daily reading which brought smiles and laughter on their faces while also honing creative skills.
From Management, Staff, Students and Newsletter Team