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<p>THE DREAM OF THE POWERFUL CHOBOTS.</p> <p>THE DREAM OF THE CHOBOTS.FROM THE HI-TECH COMPANY</p> <p>OUR COMPANYOUR COMPANY IS MADE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHOBOTS AND TO MAKE THE DREAMS OF ALL CHOBOTS REAL.</p> <p>DEVELOPMENTWE CAN DEVELOP CHOBOTS BY NOT BREAKING THE RULES OF CHOBOTS.WE CAN DEVELOP IT BY REPORTING SPAMMERS AND BAD CHOBOTS.WE CAN DEVELOP IT BY MAKING UPDATES IN CHOBOTS.WE CAN DEVELOP IT BY MAKING BLOGS HELPING NEW CHOBOTS AND MORE.</p> <p>CHOBOTS RULES POEM</p> <p>Chobots a family game</p> <p>A place to have some funSo here's some rulesWe all should knowTo make sure no harms done</p> <p>"Dating" tut-tut, no-noPlease don't do that hereRemember it's a family gameFor fun and friends and cheer</p> <p>"Bad Words" Just can't be saidIt's not the Chobot wayThe Mods find out if you do something wrongIf said, your chat will soon be gone</p> <p>"Spamming" for us to hearIs really such a painSay once or twice and that will doThe worst I've heardIs rain, rain, rain</p> <p>"Passwords" A word that only you should knowNever share, Never askDON'T TELL YOUR PASSIf you do, I'm afraidYour Chobot daysWill be over, oh so fast.</p> <p>CHOBOTS UPDATESWE NEED HERE UPDATES IN CHOBOTSWE CAN GET UPDATES ONLY BY MODERATORS BUT MODERATORS ARE NOT THERE IN CHOBOTS.SO FOR UPDATES WE NEED MODERATORS.</p> <p>CHOBOTS IS DEVELOPED!WHEN CHOBOTS IS DEVELOPED MANY CHOBOTS WILL COME IN CHOBOTS.IN.MANY UPDATES WILL BE COME.ALL CHOBOTS WILL BE HAPPY EVEN NON-CITIZEN WILL ALSO HAPPY.CHOBOTS.IN WILL BE THE BEST ONLINE GAME IN THE WORLD.EVEN FROM CHOBOTS.COM ALSO.</p> <p>THE END</p>