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  • 1. The Detailed Niche Targeting Tactic.

2. We have seen the importance of the niche market, andnow we are going to know step by step, how to targetthat niche. 3. We must select that niche first, than find what they areeager to buy, and give them what they want. 4. Here is a list of various niche: 5. health and fitness, 6. religious and spiritual, 7. financial reinvestments and trading, 8. travel, in hot countries, trekking, camping, going to thesea, or may be the mountain, 9. foods, cakes, or fish, or meet, vegetarian peoples, 10. people who loves safari, the desert... 11. niche market is not something you will not find, don' tworry, there are plenty of them everywhere. 12. You will find your niche in places like click bankmarketplace, or in general directory groups, or, you can also find them in yahoo groupsand commingled. 13. You should watch infomercials. 14. You should take the first general idea, then go to a morespecific idea. 15. For example you are interested in martial arts, you maychoose a niche in self defense, then self defense forwomen, then define , let' say for example: krav maga,and you continue like that until you find the niche whichwill make you profit. 16. You will find a lot of free tools on the web to help you tofind your niche . 17. Go to, you will know the traffic rank forwebsites in that niche, how many visitors visited thatsite per million visitors. 18. You should also find related keywords, you can go, or use word tracker, and there is a lot ofthese tools disposables for you, 19. you should also find out if there is a lot of portal siterelated to that niche,, see the number of sites listedthere. 20. You will then check the growth of that niche, is the nichegrowing, or is ti in decline? 21. Search for competitors, as they can become yourpartners in joint ventures. 22. Now it is time to act: you may have three ideas or more,but you want to start a project, then another one. Soyou got to test all your idea, and you will keep the onethat you found most profitable. 23.


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