the current issues affecting the physiotherapy profession in south africa

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The Current Issues Affecting the Physiotherapy Profession in South Africa . Demographics of South Africa. 51.77 million people (2012) 4800 Physiotherapist 2400 Private Practice Physiotherapist. Samantha Dunbar – PhysioFocus Charirperson 2013. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Current Issues Affecting the Physiotherapy Profession in South Africa

1Demographics of South Africa51.77 million people(2012)4800 Physiotherapist2400 Private Practice Physiotherapist

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 2013


Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 2013


Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 2013

4Public versus Private600 physiotherapists in public excluding the community service physiotherapistsLarge geographical areas to coverLarge populationBurden of disease, namely HIV and TB Just to mention a few issues

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 20135National Health Insuranceto improve access to quality Physiotherapy services for all South Africans, irrespective of whether they are employed or not;to pool risks and funds so that equity and social solidarity will be achieved through the creation of a single NHI fund;

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 20136to procure physiotherapy services on behalf of the entire population and efficiently mobilise and control key financial resources; andto strengthen the under-resourced and strained public sector in order to improve the Health systems performance

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 20137Opportunities for PhysioFocus NHI Pilot sites Human Resource shortageSASP Practice Accreditation implemented for PHCSchool health programsCoding clinical guidelines are crucialPreventative care PHC settings

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 20138Undetermined lines regarding Scope of Practice (HPCSA)A physiotherapist assesses, treats and manages a wide variety of injuries including ailments from the fields of orthopaedics, neurology, respiratory and thoracic, cardio-vascular, obstetrics, sports medicine, paediatrics, geriatrics, intensive care units

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 20139and general rehabilitation. Other medical fields and community care also falls within the scope of physiotherapy

A biokineticist treats people with a variety of sport and orthopaedic injuries through the modality of exercise therapy which is based on scientific evidence and personalised exercise prescription.

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 201311They use exercise rehabilitation for people with chronic disease, sport injuries and diseases of lifestyle. Health promotion and the maintenance of physical abilities as well as specialised physical activity programme prescriptions are within the scope of biokinetic practice

Samantha Dunbar PhysioFocus Charirperson 201312Physiotherapy versus Biokinetics

Simplification of Coding and Billing Structures Current codes based on RVUs (2006) Complexity of structure, misunderstanding Need new codes needed Codes not reflecting all modalities we are using

Descriptors not clearly defined misinterpretation of application

Funders limiting or decreasing members benefitsVarious legislation to work and comply with e.g. Employment equity, labour issue, etc. Patients more aware of their rights and more prone to sueingOther Issues

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