the csx h2r optimizer provides path to better transportation

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  1. 1. The CSX H2R Optimizer Provides Path to Better Transportation By Clarence Gooden
  2. 2. The Highway to Intermodal Rail (H2R) Optimizer Virtually all shippers have inefficient freight routes in their shipping networks. CSX Transportation offers a simple solution for combating this simple fact: the Highway to Intermodal Rail (H2R) Optimizer. The tool allows shippers to look at various shipping modalities and optimize supply chains according to the most efficient routes.
  3. 3. Benefits A proprietary tool, the H2R Optimizer looks throughout a shippers network to identify the ideal opportunities for H2R conversion. Shippers can achieve significant transportation savings and direct that capital to other areas of the organization. The company offers the H2R Optimizer tool as a complementary means of making transportation more efficient. The tool uses origin, destination, and volume data to calculate the most significant opportunities for intermodal savings.
  4. 4. Security Understanding the importance of privacy, CSX Transportation protects all user data. Data provided to the organization will be used for H2R analysis and no other purpose with non-disclosure agreements available. Users have no financial obligation and incur no risk when they submit data for analysis.