the conservative backlash to napoleon and the revolution hwh unit 5 chapter 6.4

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The Congress of Vienna

The Congress of ViennaThe Conservative Backlash to Napoleon and the Revolution

HWH UNIT 5CHAPTER 6.4The Congress of ViennaSeptember 1814-June 1815

Alexander I of RussiaKlemens von Metternich of AustriaLord Castlereagh of BritainFrederick William III of PrussiaCharles Talleyrand of FranceMain Characters

LegitimacyRuling monarchies restored throughout EuropeCompensationReward those who fought or lost land fighting Napoleon Austria given Dalmation CoastPrussia given the RhinelandRussia given PolandBalance of PowerArranging the map so that France (nor any other country) would never be dominant againGoalsFrance reduced to 1790 bordersRussia gets Poland German Confederation replaces Confederation of the RhineRestores Austrian influence in GermanyThe Netherlands is re-established

Geographic Changes

Meetings from 1815-1848 to enforce the ideas of the Congress of ViennaVery CONSERVATIVEAnti-democracyAnti-nationalismThe Quadruple AllianceAlexanders Holy Alliance

The Concert of Europe(The Congress System)