the complete guide to setting up your app campaigns on facebook

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  • Setting Up Your App Campaigns

    on Facebook

    The Complete Guide To

  • Table of Contents

    Intro .................................................................................................... 3

    App Promotion Campaigns ........................................................ 6

    Design & Copy Tips for Killer App Ads .................................. 9

    Finding YOUR Target Audience on Facebook ....................19

    The Buck Stops Here: Tips on Pricing Models ...................26

    Conclusion ........................................................................................31

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Intro

    Weve all seen and heard how big Facebook is. Heck, Its all around us:

    at work, on the train, on vacation, at the restaurant... Its everywhere!

    But what may be the most remarkable is how well Facebook adapted

    to the mobile era, in both scale and performance.

    When it comes to driving user acquisition, Facebooks mobile reach

    is unrivaled. The social network has a whopping 1.39 billion mobile

    monthly users and 894 million mobile daily active users. When it comes

    to performance, Facebook is a consistent top 5 network performer

    in retention, according to the AppsFlyer Performance Indexes (see

    here and here).

    And mobile is paying off for Facebook, Mobile contributed no less than

    78 percent of Facebooks Q3 ad revenue. Thats a cool $3.3 billion.

    Facebook Advertising Revenue Share by Device

    Mobile Ad Revenues

    Desktop Ad Revenues

    Q2'15 Q3'15Q1'15Q4'14Q3'14Q2'14

    38.0% 34.0% 31.0% 27.0% 24.0% 22.0%

    62.0% 66.0% 69.0% 73.0% 76.0% 78.0%

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Focusing on mobile app installs, US ad revenue will top $4.6 billion

    this year and grow to $6.8 billion by the end of 2019, according to

    BI Intelligence. We believe mobile app install ads accounted for about

    30% of mobile ad revenue last year, the report stated. A new Kenshoo

    Q2 2015 report found that marketers have increased investment in

    app install ads by 346% compared to Q2 2014.

    While there isnt any definitive data on Facebooks dominance in

    the app install ad business, estimates range from 20 to 30% of the

    market, which is huge for a single network among thousands out

    there. According to eMarketer, Facebook is far and away the most

    important app install channel.

    With such numbers, Facebook must be doing something right. In

    fact, Facebook is considered an essential component of todays app

    marketing mix.

    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to set

    up your your app install, app engagement and Custom Audiences

    campaigns on Facebook, while exploring targeting capabilities,

    creative best practices, business models and pricing tips.

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • When youre done, make sure to read our other guide that will tell you all

    about how to let data work for you on Facebook, with special emphasis

    on measurement, analytics capabilities, data analysis and optimization.




    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • 1

    Facebook App Promotion Campaigns

    There are two main types of campaigns for app marketers who want

    to find new users and maximize the value of existing ones:

    App Install Ads

    Facebook launched mobile app install ads in late 2012 and

    the offering quickly took off. App install ads met an untapped

    need, helping developers drive app downloads.

    With more and more apps in the app stores (around 1.4 million

    and counting in both The App Store and Google Play), relying

    on organic app discovery wasnt going to do the trick for 99%

    of app developers. Thats why user acquisition through non-

    organic channels became super important.

    By focusing on non-organic activities,

    marketers also increased the number of

    organic installs, because install volume is a

    key metric in ASO (app store optimization).

    So where do we start? In order to begin

    running Facebook App Install campaigns,

    youll need to fill out some basic app info,

    provide screenshots, enable a Facebook

    integration, and more (see app details page).

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • The ads will appear in the Facebook mobile news feed (making

    them a perfect example of native advertising where ads blend in

    with the content). They will clearly be delivered as a sponsored

    story labeled as Suggested App. Users can like, comment,

    share, and of course easily install the app by clicking on the ad.

    As app retention and in-app engagement are becoming two of

    the most important goals for app marketers, Custom Audiences

    campaigns for your existing app or mobile site users can propel

    your users lifetime value.

    The key to engagement is relevance, so the more you know

    about the actions users performed in your app, the greater your

    chances of success. To learn what your users are doing, you will

    need to enable in-app event tracking. This can be

    done by integrating Facebooks SDK or

    the SDK of one of its official measurement

    partners. Once enabled, you can retarget

    these users with specific messages.

    Just like app install ads, engagement ads

    will appear in the mobile news feed and

    provide options to Like, share and comment.

    Click here for more details on how to set-up

    a Custom Audiences campaign.

    Custom Audiences Engagement Ads (Retargeting) 2

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Reach Extension Via Instagram and Facebook Audience Network

    Facebook can extend your app promotion campaigns to other apps

    including Instagram which it bought in 2012 for $1 billion and

    apps that are part of the Facebook Audience Network, where you

    can choose between banner, interstitial, or native ad formats. All

    targeting capabilities, including Custom Audiences and lookalike

    audiences, are available on Instagram and the Audience Network.

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Facebooks app install ads are straightforward, and easy to build.

    You can find all the details here. The key is to run ad creative that

    separates your message from other, characterless Facebook ads.

    This may sound trivial, but it is often the little things that make a big

    difference. Lets dig in.

    Design & Copy Tips for Killer App Ads

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Make Ads People Will Actually Look At

    You know how easy it is to

    get lost in users news feeds,

    right? The downside of

    native advertising is also its

    strength it blends in. But

    there is a way to make this

    work for you. Get creative

    with your images to stand

    out and make an impression.

    Facebook users favor visual

    ads, those with high quality

    images and videos.

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Consider using in-app screenshots and photo stills of real people

    using the app, so users can get a sense of what it does. Also, when

    using an app screenshot, show it inside a mobile device.

    The Complete Guide To Setting Up Your App Campaigns on Facebook

  • Last year, Facebook introduced the carousel format, allowing advertisers

    to show multiple images in one ad. Following its strong performance

    carousel link ads drive 30 to 50% lower cost per conver