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AGENDA The Cloud Native Stack, Josef Adersberger (QAware) Spark/Solr and machine learning/recommenders with Fusion, Jake Mannix (Lucidworks) Mesos and the Architecture of the New Datacenter, Jrg Schad (Mesosphere) Spring Cloud Apps auf Kubernetes, Mario-Leander Reimer & Josef Fuchshuber Q&A, NetworkingTHE CLOUD NATIVE STACK UNLEASHEDJosef Adersberger (@adersberger)CONTINUOUSDELIVERY BIG DATAWEB-SCALE OPEX SAVINGSCLOUD NATIVE STACKCONTINUOUS DELIVERY BIG DATAWEB-SCALE OPEX SAVINGSCLOUD NATIVE STACKSELF-DELIVERING SOFTWARERUNNINGTESTEDSOFTWAREINCREMENTEVERYTHING AS CODE: codes applications codes tests codes infrastructure codes delivery workflow{ }EVERYTHING AS CODEnode('master') { git url: '' stage 'Build' sh 'mvn clean package' archive artifact stage 'Code Coverage' sonarqube stage 'QA' parallel(tests: { runWithServer {url -> sh gatling run omg.scala}}) stage name: 'Staging', concurrency: 1 tomcat.deploy(artifact, 'staging', deployClosure)}version: '2'services: web: build: . ports: - "5000:5000" volumes: - .:/code depends_on: - redis redis: image: redisDELIVERY WORKFLOW: Jenkins Workflow DSLINFRASTRUCTURE:Docker ComposeCONTINUOUSDELIVERY BIG DATAWEB-SCALE OPEX SAVINGSCLOUD NATIVE STACKTHE CLOUD NATIVE LANDSCAPE 2016Cluster OrchestratorCluster SchedulerClusterVirtualizationApplicationPlatformConfiguration & Coordination:Service Discovery:Edge & API Server:Cluster Diagnosability:Cluster ResourcesContainerApplicationsCodeNode ResourcesOperating SystemSpring CloudPaaSIaaSpublicprivate / hybridCluster InfrastructureOS Virtualization Network Virtualization Storage Virtualization Memory VirtualizationCaaSMicroservices DataservicesYARNHeliosSpring Cloud PaaSTASingularityApolloZookeeperTurbineAtlasTHE DOKUS STACKSpring CloudCluster SchedulerCluster OrchestratorApplication PlatformCLUSTER ORCHESTRATIONCLUSTER ORCHESTRATORCLUSTER SCHEDULERAPPLICATIONBLUEPRINTAPPLICATIONOPS COMMANDSHAproxyNGINX NGINXMySQLHTTP 80HAproxy (standby)Auto-ScalingReplicationStateful deploy canary-deploy rollback scale status config-change http://kubernetes.iohttp://kubernetes.iowww.kubernetes.iohttp://www.kubernetes.ioCLUSTER ORCHESTRATION WITH KUBERNETESKUBERNETESKUBERNETES, MESOSPOD, SERVICE, RC/RS, DEPLOYMENT (.YAML)KUBECTL,REST API,KUBE DASHBOARDContainerContainerPodIPVolumePort Port PortServiceDNS-NameLabel: ReplicationController Endpoint with DNS name Logical group of Pods Policy how to access the Pods Atomic unit of orchestration and scheduling Group of co-located containers(one node, one lifecycle) Containers share an unique IP,persistent volumes and env vars Controls Pod lifecycle Ensures that a defined nbr. of Pod instances is running new gen: Replica SetDeployment: Declarative update (target state description) for Pods and Replica Sets.TWITTER.COM/QAWARE - SLIDESHARE.NET/QAWARE