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Download The City of Thousand Oaks Community Events Endowment City of Thousand Oaks Community Events Endowment Fund Grant Conejo Schools Foundation Donut Depot, Thousand Oaks ... the past ten

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  • Monday, May 16, 2016 TOHS

    Performing Arts Center Anna Sobrino, Director

    Printing by Cyber Copy, Westlake Village, CA Thank you for your support and discount!

    The City of Thousand Oaks Community Events

    Endowment Fund Grant

    Conejo Schools Foundation

    Donut Depot, Thousand Oaks

    Join us in supporting these talented musicians!

    Please consider sponsoring the Thousand Oaks High

    School Orchestra. Your donations will help our

    program grow!

  • Spirit of Adventure Michael Giacchino / arr. Robert Longfield

    Air and Caprice Larry Clark

    Amadare (Raindrops) Keiko Yamada

    Waltz No. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra Dmitri Shostakovich / arr. Paul Lavender

    Jupiter from the Planets, Op. 32

    Gustav Holst / arr. Deborah Baker Monday

    I N T E R M I S S I O N

    Brandenburg Sinfonia J.S. Bach / arr. Merle Isaac

    Geometric Dances

    Square Dance Round Dance Triangle Dance Richard Meyer

    Two Aquarelles Frederick Delius / arr. Eric Fenby

    Seven Scottish Airs Gustav Holst / arr. Bob Phillips

    Selections from Les Miserables arr. Larry Moore

    Violin I Violin II Luke Bauer * Max Vardeleon * Ian Thomas Marco Benedicto Raul Couoh Dominguez Eryn Whalen Haleigh Love Kayla Silverstein Viola Cello Annelise Palazzolo * Emily Woods * Alianora Linn

    Hailey Maddox Ed Whalen

    * Section Leader

    Violin I Violin II Peter Elia * Jordane Schooley * Joy Hong Ally Malilay Alyssa Drucker Emily Kotin Jade Tiszler Meghan Miller Maddie Roberts Valeria Moreno Valerie Ramirez Cameron Dubois

    Viola Cello Sami Johnson * Julia Didziulis * Rebecca Martin Josh Magpantay Rebecca Joffe Evelyne Witherell Emma Canseco

  • Next year, I will be attending the University of San Diego where I will be a part of the honors program. I am going as undeclared for now, but I eventually hope to go to law school so I can become an international human rights lawyer or a public defense attorney. Being in orchestra the past ten years of my life has been quite a blessing. I never had a private instructor and I learned how to play the violin only through the public school music curriculum. Mrs. Sobrino has taught me so much, relating to both music and life. One of my most treasured orchestra memories is all of us in Chamber playing Resistance, which is a game about spies. We really got into it, and it was just so much fun. I chose to play the song Delius Two Aquarelles because it was one of my favorite songs we played during my sophomore year. It is very different in sound, sometimes with clashing parts, but it is beautiful overall. I always loved the second movement of the song because the melody reminded me of Do You Know the Muffin Man. Air and Caprice was actually a song I played in the orchestra at Los Cerritos Middle School, and it was by far my favorite. It is a lively piece with a lovely melody that is fun to play.

    My plans after graduation is to attend Santa Monica College for two years and then transfer to a 4-year university to study the music industry business. My favorite Orchestra memory was going to San Diego for our first Music Heritage Festival and winning the spirit award. I chose the song Jupiter because it was my favorite music to perform at the festival last year and having Mr. Doty conduct it and help us with it, truly made it feel like a master piece.

  • High school is one of those things that nobody can really prepare you for. Sure, theres the orientations and the advice from older siblings smashed into a box with course requests and what is an AP class, but thats chicken fingers compared to the reality of the last four years of public school. High school is sprinting to the lunch line four minutes before fifth period ends because you know people will already be there. Its trying to remember the difference between monopolistic competition and oligopolies. Its the slow descent into madness as the first two weeks of May loom, and its the sudden realization that in a month you become a legal adult who has to do adult things like taxes and taking out the trash for once. Its dealing with loss and remembering to take a break every once in a while. But what truly makes high school what it is, falls to the people you surround yourself with. And for some of us, its the orchestra. The roller coaster of the last four years has brought me to my lowest lows and my highest highs, and while were in the middle of honesty hour, those have also occurred in orchestra. But its been a constant in my life since the fifth grade same instrument, same teacher, same concerts, same black tie. And I truly believe that without this one solid constant I would not be the person I am now. For this concert, I very gleefully selected Spirit of Adventure and Les Miserables to the list with wild abandon; Spirit of Adventure just because of the first ten minutes of Up and for no other reason, and Les Miserables due to it being the entirety of my freshman orchestra experience. Really, Im not joking. So if youre going to take anything away from this, then let it be that any children interested in joining orchestra should play viola. Six years from now I want to see Mrs. Sobrino with so many violas she has to make a second viola section.

    I remember the first time I wanted to play violin. It was during an assembly in elementary school; the strings teacher was playing movie themes on a beautiful electric violin. After watching her perform, I wanted to be able to play one, one day. Now, after playing for 11 years, I find myself content and think back on, if I had not been at that assembly, I would never be where I am today. I will be continuing my musical performance career into college and hopefully I will be able to play for the rest of my life. Being an instrumentalist has changed my life in many ways and I would not have it any other way. The three pieces I choose for tonight's program are: Brandenburg Sinfonia, Seven Scottish Aires, and Waltz No. 2. We played Brandenburg Sinfonia in my freshman year; it is a song that got stuck in our heads and was fun to play with its quick dance-like tune. A mixture of folk tunes make up Seven Scottish Aires. Jovial and up-beat, it is fun to sing along as well as play. Waltz No. 2 is a favorite of mine because I love waltzes in general, whether listening, play or dancing to them. When we played this piece in earlier year, I fell in love with it and will love to play it again.


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