The challenges and rewards of open educational resources

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The Benefits and Challenges Open Educational ResourcesBy Kathy BrightBenefitsStudents Save $$$ !The most important reason to incorporate OER into your course!Instructors get the opportunity to learn what their peers in the discipline are using to teach concepts.Students are exposed to alternative methods of presenting concepts and other course materialsOER information lives beyond the course dates, giving students access to the information for many yearsOER materials can give students the opportunity to brush up on materials in advance of taking courses.ChallengesFinding applicable OER can be time consumingNot finding OER after searching can be frustratingIncorporating OER requires being able to differentiate which ownership laws apply: Copyright, Teach/Learn Act, Public Domain Correct attribution of OER in a course requires technical skills in the LMS and in the applicable software (e.g., MS Word, Powerpoint)OER used may become outdated, requiring continual review and replacementThere is no efficient way to inform OER users that materials have been updated/changed/replaced