the challenge! what: worksite wellness competition who: kcc, kiuc, wilcox health/kmc, kauai...

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Slide 2 The Challenge! What: Worksite Wellness Competition Who: KCC, KIUC, Wilcox Health/KMC, Kauai Department of Health, Sheraton Kauai Resort, County of Kauai, Hawaiian Airlines How: Using points from a Worksite Wellness Assessment, measure the percentage change. Whoever has the greatest change WINS the BRONZED Tennis Shoe Plaque When: Fall term Post Assessment December Award notification in January. Slide 3 KCC has ACCEPTED the Challenge What we have already The Baseline Coach Gradys 5-point Fitness check list based on Gender/age a checklist of fitness. A weight room Showers A lovely campus for walking Healthy alternatives in the cafeteria What we need Provide the Fitness Checklist Post available hours Schedule walks in groups or buddies Meet with the Health & Wellness team Encourage each division to make a plan by September 1 for ONE healthy change Increase communication on whose doing what and how well Slide 4 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Keep a log (workouts, walking time) Make it cumulative by division which division walks the longest? Spent the most time working out? Use Coach Gradys 5-point checklist and set a goal to reach (improve by 10% or 20% by the end of November) Walk after work in group get a work-out buddy Biggest Loser by division keep track of weight loss Create a lunch-n-learn on healthy topics Bring healthy snacks to meetings as a regular practice OUR FIRST GOAL Sept 1 each division develop at least ONE healthy change idea/plan Sept 2start making your changes, keep track Slide 5 Who to contact Worksite Wellness Coach Russell Grady [email protected] Vice Chair - Worksite Wellness Task Force Get Fit Kauai WSW Liaison Cheryl Ann Farrell [email protected]