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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 1/17</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 2/17</p><p>The Bully Boss</p><p>Strikes Again!How to deal with bosses whomake crazy requests</p><p>A special report</p><p>EDITOR EDITORIAL DIRECTOR ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER PUBLISHERJohn Wilcox Patrick DiDomenico Adam Goldstein Phillip A. Ash</p><p>__________________________________________________________________ _________________</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily, a division of Capitol Information Group, Inc. All rights reserved.Substantial duplication of this report is prohibited. However, we encourage you to excerpt from this report aslong as you include a hyperlink back The hyperlink mustbe included on every usage of the report title. Alternatively, you may simply link to the aforementioned pageon our site. Any reproduction in print form requires advance permission by contacting the publisher at (800)543-2055 Any violation is subject to legal action.</p><p>This content is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the subject mattercovered. It is provided with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal service. Ifyou require legal advice, please seek the services of an attorney.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 3/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 2</p><p>nd you thoughtyourboss was unreasonable? Bet he never asked you to perform oralsurgery or fill in for the bomb squad.</p><p>Talk about other duties as assigned!</p><p>The editors of Business Management Daily asked administrative assistants to weigh inwith the craziest things their bosses had ever asked them to do. They expected to hearabout killer hours, volatile tempers and perfectionist demands.</p><p>They didnt anticipate anything involving stool samples.</p><p>Here are some of the best examples of other duties as assigned:</p><p>Open theboss sandwich every day to make sure it contained no tomatoes.</p><p> Throw a surprise party for an up-and-coming vice presidents dog.</p><p> Drop off apets stool sample at the vet. He left the container on my desk while I washaving lunch.</p><p> Call around for a used toilet to replace one that had broken in the bosss rental house.</p><p> Send fake rejection letters from universities to his daughter as a joke.</p><p> Take a Johnny Mathis album cover to the tailor to find material that matchedJohnnys jacket.</p><p> Look for anything suspicious looking, after someone had called in a bomb threat.</p><p> Stuff tissue between the bosss upper lip and teeth, after he glued a chipped-off pieceof a front tooth back on.</p><p> Check pencils daily to be sure they were sharp enough. If they werent, I was tosharpen them, but only to the correct size for his hand. If he deemed the pencil too</p><p>small, he would give it back to me and nastily tell me to save it for my children. (Iwas not married and had no children.)</p><p> Spray the bosss balding head with sunscreen.</p><p>And just to show how far the adminprofession has come, heres one for old times sake:</p><p> Back in the day, a vice president would walk out of his office and, without a word,set an empty glass on my desk. That meant he wanted a glass of water. And thekitchenette was right next to his office!</p><p>A</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 4/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 3</p><p>The battle of the bad boss</p><p>all them what you willtoxic bosses, controlling bosses, just plain pain-in-the-backside bosseslousy managers are a fact of life in the workplace. You could</p><p>always quit. But in a down job market, thats easier said than done.</p><p>The better approach:Identify exactly what kind of negative boss youve got and thendevelop strategies for handling him or her.</p><p>You expect managers to possess basic values, communicate clearly and act likeresponsible adults. But sometimes, you get a bad apple.</p><p>Theres a continuum of boss badness:Annoying Flawed Value-Averse Unethical</p><p>Annoying. The irritating boss may be disorganized or possess grating personal habits.</p><p>Most of the time, these bosses have good qualities, too, but that one, jarring behavior may</p><p>drive employees to distraction.</p><p>Flawed. This is not just a tic but a personality defect that affects a bosss management</p><p>style.Examples:arrogance, indecisiveness or volatility. Theyre worse than annoyingbecause the intimidation or unpleasantness they cause can chill employees performance.</p><p>Value-Averse. These bosses hold values in conflict with those of your organization,</p><p>but they may operate far underground. They go along with shady clients, promotecheaters, openly humiliate direct reports and ignore industry standards. People neverknow where they stand. And while you might trust an annoying boss and be able to workwith a flawed one, amoral bosses leave you feeling untethered.</p><p>Unethical.This ones scarier. Bad to the core, these bosses violate established ethics,laws and regulations. They lie and cheat. Working for these devils will feel like a journeythrough hell for good employees.</p><p>Adapted from Leadership Passages, David L. Dotlich, James L. Noel, Norman Walker,Jossey-Bass.</p><p>C</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 5/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 4</p><p>Outlast your toxic bossAccording to Dr. Marie G. McIntyre, who answers management and office politicsquestions on BusinessManagementDaily.coms popular Your Office Coach blog,managing your difficult boss requires:Accepting that your boss has the authority to tell you what to do. </p><p>It doesnt matter that youre smarter, that he doesnt deserve the job or that hesobnoxious. Hes your boss and youre stuck with him (at least for now). Working toincrease your influence will be more productive than rebelling or whining.</p><p>Refusing to expect perfection.</p><p>You already know shes fallible. Go with it. Figure out what sets her offand then avoidpushing her buttons.</p><p>Studying your bosss management style.</p><p>How does he like to work? Receive information? Not sure what he wants in terms ofresults, processes, productivity. Ask! If hes at all reasonable, hell gladly answer.</p><p>Making your boss look good.</p><p>Deliver results, be a good team member, stay on schedule and under budget. Beresponsive when others seek information or assistance from you. Seek out problems tosolve. Dont be shy about sharing ideas and information.</p><p>The bottom line:You cant always control your boss. However, you do have a great dealof control over your own work and careereven if your boss is crazy.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 6/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 5</p><p>These outrageous stories came as a result of a post on Admin Pro Forum, one of</p><p>BusinessManagementDaily.coms expert blogs. The question:</p><p>Whats the craziest thing your</p><p>boss ever asked you to do?A fools errand</p><p> I was asked by a Phoenix orthopedic surgeon to drive to his home, pick up his Ferrari,gas it up, take it to the service shop, wait for it and then drive it back to his home. Hewas as arrogant as they get.</p><p> Pick up the bosss coffeemaker that his wife had taken in for repair. The repairmaninsisted on telling me what was wrong with it. I didnt have the heart to tell him Ididnt care.</p><p> My boss asked me to go to the store and buy him shaving cream and a razor becausehe forgot to shave the night before!</p><p> My boss spilled a drink on his shirt. Unfortunately, he had a very important meetingthat afternoon. I had to go to the store, buy him a shirt and have it pressed andbrought to his office in time to make a great presentation. On another occasion, I hadto go to the costume shop and pick out his costume for our Halloween party.</p><p> I was once asked to have a menu from IHOP professionally framed. An engravedplaque was added to the frame that said Come intoxicated... Leave stuffed.</p><p> When I first started my job, myboss son was in the hospital. The boss had me</p><p>deliver his sonsbackpack to him at the hospital. I didnt even know this person.</p><p> My boss has for the most part been reasonable. At times he asks for personal favors,but rarely. I guess it is not very crazy, but he preferred that instead of having hisannual 401(k) papers notarized at the bank, because that is too inconvenient for him, Ihad to apply, get letters of recommendations and be sworn in by the court. Soofficially I am now a notary public! All to save an annual trip to the bank. I cantcomplain though because it is something I can put on my rsum, but I still cantnotarize my own documents, so off to the bank for me.</p><p> I worked for a senior VP who asked me to purchase a bottle of Jack Daniels, wrap itand deliver it on his behalf on New Years Eve to a millionaire friend of his in the</p><p>hospital who had recently had a stroke. The old guys room had so many flowers Ithought I was at his funeral, so I guess Jack Daniels was a good gift to give.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 7/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 6</p><p>Animal farm</p><p> I once was an assistant to the owner of a large company. He would take his dogeverywhere he went, because the dog could not be alone and the owner would notcrate him. I had a chaise longue in my office for the dog to lay on when he was there.We moved into a new office building and I had to paint my office walls ox-blood redbecause that was the dogs favorite color. It was beautiful once decorated, butstrange because everyone elses office was neutral.</p><p> Walk her dog and pick up whats left behind. I didnt mind because I love dogs!</p><p> Watch for his ant farm to arrive in the mail and set it up for him while he was out onvacation. I hate bugs!</p><p>Too much information!</p><p> I had a boss that was leaving on an overseas business trip and needed me to go to themall to pick up a few things. One item was a package of underwear. He told me tostop at his home and the housekeeper would have a pair of underwear for me to takewith me to the mall so that I was sure to buy the correct ones.</p><p> Ive had to moonlight as a seamstress. I worked for a partner in a prestigious firmwho split his suit pants when he bent over his desk. He asked me to sew them andhanded them to me from the crack of his office door!</p><p> Cut the tag out of the underpants she was wearing. This was not so much horrifyingas it was "Gee, how do I graciously bow out of this one?"</p><p> A former boss who ran a business from his home asked me to shave his neck beforehe left on a business trip. He also wanted me to hem his pants once. He would eventry to carry on a conversation while I was in the bathroom! Needless to say, I nolonger work for him!</p><p> I worked for a very small publishing company, and I worked very closely as a galFriday for the owner. He and I got extremely casual in our relationship, which Iliked a lot because it made me feel more comfortable. Until, that is, he bit into aTootsie Roll, made a face, then threw away (by spitting) the tootsie roll. I watchedhim move his tongue around in his mouth, and then he looked at meseriouslyandsaid, Hey! I just lost a filling in that Tootsie Roll. Take it out of the trash and dig itout for me so I can take it back to the dentist. I said, That is not going to happen.Im sorry.</p><p> I once worked for an electrical/roofing company run out of my bosss house. Onetime he left his address book in his bedside drawer and I had to run upstairs, get it anddisregard the adult items (his words) that were in there with it. Also, one day I hadto run to the bank, write a check to myself, cash it and give the cash to his massagetherapist. I quit shortly thereafter.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 The Bully Boss Strikes Again</p><p> 8/17</p><p> 2012 Business Management Daily 7</p><p>I am not your mother!</p><p> In my co-workers last job, there was a little kitchen in the office. Since it was gettingexpensive to take clients out for lunch, she was instructed to cook for the clients. Shetold her boss she didnt cook, so they got her a recipe book and told her to follow</p><p>instructions. She had to go out to buy the ingredients, cook, serve and clean. Andwhen the boys had an evening get-together in the office after work, she was leftwith a mess to clean the next day.</p><p> Several years (and bosses) ago, my boss gave me the first and last names of her auntand uncle, who lived somewhere in Florida. She wanted me to find out where theylived, and then have flowers sent to them. It was Valentines Day! I did it, but it tookme a whole morning and many, many long distance phone calls.</p><p> I typed up high school English papers for myboss son. They had to be perfectcertain margins, format, footnotes, etc. This was in the pre-computer days, when I hadto use an electric typewriter. I stayed late many hours doing this on more than one</p><p>occasion, and was so glad when his son finally graduated! (He went on to become adoctor.)</p><p> My boss on maternity leave (with twins) asked me go by the pharmacy on my way towork, purchase some items she needed for the babies and bring them to her home.She lived 15 miles opposite my route to the office. When I arrived at her home, sheasked me to stay and watch the babies while she took a shower and ran a quickerrand.</p><p> A male boss had just gotten his ear pierced. He had to take it out for a businessmeeting. After the meeting, he couldnt get it back in. I put it in for him. Unusualrequests a day in the life</p><p> Remind him when his childrens birthdays are and buy their presents. </p><p> To stay late on Christmas Eve and wait for a personal package to be delivered:something he purchased for his wife for Christmas!</p><p> Pick out and wrap the Christmas gifts she was giving to her team, including mine.She was just so busy on some special projects, she didnt have time to do it, and Ididnt mind. The night of our holiday party, when she gave a thank you speech toeveryone for their hard work throughout the year, she told everyone what I had donefor her. They teased her about it for the whole next year. She never asked me to dothat again...</p></li></ul>