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<ul><li><p> 1 </p><p>The Brotherhood of Islam </p><p>As Salaam-Alaikum </p><p>Dear Brothers &amp; Sisters: My name is Wali Muhammad I was the FOI Captain in Boston, Massachusetts at Temple </p><p>#11 in the late 60s and 70s under the leadership of our great teacher The Honorable Elijah </p><p>Muhammad, Messenger of Allah. As you know during this time he (The Messenger) with the </p><p>help of the FOI established the Temples of Islam as a place throughout America where our </p><p>people could learn the knowledge of themselves, of Allah, others, and the religion of Islam. </p><p>Now, we must decide from our free will about our present destiny! </p><p> The teaching of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, </p><p>and a land we can call our own. His teaching was design to give us (the spiritual </p><p>and mental dead people who are captive slaves of America) the knowledge we would need to </p><p>become a free and independent people after the fall of America. </p><p> Islam is our religion. THE FOI AND BROTHERHOOD OF ISLAM is to be our human </p><p>power. THE NATION OF ISLAM is our government and the SUPREME WISDOM will be our </p><p>educational base. All of these are established among us NOW, with our free will and knowledge </p><p>we must decide! We are in the Sabbath day and the judgment of this world. We should be </p><p>training and developing ourselves for positions that are awaiting us as we wait on the help of </p><p>ALLAH. </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p> The purpose for the brotherhood of Islam website is to help us in our study and labor. We all have been accepted by ALLAH and his MESSENGER as their people, NOW will </p><p>we accept them, and be brothers and sisters to each other! We are MUSLIMS, and not so-called </p><p>negros. </p><p> FREE WILL! we now have achieved since we have been set free from the devil rule. </p><p>ALLAH didnt die on the day that the MESSENGER passed, only our beloved </p><p>brother (The Messenger). His teaching is alive and strong in the world it is the guiding light for </p><p>everyone. We love the messenger, there is no doubt about that, but we never transferred the love </p><p>we had for the messenger to each other. This was our great weakness, and here we were </p><p>exploited and attacked. We were strong in our outward appeal and power for the brotherhood </p><p>and unity but we were weak inside. </p><p> NOW, to reestablish our brotherhood we must deal with the truth of ourselves and grow from the inside out! We, in the first resurrection dealt with our oppressor and the problems </p><p>imposed on us by him (devil), but we didnt deal with our internal problem and the way we </p><p>impose on ourselves. This we must do now that we are free and our former oppressor is no </p><p>longer oppressing us. The devil is a servant of ALLAH, he is a enemy to disbelievers and </p><p>hypocrites. He is against ALLAHs plan to make a new man and place this new man in power </p><p>over us all and him (a fallen angel). Dont let him win against you in this fight for your soul. </p><p>Accept your own and be yourself, a righteous MUSLIM! This world (6,000 yrs.) was made to </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>test us in this struggle which started in heaven (a place of greater minds) when some angels </p><p>became rebellious against ALLAH plan to create a new man. </p><p> My dear brothers you are great soldiers and mighty warriors in the cause of ALLAH, (truth </p><p>and righteousness).You are the Fruit of Islam (FOI), you are the seed of Abraham, the bright and </p><p>morning star. But like Sampson was deceived by Delilah, we was deceived by our love for this </p><p>world and its power. When our beloved brother passed you must have thought that was the end </p><p>of our mission. The loss of our brother was so great that the grief blinded us to the move of the </p><p>devil who is ever watchful of the righteous seeking to deceive us, this he did at the messengers </p><p>death. WE have been tested like JOB, our will to survive has been pushed to its limit. ALLAH </p><p>try all, including the messenger. </p><p> Our study in the nation is the base for this labor. The brotherhood and our website will help you in this labor from our experience if you want or need our help. We ask for your support, </p><p>the purpose is to learn and teach our people. Nothing can be done without the help of ALLAH. </p><p>What is the foundation for the brotherhood? Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, </p><p>Justice, Equality, Love, Peace, Happiness, Money, Good Homes, and Friendship in all walks of </p><p>life. To LOVE for our brother, what we LOVE for ourselves. We are preparing ourselves to </p><p>enter the hereafter and build a new nation on this earth with ALLAH. We are waiting on the </p><p>help of ALLAH! </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p> How, that ALLAH would separate us from the devil and then destroy them and change us </p><p>into a new and perfect people. The Earth filled with FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY as </p><p>it was filled with wickedness making we, the poor lost found the PERFECT RULERS. </p><p>Therefore, if we have not this Understanding we are yet BLIND to HIM that has come to SAVE </p><p>US. For this is OUR SAVIOURS desire that we should know HIM as our GOD and SAVIOUR, </p><p>and that besides HIM there is no SAVIOUR for us. </p><p> If you desire our help you can contact us by e-mail, </p><p>may ALLAH bless you with understanding. </p><p>As-Salaam-Alaikum Your Brother and Friend, </p><p>Wal i Muhammad </p></li><li><p> 5 </p><p> THE BROTHERHOOD OF ISLAM </p><p> As-Salaam-Alaikum </p><p> IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE BENEFICENT, THE MERCIFUL, ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH THE LORD OF THE WORLDS WE FOREVER THANK THEE FOR THY MESSENGER THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, LAST MESSENGER OF ALLAH TO US ALL. TO ALL MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS: I am sorry it has taken me so long to write and make comments to you about what we have </p><p>posted on our Facebook page, I was surprised at your response. </p><p> When the messenger passed in 1975 I was given my muslim name by Supreme Minister W. </p><p>D. MUHAMMAD. I resign my post as Captain of the Boston temple #11 and became a student </p><p>minister and have been doing this since that time. I moved from BOSTON, MASS. to NEW </p><p>ORLEANS, LA. where I was born and raised to finish raising my family, learning and teaching </p><p>more of the messenger teaching and waiting on the help of ALLAH. </p><p> Using these modern means and methods of the internet, facebook, cell phones etc. is an </p><p>adjustment for me, I am truly a student at this. You younger people were raised with this </p><p>technology (smile) and you are doing well. This is all part of the teaching of ALLAH and HIS </p><p>MESSENGER, the UNIVERSITY OF ISLAM is life itself, the UNIVERSE, the master </p><p>subject is the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. With our Facebook page and the BOI WEBSITE we </p></li><li><p> 6 </p><p>will share with you our learning and experience and work to help ourselves while we are waiting </p><p>on the help of ALLAH. Study your lessons and the MESSENGER teachings! </p><p>As-Salaam-Alaikum </p><p>Your Brother and Friend, </p><p>Wali Muhammad </p><p> </p><p> (Send for your brotherhood T-shirt and become a registered member)!!! </p></li></ul>