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The Brotherhood Building. Artist Richard Haas. Born in 1936 in Spring Green, Wisconsin ( 87 years old). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The Brotherhood BuildingArtist Richard Haas

Whats real? Haas can make a flat wall appear to be a 3D scene. Haas exaggerates shadows to give the feeling of depth.Do you think the people in the neighborhood enjoy this mural?How do you think it has changed their environment?Can you think of a large blank wall in your school or town that could benefit from having a mural painted on it?Murals like this are public art. They are seen by hundreds or thousands of people each year.2

Side view of the building.3 video by CBS Sunday morning. Only 6 min. long.5Born in 1936 in Spring Green, Wisconsin (87 years old)

His childhood home was only a couple of miles from Frank Lloyd Wrights architecture school. He worked as a stonemason assistant and learned all about architecture.

Large picture is Taliesin-Wrights school. Bottom right is Gamage at ASU designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.7On a trip to Italy he was very impressed with the architecture.

He was also fascinated by the murals by Michelangelo and Raphael and how they used perspective that fooled the eye into believing a scene had depth.

He earned his masters degree in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota.

He moved to New York and began painting pictures of buildings and was a professor teaching others about art.

He started painting murals on buildings in 1970. He eventually stopped teaching to devote all his time to making murals. The style of his work is called trompe-loeil which means to fool the eye. His art creates optical illusions that look very realistic to the viewer. He is the most well-known architectural muralist living today. His work can be seen in cities all over the world, including here in Phoenix!

This mural by Richard Haas is found in Chase Field where the AZ Diamondbacks play baseball.11

This building can also be found in Phoenix at 3440 E. Roeser St. in Phoenix at the Thunderbird Fire and Safety Equipment Building.

12Other examples of trompe-loeil buildings

Key wordsTrompe-loeilOptical illusionsMuralsRealisticThree-dimensionalSymmetricalDepthPerspectiveShading

Lets try it!Use shadowsShading (is on the side opposite the light source)Darker, more detailed images appear closerLarger in foreground, smaller in backgroundSmaller images higher on the page

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