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Cabezo Redondo its an archeological site of the Bronze Age found on the summit of a mountain 2km from Villena ( Alicante ). It was a regional center that was inhabited between 1500 and 1100 B.C and it belonged to the Argaric culture. It is believed that a population of several other small towns and villages existed around the lagoon concentrated in Villena.CABEZO REDONDO

Terlinques is an archaelogical site of the Bronze Age located in the municipality of Villena (Alicante, Spain). It is placed at the top of a hill situated on the south bank of the ancient Villena lagoon.TERLINQUES

At the Moreres Peak, there was a human community that probably lived between 2400 and 2200 BC. These people settled and formed the first settlement documented in Crevillente (Alicante). The stage was occupied in the Copper Age , that is to say, when societies use and work the copper to produce only a few small tools , weapons and items of personal adornment .Pic de les moredes

Alicante Saw the Grossa (Serra Grossa), is the name by which this Alicante mountain is known. It is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it is also called Sierra San Julian, located northwest of downtown. With its 161 meters high it has been used by man since prehistoric times. It is Next to Benacantil and Tossal hills. The Serra Grossa or Saw of San Julian is a decisive milestone in the geographical configuration and development of Alicante, as it is testified by the existence in it of archaeological sites of the Bronze Age.SERRA GROSSA