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DESCRIPTION Introduction 6Chapter 1: A Silent Epidemic 10Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure 12Breaking Down Blood Vessels 12Hurting Your Heart 14Killing Your Kidneys 15Brain Damage 16Problems in the Bedroom 17Eye Opening Issues 18Bad to the Bone 18Chapter 3: Understanding Blood Pressure 20What Is Blood Pressure? 20What Do The Numbers Mean? 21How Can We Change Our Blood Pressure? 23Chapter 4: Common Causes of High Blood Pressure 26Chapter 5: The Healthcare Industry?s Answer to HighBlood Pressure 29Chapter 6: The Blood Pressure Solution: Naturally Lower YourBlood Pressure 35Category 1: Dietary Adjustments 38Category 2: Smart Supplementation 51Category 3: Reducing Body Fat 88Category 4: Exercise 91Category 5: Stress Reduction 98Category 6: Eliminating Toxins 117Chapter 7: The Blood Pressure Solution: Implementation Plan 122


<ul><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 1</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 1</p><p>Disclaimer </p><p>This manual is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place </p><p>of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. Readers are </p><p>cfxkugf"vq"eqpuwnv"vjgkt"qyp"fqevqtu"qt"qvjgt"swcnkgf"jgcnvj"rtqhguukqpcnu"regarding the treatment of medical conditions. The author shall not be held </p><p>liable or responsible for any misunderstanding or misuse of the information </p><p>contained in this manual or for any loss, damage, or injury caused, or </p><p>alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by any treatment, action, or </p><p>application of any food or food source discussed in this manual. The U.S. </p><p>Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated the statements in this </p><p>book. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent </p><p>any disease. </p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 2</p><p>Dedication</p><p>O{"rgtuqpcn"okuukqp"vq"jgnr"oknnkqpu"qh"rgqrng"gplq{"dgvvgt"jgcnvj"cpf"v-ness can be traced back to my youth. </p><p>On my 12th birthday, my Dad gave me an exercise book would forever im-</p><p>plant into my mind the importance of working out and paying attention to </p><p>diet and health. </p><p>Over the years I forgot the lessons in that book and became very unhealthy, </p><p>as did my good old Dad. Though, as fate would have it, that book stayed </p><p>with me, locked away in an old box. But even though I didnt have it on my </p><p>bookshelf...I always knew it was there. </p><p>When I hit my rock-bottom health-wise, I dug that old book out, and it re-</p><p>minded me of what was absolutely possible. It gave me the courage to make </p><p>permanent changes in my life, to reclaim control over my health, and it has </p><p>changed my life for the better. </p><p>The simple truth is that the human body was meant for far greater things </p><p>than just getting old and fat, and succumbing to silent killers like high blood </p><p>pressure. </p><p>So, I am dedicating this book to my Dad, who is the best living example of </p><p>how the principles contained in this book can completely reverse years of </p><p>dietary abuse and neglect. </p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 3</p><p>Today, Dad plays full court basketball at the local YMCA 3 days a week with </p><p>men half his age, leg presses almost 3 times his bodyweight, and has text-</p><p>book perfect blood pressure readings.</p><p>And believe it or not, hes accomplished all of this just one year after being </p><p>told he could have a stroke at any minute due to chronic and extremely high </p><p>blood pressure readings. </p><p>Thanks Dad...for being such a great example to thousands of others, and for </p><p>being my biggest fan. </p><p>Ken </p><p>Spring 2013</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 4</p><p>Contents</p><p>Introduction 6</p><p>Chapter 1: A Silent Epidemic 10</p><p>Chapter 2: The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure 12</p><p> Breaking Down Blood Vessels 12</p><p> Hurting Your Heart 14</p><p> Killing Your Kidneys 15</p><p> Brain Damage 16</p><p> Problems in the Bedroom 17</p><p> Eye Opening Issues 18</p><p> Bad to the Bone 18</p><p>Chapter 3: Understanding Blood Pressure 20</p><p> What Is Blood Pressure? 20</p><p> What Do The Numbers Mean? 21</p><p> How Can We Change Our Blood Pressure? 23</p><p>Chapter 4: Common Causes of High Blood Pressure 26</p><p>Chapter 5: The Healthcare Industrys Answer to High</p><p>Blood Pressure 29</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 5</p><p>Chapter 6: The Blood Pressure Solution: Naturally Lower Your </p><p>Blood Pressure 35</p><p>Category 1: Dietary Adjustments 38</p><p>Category 2: Smart Supplementation 51</p><p>Category 3: Reducing Body Fat 88 </p><p>Category 4: Exercise 91</p><p>Category 5: Stress Reduction 98</p><p> Category 6: Eliminating Toxins 117</p><p>Chapter 7: The Blood Pressure Solution: Implementation Plan 122</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 6</p><p>Introduction</p><p>On behalf of the entire Primal Health team, I want to thank you for purchas-</p><p>ing the Blood Pressure Solution! </p><p>This guide is more than just a collection of commonly found advice; instead </p><p>it is a system that works together to tackle high blood pressure holistically </p><p>cpf"htqo"ocp{"fkgtgpv"cpingu0"D{"cvvcemkpi"ocp{"qh"vjg"wpfgtn{kpi"ecwugu"qh"jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"cv"qpeg."{qw"yknn"etgcvg"c"u{pgtikuvke"ggev"vjcv"yknn"dramatically elevate your health and help you regain normal blood pressure </p><p>readings. </p><p>Vjgtg"ku"uqogvjkpi"gnug"vjcv"ku"fkgtgpv"cdqwv"vjku"iwkfg"cu"ygnn0" </p><p>This guide was built out of necessity. </p><p>In 2011 my 65-year-old dad was in bad shape. His weight had slowly but </p><p>surely crept up the last several years. Also, his energy levels were very low...</p><p>and along with that came irritability and mood swings. As so often is the </p><p>ecug."o{"oqo"kpvwkvkxgn{"mpgy"vjcv"uqogvjkpi"ycu"wr0" </p><p>My mom had convinced him to visit a free local health fair to get a checkup. </p><p>Dad didnt like to go see doctors and she felt like this would be a way to at </p><p>least have a nurse check his basic vitals. Her hope was that everything was </p><p>ok, but she could sense that something was amiss with dads health. That </p><p>chvgtpqqp."cu"vjg"pwtug"rwv"vjg"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"ew"qp"jko"cpf"dgicp"vjg"process of taking his blood pressure reading, she got a strange look in her </p><p>eyes.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 7</p><p>p"hcev."ujg"iqv"wuvgtgf"cpf"uvctvgf"vq"dctm"qwv"qtfgtu"vq"o{"rctgpvu0"Jgt"words to my dad went something like this: </p><p>Sir, you need to go to the emergency room right now. I mean right now...</p><p>immediately! Your blood pressure is so high you could have a stroke any </p><p>minute. Go now! </p><p>My parents knew she wasnt joking but Dad just hated the thought of going </p><p>vq"c"fqevqt"cpf"jcxkpi"vq"dg"rwv"qp"ugxgtcn"fkgtgpv"jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"medications. He had watched his friend Steve go through this same thing </p><p>cpf"jcf"ykvpguugf"vjg"fgxcuvcvkpi"ggev"vjcv"cnn"vjgug"ogfkecvkqpu"jcf"jcf"qp"Uvgxg0"Pqv"qpn{"ygtg"vjg"ukfg"ggevu"qh"ownvkrng"jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"medications making Steve miserable, but the monthly cost was nothing to </p><p>laugh at either. </p><p>So Dad convinced my mom to just take him home and let him try the natural </p><p>way to lower blood pressure. </p><p>Ngv"og"dg"engct</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 8</p><p>Naturally, when I found out about my dads skyrocketing blood pressure re-</p><p>sults I had to share with him everything I had learned, and how a few simple </p><p>changes could get his blood pressure under control.</p><p>Jcxkpi"ktvgf"ykvj"jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"o{ugnh"c"{gct"gctnkgt"vjcp"o{"fcf."and after experimenting with several approaches, I had stumbled across a </p><p>method of slightly altering my lifestyle, just slightly enough to get my blood </p><p>pressure back in the normal range.</p><p>The information I shared with him worked wonders, and this is not an </p><p>exaggeration in the least.</p><p>Today my dad is 66 yrs. old, works out at the local YMCA every day (some-</p><p>times twice a day), and has more energy and vitality that he had when he </p><p>was in his 40s. </p><p>I probably wouldn t be alive. Ive told Ken several tims: Ken s I look back in hindsight, you saved my life.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 9</p><p>Now, I dont know if you bought this book because you wanted to yourself, </p><p>or if you had someone like my mom pushing you to take a serious look at </p><p>{qwt"jgcnvj."cpf"pf"qwv"yjcv"ycu"ytqpi0 </p><p>Either way, we are going to begin with the assumption that you have either </p><p>dggp"tgegpvn{"fkcipqugf."qt"hggn"rtgvv{"eqpfgpv"vjcv"{qw"jcxg"rtg/j{rgt-vgpukqp"qt"jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg0</p><p>Before I begin teaching you how to naturally lower your blood pressure, I </p><p>want you to fully realize just how serious having high blood pressure really </p><p>ku0 </p><p>Wphqtvwpcvgn{."oquv"rgqrng"pgxgt"pf"qwv"wpvkn"kvu"vqq"ncvg0</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 10</p><p>C H A P T E R 1</p><p>A Silent Epidemic</p><p>High blood pressure has been called the silent </p><p>killer. This is because much of the damage it </p><p>causes to your cardiovascular system, brain, </p><p>kidneys, and other organs does not immediately </p><p>present any noticeable signs such as pain or </p><p>discomfort. Instead, the insidious nature of high </p><p>blood pressure works silently to undermine your </p><p>health with devastating consequences. </p><p>Did you know that high blood pressure (hypertension) is indicated as either </p><p>the primary or contributing cause of death for over 1,000 deaths per day in </p><p>the United States alone? </p><p>Did you know that high blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke? </p><p>Did you know that high blood pressure is a major cause of heart attacks?</p><p>Tgugctej"ujqyu"wu"vjcv"cdqwv"8;'"qh"rgqrng"yjq"jcxg"c"tuv"jgctv"cvvcem."99'"yjq"jcxg"c"tuv"uvtqmg."cpf"96'"yjq"jcxg"eqpiguvkxg"jgctv"hcknwtg."also have blood pressure.</p><p>In the United States, over 31% of the adult population has high blood </p><p>pressure. Thats 1 in 3 adults! That works out to around 78 million people, </p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 11</p><p>cpf"vjg"tgugctej"eqptou"vjcv"qpn{"cdqwv"jcnh"qh"vjgo"jcxg"vjgkt"jkij"blood pressure under control. </p><p>Whats even more alarming is the fact that another 30% of the U.S. popula-</p><p>vkqp"uwgtu"htqo"rtgj{rgtvgpukqp0"Vjku"ogcpu"vjcv"vjgkt"gngxcvgf"dnqqf"pressure readings are not yet high enough to make a diagnosis of full-blown </p><p>hypertension. However, the diagnosis of prehypertension should be taken </p><p>as a serious warning. Without immediate dietary and lifestyle changes, they </p><p>will be facing the development of hypertension in the near future. </p><p>Cnn"vqnf."ctqwpf"382"oknnkqp"W0U0"cfwnvu"ctg"uwgtkpi"ykvj"c"eqpfkvkqp"vjcv."when uncontrolled, can lead them to having a stroke, heart attack, kidney </p><p>damage, and even brain damage. </p><p>As you can see, not only is high blood pressure a silent killer...but it has also </p><p>dgeqog"c"ukngpv"grkfgoke0"</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________</p><p>Resources:</p><p>1. n.a. High Blood Pressure Facts, Centers for Disease Control and March 20, 2013. April 23, </p><p>2013.</p><p>40"p0c0"Jgctv"Fkugcug"Hcevu."Egpvgtu"hqt"Fkugcug"Eqpvtqn"cpf"Rtgxgpvkqp0WUC0iqx0Octej"3;."42350"Crtkn"45."42350"</p><p></p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 12</p><p>C H A P T E R 2</p><p>The Hidden Dangers of High Blood Pressure</p><p>Perhaps the most insidious thing about high blood </p><p>pressure is that fact that it presents almost no </p><p>symptoms that you can readily identify. Instead, it </p><p>silently works to undermine your health from the </p><p>inside out...often with devastating consequences.</p><p>" In fact, the list of life-threatening conditions that are </p><p>directly caused by high blood pressure is stunning. </p><p>Breaking Down Blood VesselsPerhaps the greatest damage that high blood pressure does is to damage </p><p>vjg"xguugnu"vjcv"oqxg"vjg"dnqqf"ctqwpf"{qwt"dqf{0"Vjku"ku"c"etkvkecn"vtcpu-port system that delivers oxygen and nutrients, and takes away carbon </p><p>dioxide and wastes.</p><p>p"rctvkewnct."jkij"dnqqf"rtguuwtg"cgevu"vjg"ctvgtkgu0"Vjgug"ctg"vjg"xguugnu"that take blood away from the heart to deliver oxygen and nutrition. They </p><p>are under a higher amount of pressure than that of the veins, which take </p><p>blood back to the heart.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 13</p><p>Having constantly high pressure causes the cells that make up the inside of </p><p>your blood vessels to become damaged. They can actually become </p><p>jctfgpgf0"[qw"okijv"vjkpm"cv"tuv"vjcv"vjku"ocmgu"vjgo"uvtqpigt."dwv"kv"actually makes them weaker. </p><p>The tissue of the blood vessels needs to be elastic so that it can stretch </p><p>when pressure increases, and go back to its original shape when pressure </p><p>fgetgcugu0"Dwv"yjgp"ctvgtkgu"dgeqog"jctf."vjg{"ecpv"gzrcpf"cpf"eqpvtcev0 </p><p>When you consume a lot of high processed foods, and your diet includes </p><p>hqqfu"eqpvckpkpi"qwt."uwict."cpf"cp{"qh"vjqug"ocpwhcevwtgf"hqqf/"nkmg"ingredients, all of that bad type of fat in your diet can collect in the </p><p>hardened areas of the arteries, and eventually cause blockages. Because </p><p>this system delivers blood to all parts of the body, blockages can cause </p><p>many of those parts to receive reduced amounts of nutrition and oxygen.</p><p>Its important to note that a high fat diet isnt the cause of blockages in your </p><p>arteries. Rather it is the combination of bad fats, in conjunction with </p><p>consuming high amounts of processed foods, which results in the killer </p><p>combination. In fact, recent studies show that a diet with higher fat content, </p><p>as long as processed foods are removed from the diet, can help bring a </p><p>persons overall health markers back into normal ranges. </p><p>Eventually blockages can lead to heart attacks, a condition where the heart </p><p>fqgupv"igv"gpqwij"qz{igp"cpf"vkuuwg"cevwcnn{"fkgu0"[qw"ecp"cnuq"dgeqog"the victim of a stroke, which is bleeding in the brain that has the same result </p><p>of tissue death.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 14</p><p>Yjgp"ctvgtkgu"dgeqog"ygcm."vjg{"ecp"fgxgnqr"cpgwt{uou0"Vjgug"ctg"ctgcu"qh"ygcm"ycnnu"kp"vjg"ctvgtkgu"vjcv"dwddng"qwv0"Cu"vjg{"dwddng"qwv."vjg{"become stretched and unnaturally thin. </p><p>Gxgpvwcnn{"vjgug"ecp"dwtuv"cpf"ecp"dg"c"ecwug"qh"uvtqmg0"[qw"ecp"cnuq"dnggf"to death internally when an aneurysm bursts, and there are often no symp-</p><p>toms that this is even happening until it is too late to repair the damage. </p><p>h"cnn"vjku"uqwpfu"rtgvv{"uect{."kv"ujqwnf0"Jgctv"fkugcug"cpf"uvtqmg"ctg"vjg"number one killers of both men and women, higher than any cancers or </p><p>qvjgt"knnpguugu0"Vjku"kupv"uqogvjkpi"vq"dg"vcmgp"nkijvn{0 </p><p>Hurting Your Heart While weve discussed how heart attacks can happen when arteries are </p><p>damaged, there are some other problems caused by high blood pressure </p><p>vjcv"ecp"cgev"vjg"jgctv0 </p><p>When your heart is constantly under arterial high blood pressure, it has to </p><p>yqtm"jctfgt0"Vjku"eqpuvcpv"ygct"cpf"vgct"qp"vjg"jgctv"ecp"ecwug"kv"vq"simply get weak, and wear out.</p><p>Gxgp"kh"{qw"fqpv"jcxg"c"jgctv"cvvcem."{qw"ecp"uvknn"uwgt"htqo"jgctv"hcknwtg0"Cu"vjg"jgctv"dgeqogu"ygcmgt."kvu"pqv"cdng"vq"rwor"pwvtkgpvu"cpf"icugu"vq"vjg"vkuuwgu."cpf"vjku"dgikpu"vq"cgev"cnn"u{uvgou"qh"vjg"dqf{0</p><p>If you have had a heart attack thats damaged your heart, this progression </p><p>kpvq"jgctv"hcknwtg"ecp"jcrrgp"gxgp"hcuvgt0"Vjku"itgcvn{"kpetgcugu"{qwt"tkum"qh"future heart attacks and heart failure. </p></li><li><p></p><p>Copyright 2013. Primal Health LP. 15</p><p>[qw"ecp"cnuq"jcxg"rtqdngou"urgekecnn{"cgevkpi"vjg"ctvgtkgu"vjcv"uwrrn{"dnqqf"vq"{qwt"jgctv0"Vjgug"ctg"ecnngf"eqtqpct{"ctvgtkgu0"Vjg{tg"urgekcnkgf"in that they deliver blood to and from your heart in order to provide it with </p><p>oxygen and nutrients. </p><p>If they become hardened or blocked, they can cause your heart to perform </p><p>cv"c"nqygt"tcvg."cpf"gxgp"ecwug"c"jgctv"cvvcem0"Vjg{"ecp"cnuq"ecwug"{qw"vq"have an irregular heartbeat or chest p...</p></li></ul>