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The big web is, well, BIG! Aka. the Deep/Dark Web, seeking to deliberately not be indexed by search engines. Bloxx provides some quick facts on the sheer scale of this 'hidden' web and the content held there.


  • Websites added new Websites added every minute EVERY DAY 139, 726 million in 2012 555 The Big Web Domains, Websites and Webpages + There are 555 Million registered domains every 60 seconds 70 new domains are registered 5,822 NEW Websitesadded hourevery DEC 2013 NOV 2012 OCT 2012 JAN 2014 103 Number of Indexed Pages 1998 2000 2008 2010 2013 26 Million 1 Billion 100 Billion 121 Billion 149 Billion 50%Growth since 2008 Traffic and Storage By 2017 13.8 petabytes of data will cross the Internet every five minutes. And in just three minutes the amount of data equivalent to every single movie ever made will cross the Internet. One estimate puts the size of the WWW at an EXABYTE OR 1024 petabytes 1024^2 terabytes To visualise this: if you filled a room that was 8x 10and 8high, you could fit 450 hard drives in there. Assuming you would still need over 1000 of those rooms filled to download the WWW Which is 1024 zettabytes, Or 1 trillion tera- bytes To put this in simpler terms. It would take nearly 11001010101000111001010101000 The Surface Web can be indexed by search engines. xThe Deep Web cannot be indexed by search engines. Controlled substance marketplaces Armouries selling all kinds of weapons Child abuse images Unauthorized leaks of sensitive information Money laundering Copyright infringement Credit Card fraud and identity theft operations The Deep Web contains the Dark Web. That Dark Web contains huge amounts of illegal content. Including: 2011 2012 97 M T TW F S S 2013 672million in Estimated Total Number of Websites million Websites added in 2013 Other estimates put the file size of the at almost a yottabyte (thats 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) 11 Trillion years for you to download a yottabyte using the fastest residential Internet connection known today. The size of the average Webpage doubled in size between 2010 and 2012 to over 1 MB and continues to grow. The number of objects on an average page is now over 100. The Surface vs. The Deep Web 2010 2012 And Webpages are getting bigger! The Deep Web is 500 x the size of the Surface Web Bloxx provides real-time Web content filtering and security solutions to organizations to help increase user protection & productivity, reduce risk and liability and minimize network security threats. To find out more about Bloxx visit or email WWW The Surface Web The Deep Web LU040314 Sources: