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Sales Training with different types of Prospects a Sales person has to go through. An insight into the different scenarios in Sales. A SQuare Consulting and Management Services Original Publication.


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2. We have all faced different types of prospects in the due course of our work and the only thing we are definitely not comfortable with is letting any particular type of prospect getting lost due to our inability to handle them well. This publication / presentation tries to sort the different types of prospects broadly and determine the solutions to their effective management. 3. Answer in AdvanceSell What the Product Does - Not the ProductCost is NEVER the determining FactorObjections are Consistent - Objectors are not. 4. Always Remember the Math's Approach to SELLING!!! ADD : BENEFITS (Quality; What the product or service does..)SUBTRACT : Prospect CONCERNS and DOUBTSMULTIPLY : PLEASURE of BUYINGDIVIDE : COST, over period of time 5. There are as many different kind of objections as there are kinds of prospects, so there are many approaches and variations in the way you handle each one of them.It is very necessary to Identify the Type of prospect so that there can be a basic guideline as to how to handle them. 6. The Antagonistic Prospect The Skeptical The Gullible The Egotistical The Know-it-all The Procrastinator The Conservative penny-pincher The Critical Prospect The Bargain Hunter The Good-time Charlie The Stone-face 7. the animal prospect who is going to bear it in mind the insomniac prospect who is going to sleep on it. the musical prospect who will make a note of it the playful prospect who is just feeling out the market... 8. He is the easy prospect, bless his heart, hebelieves what we say.. You deal with him in an open & straightforward mannerTell him lots of human interest storiesHe is more likely to buy because he likes and trusts you than for any other reasonDeal with him gently but confidently..He responds to persuasion but is offended with speed and pressure 9. She is the skeptical and argumentative prospect.. Wants to be always right.. Raises dogmatic doubts with sarcasm, cynicism underlying it..Tell her She has raised a very important issue, would he mind repeating itThis ensures two things Firstly, that you are giving her importance, Secondly, she rephrases the whole thing toningdown the objection 10. In dealing with this prospect, do not argue or contradict, let her blow off her steamexamplewhen the prospect brings up a dogmatic or strong statement in objection form, you pleasantly say, Your question pleases me, Ms. Prospect, because it gets to the very heart of the matter and since that is what I like to do, it indicates we are on the same plane.. (Even if the prospect is outright stupid about the questions raised) 11. Is same to the skeptical one in type, but one important thing to remember is that he is hostile for a reason it could be because hes been abused or misled by a salesperson in the past, maybe a salesperson did not hear his complaintThis is the prospect with whom to use the age old 3-F FORMULA Compliment him for being FRANK, make him talk Understand the logic behind her problems and try toestablish a FOCUS on his queries Establish a communication level and clich for a common FUNDAMENTAL SOLUTION for his problem 12. He wanted to start a procrastinators club but decided to wait till later. He simply cant make a decision.He went to the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist said to him I understand you have trouble making decisions, the fellow responded well, yes - and no.Win his confidence by being the right kind of person, demonstrate empathy. 13. Your belief and conviction in your product and that it will best meet his needs will be the determining factor.Remember, he is having trouble deciding if he should buy. If you have any doubts that you should sell, you can rest assured that he wont buy. Push him - be firm.Inner pressure is the key factor. Pressurize him by asking him a lot of questions. 14. Shes got to feel she is a winner and she wont feel happy unless she gains some kind of a concession.You can handle this in three ways Giving her an assurance while pitching a solutionthat she is getting your best offer.. Showing her that you are taking a personal interest in her - one thing I will do for you which I normally dont do for others is..I will personally ... Best of all, Increase the package price and then offer discounts. 15. He is the loud-mouthed Mr. ObnoxiousAttention is what he craves, so give him attention but in a firm and positive way. You also challenge that individual.Inside, he wants to be understood and appreciated..Challenge him with a lot of facts - experts suggest that research indicates that.. etc. 16. Doesnt want to be bothered with details wants facts, just the facts, Ive got things to do, Im in a hurry!..Be brief, to the point, be business-like assure him that you can handle the details.Make it clear that you will take personal interest, take care that he gets exactly what he wants, then make sure you follow through. 17. Jolly Jimmy is the playful, good natured prospect who in many ways can be the most frustrating of all because on occasion he is impulsive and indecisive. He is far more likely to buy from someone he likes and enjoys being around. Make friends with him - laugh with him - be casual. Then - as a friend - encourage him to go ahead and take action now so that he can enjoy maximum benefits. 18. He wants to feel important, so by all means, make him feel important. He wants to be on center stage, so let the spotlight be on him. By the same token, he likes to know he is not dealing with one of the boys, but rather someone who is qualified to handle his account. If you have set a few sales records or if you have accomplished something significant at work, let him know it in a non-threatening way. Mr. Big will know that he is dealing with someone who is qualified to handle such an important person. 19. Mr. Know-it-all is out to impress you, so let him. Youve got nothing to lose.You might let him impress you by paying cash for the order and get impressed by such a wonderful kind of a client as he isOther than this, he is mostly like Mr Big Shot. 20. The toughest prospect of all, the one who doesnt object at all. He yeses you all through the interview, smiles, nods and agrees with everything.The problem with him is that he is a very bad mix between Gullible and Jolly but has significant influence of Indecisiveness.The best solution here would be to be able to switch over roles from Professional to Friend to Professional through the different phases of the Sale Closure 21. The true essence of Sales is The Customer and the importance of the customer is not to be forgotten at any cost.All the above types of customers are important to our Business as we are trying hard to do one thing and that is SALES.We can not afford to lose the rarest resource for our act to go on well. The Customer 22. Customer is always Right Till he says what we want him to say!!! 23. Rohan BhattSQuare Consulting & Management Services (W): (M): +919974485505 / +919426685505 (Email):