The Best Technology Stock To Buy Now, July 2014

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<ul><li><p>The Best Technology Stock To Buy NowAs of: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014</p><p>Xxxxxx XxxxxxTicker Symbol: XXXX</p><p>Industry: Networking &amp; Communication Devices12 Month Upside Potential: +36.0%</p><p>Conner Management Group, LLC</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p></li><li><p>The Best Technology Stock To Buy NowAs of: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014</p><p>Juniper NetworksTicker Symbol: JNPR</p><p>Industry: Networking &amp; Communication Devices12 Month Upside Potential: +36.0%</p><p>Conner Management Group, LLC</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p></li><li><p>Quick FactsCompany: Juniper Networks</p><p>Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA</p><p>Year Founded: 1996</p><p># of Employees: 9,483</p><p>Ticker Symbol: JNPR</p><p>Sector: Technology</p><p>Industry: Netwrk. &amp; Comm. Devices</p><p>Annual Rev. (TTM*): $4.8 BN</p><p>Net Income (TTM): $459 MM</p><p>Cash From Oper.(TTM):$977 MM</p><p>Market Capitalization: $11.8 BN*TTM Trailing 12 Months</p><p>Business Summary:</p><p>Juniper Networks is a leading provider of high performance network infrastructure. They design and develop products and services for routing, switching, security, application access, and mobility device security. The company operates in two segments, its Platform Systems Division and its Software Solutions Division. </p><p>Website: </p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p></li><li><p>Products/Services </p><p>dDAFD</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p></li><li><p>MetricsCourtesy of Yahoo Finance:</p><p>Annual Revenue (TTM*): $ 4.8 BN</p><p>Net Income (TTM): $459 MM</p><p>Cash From Oper.(TTM): $977 MM</p><p>Operating Margins: 16.5%(2013), 19.5%(2014)</p><p>Trailing P/E Ratio: 26.6</p><p>Forward P/E Ratio: 18.7</p><p>PEG Ratio: 1.1</p><p>Price / Sales: 2.4</p><p>Price / Book: 1.8</p><p>EV / EBITDA: 12.3*TTM Trailing 12 Months</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p><p>Courtesy of Yahoo Finance:</p><p>Recent Closing Price: $24.50</p><p>52 Week Low: $18.36</p><p>52 Week High: $28.75</p><p>20 Day Moving Avg.: $24.60</p><p>50 Day Moving Avg.: $24.68</p><p>200 Day Moving Avg.: $23.54</p><p>Average Volume: 6,871,040</p><p>Beta: 2.2</p><p>Dividend Yield: 0%</p><p>Avg. Div. Payout Ratio: 0%</p></li><li><p>ChartCourtesy of Yahoo Finance:</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p><p>JNPR</p></li><li><p>TiM* &amp; l</p><p>Financial Statement Quality: Very Good</p><p>Operating Margin Trend: Improving</p><p>Price Pattern Trend: Flat</p><p>TiMs Overall Market Outlook: Neutral</p><p>Recent Closing Price: $24.50</p><p>TiMs 12 Month Price Target: $33.32</p><p>12 Month Potential: +36.0%</p><p>*The Model</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p></li><li><p>Conner Management Group, LLC </p><p> Our Investment Management Business is now open and accepting clients. Conner Management Group is an SEC registered investment advisor.</p><p> If you are looking to increase your savings, improve your lifestyle, accelerate your retirement, or just have a bit more financial cushion, then our investment management service is the answer. We can manage your IRA and your old/stranded 401(k) accounts.</p><p> Using our proprietary algorithms, we invest and monitor our clients funds in concentrated investment portfolios of only 10 to 20 different stocks, depending on the selected strategy. Btw, the average mutual fund invests in 150 stocks.</p><p> We use a separately managed account arrangement. You open the account in your name. You give us only the authority to invest and manage your account. Unlike with a mutual fund, you can see exactly your positions 24/7. You remain in complete control of your funds.</p><p>Investment Management: Blog &amp; Newsletter:</p><p> We offer 4 strategies, all supported by our proprietary algorithms that review, rank and analyze over 3,500 stocks every week. For every holding we identify a target price and date for the next 6 to 12 months.</p><p> Our 4 strategies were created to satisfy your risk appetite.1. Dividend/Equity Income Portfolio Strategy2. Value Portfolio Strategy3. Long/Short Portfolio Strategy4. Option Portfolio Strategy</p><p> We are taking advantage of the latest technologies and combining them with our own proprietary algorithms to bring you a new level of investment management service. You can now reach your financial goals faster, while you remain informed and in control.</p><p> If this sounds of interest and you have $25,000 or more to invest, call us about opening a separately managed account. We can be reached at 281-947-2201. You can find additional information on our website. Just visit</p></li></ul>