the best caribou hunting in canada at munroe lake lodge!

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  1. 1. The Best Caribou Hunting In Canada At Munroe Lake Lodge! www(.)munroelakelodge(.)com We hunt the Central Barren Ground Caribou in migration. Our camp is located in an area where hundreds often thousands of caribou pass on their way to their winter feeding grounds in the south. Manitoba opened caribou hunting to non-residents in 1995 and the results are truly a world class hunt. The province licenses only 500 hunters a year, resident and non-resident. The Qamanirjuaq herd now numbers 500,000 animals. They spend their summers in the barren grounds of Nunavut, calving at Qamanirjuaq Lake, then migrating down late every summer, spending their winter in Manitoba's Northern Forests. There are many animals in the Boone Crocket category as well as Pope Young taken each year. Expect average scores of around 330. In recent years, many of Manitoba's top Barren Ground Caribou were taken at our camp. This is an excellent opportunity for a trophy animal. Our camp is located 5 miles east of Baralzon Ecological Reserve which allows no hunting and just south of the 60th parallel. This is an excellent area for bow hunters with small stands of spruce and dwarf birch for cover. We hunt for caribou mainly by boat, foot or "blinds" on their migration trails. While hunting can be done in as little as a mile from camp you should expect to do a fair amount of walking. There are boats and motors available for those who want to cover more area with a bit less walking. Just a few yards from the camp, the avid Sportsman can indulge in some excellent fishing for Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. Trophy Lake Trout, 35 inches or larger, were caught, and released within 5 minutes from camp. A ptarmigan license can also be purchased at camp if hunters decide to do some bird hunting. We normally have only 6 hunters in camp, sometimes, at the particular group's request we can go up to 8. Robert is at the caribou camp, with the guides, giving you a very personalized hunt. There is an excellent opportunity for a big bull but you must heed your guide's advice!!! They all look big at first.
  2. 2. Are you searching for that ultimate fly-in fishing adventure that can produce 50 + northern pike, huge lake trout and trophy arctic grayling, all in the same lake? Michelle and I would be honored to help you make that trip come true. At Munroe Lake Lodge, we take great pride in offering each and every one of our guests the very highest level of personal attention, service and hospitality. Our ultimate goal is to have you experience an exclusive fishing and hunting adventure that will be successful and unforgettable. Come and see what we have to offer! We invite you to browse through the 050660


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