The best Bobcat you can be. The best experiences you can have. The lessons to learn. The pride you earn.

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  • The best Bobcat you can be. The best experiences you can have. The lessons to learn. The pride you earn.
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  • A lot changes, there's no doubt. New school, new people. Theres a good possibility friendships tittering on edge may end to give way to new ones that will last forever. Favorite subjects may change due to inspiring teachers. The key element to living your High school experience to the fullest is allowing change, allow yourself the freedom to grow, to mature, to become the best you.
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  • Easing into this new environment with hundreds of strangers can be difficult, and you may feel that the only support possible for you is the friends you came to this school with, but thats far from true. Get evolved, try out for sports, join clubs. Even the simplest thing as asking the person beside you to be your partner instead of the person youve known for years can begin a new chapter of friendship. From personal experience by the end of the week after Frosh week everything I once knew was changed, and everything was changed for the better. Change is good, accept it when it happens, it might just be the reason of all the amazing experiences your about to have within and outside of these school walls.
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  • Be who you are. If you let someone mold you into someone else you loose yourself and any experiences you once hoped for. Love yourself, be yourself. Those who love who you are are only those people are deserving of your time. You are a person deserving of happiness, so go out and take it. Speak up, be independent. There are sure to be some rough spots in the road, but those who can persevere their battles on their own always turn up victorious.
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  • Those moments where your sure your drowning under pressure. Go against the grain and swim, keep your head up above the waves of turmoil and remember you can achieve anything even when your sure nothing in your life is going to work out. Be it either personal, or academic work. Rock bottom is not the end, its where you begin.
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  • YOURE a cool cat. Do you ever feel like you have to impress everyone? Either your teacher, your friends, your family or even the random strangers you feel are critizing you? Do you know how to impress all of those stressful terms that keep you on the edge of freefalling into a depressing state of feeling less then what you truly are? Its easy, be the best you can be. Stop trying to be superman, youre only human. Believe it or not everyone is not watching your every move and nobody expects Supermans achievements. they only expect anything you can achieve, and you all have potential to be amazing, believe in yourself and others will believe too.
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  • Where do you go to relieve stress? The gym, The library, shopping, eating that whole cheesecake. These are you places of refugee, these are the things you need to get through a rough day or a bad week. Just dont become reliant on them, If you become reliant on them its like losing your independence by being dependant on a old friend. By losing your independence you also miss out on some things youve never tried before. Youll never know if Apples are better then grapes unless you try both. If you dont have a stress reliever the best idea would be finding something that you enjoy and takes your mind of things, or on the opposite side of the spectrum something makes you think clearly and calmly about any circumstance that you may be going through.
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  • Would your parents approve? Would your teachers approve? Would your friends approve? The last two questions should never matter as most as the first. Your parents raised you to be an amazing person, so do what is right, they always have your best interest in mind, so make it so you always have you best interest in mind. Caring too much about what your friends think may make you an easy target for peer pressure, and the only person who should ever have power over your actions is yourself.
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  • Those intimidating, sometimes even scary, older eleveners or twelvers, their bark is worst then their bite. Usually you can find some great advice or friendship within the people who have gone through the same new beginning you are. Never let intimidation stop you from reaching out, being yourself, and simply just saying hello in the hallway. Who knows maybe their more scared of you then you are of them. There are no big bad wolves in our school that cant be tamed by kindness. After all not long ago they were only kittens like you.
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  • When fights happen between friends, in relationships or within family it can seem like the end of the world. To solve the emotional downcast before it happens just breathe, take a full ten seconds, count in your head before you respond to controversy. Youll notice by taking the time to breath you rejuvenate your sensibility and may solve a problem before it even happens by calmly affronting the conflict. Patience and a calm sense of being also helps with homework stress, work stress, ect. By being sensible and reasonable you affect others around you to take a deep breathe and settle down also. There are many ways to achieve a calm sense of being but they differentiate to the type of person you are. Something as simple as reading a good book and escaping your world for a while. Maybe Yoga will clear your mind quicker. Or perhaps you put into a stable state by loud music and good food. Just make sure what ever you choose to calm you is healthy for your body and mind. That way you achieve more then avoidance of a melt down, you avoid having negatives in your life.
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  • Would you jump off a bridge if your friend Tommy did The saying you probably heard your mom or dad say before, after you did something relatively stupid and said friend was involved. Well my response was always Yes but only if there was water under it. Its great to go out and do something exciting, thrilling, amazing, just dont do something youll live or wont live to forget. Common sense, find a safety net. If your friend, lets call him or her Tommy, if he was drunk and driving then killed himself, would you really even think of ever driving under the influence again. Dont wait for him to die, be the person who saves his life, be the person who knows a right from a wrong, thrill from dangerous, be your friends best influence in life. Same situation goes for addiction or bullying or jumping bridges without water underneath. Use the great judgment I know you have, and live a life, your whole life. I promise it will still be an amazing thrilling ride without the danger of treachery following every footstep.
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  • Mmmm, the couch what a wonderful invention, how about just sprawling out on it all day, watching T.V. eating chips and chocolate Thats the life eh? Well that sure isn't living. GET OUT THERE!!! Go to school events, hang out with friends, make friends, be proactive, and STOP watching life pass by. Yes even though that homework load can be a depressing lumpy pile in the corner of the room, those books are also the doorway to success, to college and university, to the rest of your life. Its your choice, do you want your doorway to life to be the couch and your future high in the possibility of being 30 years old, living with your mom and single Or do you want your doorway to life to be your education, you talents, you achievements, your future limitless and your past filled with memories to cherish forever. So stop watching Sylvester the Cat chase Tweety bird and get out there and start chasing your own dreams.
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  • Self-Image, how you see your self, effects largely on how others see you. So be confident in being you! An example of impressions made would be going into a job interview, The person with the slumped shoulders, the downcast eyes, the short shy answers and small voice in contrast to the person with the perfect posture, a smile, and a very personable personality. Who would you choose to be around? *People only ever tease others because of insecurity within themselves, avoid that feeling by being truly at terms with being your self and happy. *A happy face says a million words and commands attention and others happiness, a unnecessary sad face says a million words and commands pity.
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  • GET PUMPED!! GET EXCTIED!! GET PATRIOTIC OF OUR COUNTRY GET PATRIOTIC OF OUR SCHOOL. SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT BE COMFY ON COMFY DAY SEND SOMEONE A CANDY GRAM SEND SOMEONE A VALENTIME HAVE THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT EVER DAY OF THE YEAR. Catch Bobcat fever, the fever that beats Bieber Fever any day. The fever taking the school by storm. The fever so contagious it would effect Chuck Norris if he walked into our school. The fever of happiness as cheesy as that sound
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  • When everything just seems like its never going to stop piling up, you just cant keep up to the immense work load. All you want to do is just take out all your frustration on your teacher, your parents, your friends, you just need to lash out to relieve the stress building up. Instead of ruining someone's day organize your work load into a pace you can manage without feeling overwhelmed, and lose the procrastination skill teenagers hold close to their heart. By being organized and getting work done steadily you avoid the rush of emotion from a pile of work to be done. Therefore you in general are a happier person and the people around you are happy to be around you because they dont have to deal with your negative hissy fits.
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  • Be there for your fellow Bobcats, realize they are going through, have gone through, or may go through in the future the experiences you go through. Be a helping hand. Be passionate about everything you work hard to accomplish whether it be a project or playing a championship game. Be involved. School Spirit all the way!
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  • Be Proactive Be organized Be Responsible Be Respectful Be someone proud of being
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  • * Small acts of kindness go a long way in forming a friendly happy atmosphere within Bluefield. * Keep you promises, only make ones you can keep. *Listen with both ears. Meaning stop only hearing what you want to hear. Hear both sides of a story before you make presumptions. Give advice that genially helps resolve conflict. Dont change the subject back to you *Its about you, but its about everyone else too. Dont be self-centered, be open-minded and open-hearted. Never be afraid of a broken heart because then how will you ever allow love into your life. *Say your sorry. Swallow your pride. If you did something wrong admit it and move on.
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  • Priorities -Family -School -Friends/Relationships -Activities/Sports/Clubs ect. -Me time (Take the time to sit back and take a break from life for relaxation, sleep *8hrs* and leisure activities)
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  • Enjoy your three years here at Bluefield, they fly by faster then you can imagine! You are sure to experience amazing moments within and outside of these walls! Welcome to YOUR school!!!