The Berenstain Bears and the Dinosaurs

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<ul><li><p>Brother Bear liked to read, and hewent to the Bear Country Library quiteoften. He liked mysteries, adventurestories, and sports stories. He liked allkinds of books.</p><p>One day he found a book aboutdinosaurs. It was very interesting.</p></li><li><p>Brother Bear really liked thosedinosaurs. They were very exciting.He liked their long ferocious teeth.And their long ferocious namesliketyrannosaurus and stegosaurus andmosasaurus.</p></li><li><p>Stegosaurus had spikes on its tail. Itcould use them to whack Tyrannosaurus,which had those long ferocious teeth.Mosasaurus, which lived in the sea, wasbigger and more ferocious than thebiggest shark!</p><p>The best part was that they livedlong, long, long ago, so you didn't haveto worry about them getting you.</p></li><li><p>Papa and Mama Bear thought it wasfine that Brother had this new interestand Sister Bear had no serious objection.They all went to the Bear CountryMuseum to see the dinosaur skeletons.They were tremendous. Brotherreally liked those dinosaur skeletons.</p></li><li><p>The skeleton kit had a zillion bones.Papa helped put it together whileBrother played with the models. Thetyrannosaurus model had those longteeth and the stegosaurus had sharpspikes on its tail. Brother Bearpretended they were having a terrificfight!</p></li><li><p>Brother became more and moreinterested in dinosaurs. He got moredinosaur books out of the library. Helearned about the dimetrodon, whichhad a big sail on its back. He learnedabout the brontosaurus, or thunderlizard, which was so big it soundedlike thunder when it walked.</p></li><li><p>He bought more models of dinosaurs.He drew pictures of them. He mademodels of them out of clay. There weredinosaurs all over the place. Papa,Mama, and Sister started to get a littlefed up.</p><p>Once there was a stegosaurus onPapa's chair and he sat on it. Ouch!</p></li><li><p>There were so many dinosaurs in thecubs' room that there was hardly anyroom left for Sister.</p><p>And when Mama found clay dinosaursin the refrigerator, she didn't like itmuch. Brother had put them in thereso they would keep firm and fierceand not get soft and mushy.</p><p>Mama, Papa, and Sister haddinosaurs coming out of their earsbutwhat could they do?</p></li><li><p>Then one night Brother fell asleepthinking about dinosaursand he had adream about them! A big, terrible,awful dream. A nightmare! He dreamedthat a stegosaurus, a brontosaurus, and atyrannosaurus were after him!</p></li><li><p>Mama explained to Brother that hewas having a nightmare and suggestedthat he should forget about dinosaursfor a whilethat perhaps they were"too much of a good thing."</p><p>"Maybe you're right, Mama," saidBrother. "I think I'll give dinosaurs arest."</p></li><li><p>At breakfast the next morningBrother noticed something exciting onthe Honey Crunch box. It was aboutspace. And there was a spaceship modelinside the box.</p></li></ul>