The Battles of: Lexington and Concord Bunker Hill.

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  • The Battles of:Lexington and ConcordBunker Hill

  • MinutemenBeginning of military preparations

    Minutemen = colonial civilian soldiers

    Stockpiled firearms and gunpowder outside Boston

  • The British are Coming!Midnight riders (organized by Paul Revere) sent to warn Adams and Hancock that the British are coming!

    British reach Lexington and open fire on retreating Minutemen (Shot heard round the world)

    British march on to Concord (where they found empty arsenal)

    Minutemen open fire on Redcoats

  • Second Continental CongressDebates colonies next move

    George Washington appointed commander of Continental Army

    Congress authorized printing of paper money to pay the troops

    Congress organized committee to deal with foreign nations

  • The Battle of Bunker HillGen. Gage decides to strike Continental army on Breeds Hill (north of Bunker Hill)

    Colonists hold fire until they can see the white of their eyes

    Colonists shoot advancing redcoats

    Colonists lost 450 men

    British lost 1,000 men

    Deadliest battle of the war

    Misnamed battle!

  • Olive Branch PetitionJuly 8, 1775 Congress sends King George III Olive Branch PetitionUrging a return to the former harmony between Britain and the colonies

    King George rejects petition, issues proclamation stating the colonies were in rebellion and urges Parliament to order a naval blockade of American coast

    Do you think that the Continental Congress was responsible in the actions that it took:YES - Because the British forces were well organized and the Americans needed a strong leader to organize them as wellNO - Because the colonists had declared their intention to step up armed resistance thereby jeopardizing any hopes for reconciliation with the crown


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