the battle of bunker hill written by: rhiannon, alina, mackenzie

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The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker HillWritten By: Rhiannon, Alina, Mackenzie

Who?The Battle of Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill.The people who fought were the Colonists and Great Britain.What?They want to gain land over Bunker and Breeds Hill.

Where?Charlestown, Massachusetts on Bunker Hill

When?Friday, June 17 ,1775

Why?To gain land.

ActivityStep 1. One side will be the Colonists and the other will be Redcoats.Step 2. The narrator (Alina) will tell you the directions and what is happening.Step 3. The Redcoat leader (Mackenzie) and the Colonist leader (Rhiannon) will each choose 5 people on their teams. Each team takes there team in the hallway and explain further.DONE!