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The Battle of Bunker Hill. By:Serina. Main Menu. WHO Was Involved?. Dr. Joseph Warren Dr. Joseph Warren joined Prescott and the patriots at the redoubt. Dr. Joseph Warren got shot while defending the redoubt. Peter Salem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Mayans</p> <p>WHO Was Involved?Dr. Joseph WarrenDr. Joseph Warren joined Prescott and the patriots at the redoubt.Dr. Joseph Warren got shot while defending the redoubt.Peter Salem The Americans called the British Redcoats and lobster backs because of there red coats they wore to war.Peter Salem was a former black slave who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill. MAIN MENU</p> <p>WHEN Did It Happen?BritishThe British and American troops battled outside the city of BostonGeneral Thomas Gage sent the British troops to Concord because they tried to take patriots weaponsPatriots Colonel Prescott lead colonial troops out of CambridgeBattle of Bunker Hill was the bloodiest battle in the Revolutionary War in AmericaMAIN MENU</p> <p>WHERE Did It Happen?Lexington and ConcordThe America militias and the British soldiers first battled near the towns of Lexington and ConcordMassachusettsThe event happened in MassachusettsThe British set fire to Charleston so patriot snipers could not attack themPatriot troops gathered in Cambridge before heading to Breeds Hill and Bunker Hill MAIN MENU</p> <p>WHAT Happened?British British soldiers assembled on the beach between their attacks on Breeds HillWounded soldiers (British soldiers) were brought to Boston all through the nightHarborAround 4:00 in the morning a loud noise came from the harbor Cannon Fire one soldier criedMAIN MENUINSERT PICT</p> <p>WHY Did It Happen?MassachusettsMassachusett patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians so they could dump the tea overboard.The Privy Council reprimanded Benjamin Franklin in London for leaking letters and it was damaging to the Royal Governor.ColonistsParliament passes the stamp act so the colonists could pay for the British war.Shots were fired at Lexington and Concord the Minute Men forced British men back to Boston MAIN MENU</p> <p>OTHER InformationBritish troops The fighting on Breeds Hill was more fierce than the soldiers expectedThe British troops lost a lot of soldiers but the kept attackingPatriotsPatriot soldiers waited for the British to march up the hillUnlike the British soldiers, Patriots did not wear the same uniforms until later in the warSome loyalists were run out of town by the patriots.</p> <p> MAIN MENU</p> <p>BIBLIOGRAPHYWorks Cited The Battle of BunkerBreeds Hill. The American American Revolution, n.d.Web. 14 Feb. 2011.Burgan, Michael. The Battle of Bunker Hill. Mankato: Capston Press, 2008. Print.Martin, James Kirby. Bunker Hill,Battle of. World Book Online. 2011. World Book Student. Web. 7 Feb. 2011. .MAIN MENU</p>


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