The Avoca Group 15th Anniversary Timeline

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<ul><li> 1. Avoca publishes the 10th annual Avoca Report2013Avoca holds first annual Avoca Quality Consortium Summit2012CEO Patricia Leuchten named one of the PharmaVOICE 100 Most Inspiring Individuals in the Life Sciences Industry2011Avoca forms The Avoca Quality Consortium, sponsored by Eli Lilly and Pfizer2011Avoca establishes Blue Pyramid Consulting, an Affiliate Company focused on Market Research for the Healthcare Industry200920132011Avoca identifies best practices and gaps in managing quality of outsourced trials2010Avoca unveils seminal research identifying industry prevalence and practices for strategic alliances, including best practices for Relationship Management2008Avoca presents at London Conference on Avoca's Approach to Collecting Metrics and taking Action to Optimize Outsourcing Relationships2004Avoca launches the industrys first comprehensive Relationship Management Program for a global CRO including measurement of relationships, process improvement, training and change management2003Avoca publishes the first annual Avoca Report2000Avoca develops a comprehensive system for measuring relationships and coins the term KRI Key Relationship Indicator2006Avoca develops and launches Art and Science of Partnering framework and training course with a global CROAvoca identifies best practices and gaps in managing quality of outsourced trials2011Avoca launches its first Investigator Perception Study to collect site feedback about sponsor and CRO's performanceCEO Patricia Leuchten wins Bronze Stevie Award in the 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business2003Avoca is selected to help implement one of the industrys first global, cross-sector, cross-affiliate initiatives focused on CRO Management with J&amp;J20021999Avoca Group was founded by CEO Patricia Leuchten</li></ul>