The Artistry of Muscle Building

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  • 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that "A goodbodybuilder has the same mind that a sculptor has." Its a poignant testament to painstaking efforts it takes tocreate a body that is truly legendary. Muscle-building canbe hard work, true, but there is an artistic side to all of the pumping, the sweat, and the iron.

2. If you are trying to grow your muscles and youre juststarting, dont start out blindly. A sculptor always has aplan (even if only in their minds) of exactly what thefinished product will be. Do the same thing before you getin the gym and start a lifting free-for-all. Go to the gym knowing what type of body you are trying to achieve.Should you focus on pushups to failure in order to get a chest thats more cut? Or should you do heavy, inclinebench pressing to get the larger slabs of hypertrophied muscle that are characteristic of bodybuilders chest? 3. The Artists Tools 4. A great sculptor has tools. A stone sculptor has a trustyhammer and chisel. A clay sculptor has wire end tools andscrapers. Just as a sculptor has tools to create remarkable works of art, so too should a bodybuilder. What are abodybuilders/muscle building enthusiasts tools? Weights& Exercise, Diet, Cardio, and Rest. In reality theseseem like extremely simple tools. However, much like theold hammer and chisel, in the hands of a master, thesetools can create chiseled bodies that people dream about. 5. Weights & Exercise 6. Weights are the muscle-building artists molding tool.Every exercise you do has a different effect on the wayyour muscles will ultimately look, and even how firm they are. How heavy you lift will determine how full your muscles will become. High repetitions with lower weightpromote greater muscular definition. Other exercises, likeyoga for example will help to elongate and stretch the muscles. 7. Diet 8. This is how you add clay to your canvas. Its a little more complicated than the way a sculptor adds clay, but there are similarities. Sure you can eat anything you want, andyou will most definitely add "clay" to your physique. But if youre eating Cinnabons and ice cream sundaes to do it,lets just say youll end up with "bad clay" in all the wrongplaces. A high protein diet, healthy carbs, vegetables, etc.,help to add slabs of "good clay," muscle, to your body. 9. Cardio 10. This is the muscle-builders ultimate etching tool. Do youwant your muscles to show without having to even flexthem? A consistent cardio program helps. Cardio will allow you to scrape away layers of fat to reveal layers of tonedmuscle underneath. 11. Rest 12. This is a finishing tool that many people dont think about. Hard training is an important part of building a great body, but so is rest. Timing your rest periods, gettingenough sleep, and giving your body time to recuperate, is how you allow the work that youve done to take effect. 13. When you train, become an artist of sorts, everyday you go to the gym. The weights and training equipmentbecome your tools, and your body of course...the canvas. How you use these tools, can make all the difference inthe world. Why is it that some people can be members of a gym for years, go regularly, yet their "canvases" never really change all that much? A large part of this artistrylies in the exercises you do, how you do them, the intensity with which you do the exercises, and the self-discipline you have to stick to you training and eating regimen. Strive to become as fit as you can. What have you got to lose? 14.