the art of teaching-the intersection of content, curiosity, & relationship

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Keynote at eLearning Symposium at the Costa Mesa Hilton on Dec 7, 2013


  • 1. The Art of Teaching The Intersection of Content Curiosity and @jonbergmann

2. Hi 3. The Power of Stories 4. My Story 5. Me 6. I am a teacher 7. 1987-1990 Baker Middle School 8. put a pic of BMS class here 9. PUt a pic of BMS kids-- 10. remember to laugh at yourself 11. Emily Brooks 12. Emily Bergmann 13. pic of youtube atom 14. Our hardest days 15. Why so many stories? 16. I believe that teaching is about... 17. Relationships 18. Content... 19. Curiosity... 20. Sadly... 21. Instead.. 22. More about curiosity... 23. 4th Grade 24. Flipped-Class 25. We have school backwards 26. We are sending kids home to do the hard stuff 27. Blooms Crea%ng Evalua%ngAnalyzingApplyingUnderstandingRemembering 28. Flip Blooms Crea%ngEvalua%ngAnalyzingApplyingUnderstandingLoren Anderson 29. The 30. Flipped-Learning 31. Flipped Learning is when you move the direct instruction from the group space to the individual space. 32. FlippedMastery FlippedPeer Instruction Flipped ClassExplore-Flip-Apply An Inquiry TechniqueFlippedMastery + GamicationFlippedProject Based LearningFlipped + Genius HourUniversal Design for Learning 33. Our second book will be out in the Spring of 2014 34. the best way to understand ipped learning 35. Does the ipped class work? 36. Maybe its working 37. Its about relationships 38. Mitch 39. Troy Faulkner 40. Thanks for your prayers. I thought I would share with you that my students have been showing empathy and concern for me during this time. I do not remember this occurring when I have experienced a loss before when I was lecturing. I am not sure of the reason why students are expressing their concern for my wife and me but I wonder if it is because of the relationships that have developed because of me using ipped learning since I get to work with students one on one. 41. A Challenge