the art of positivity art by: chris dyer presentation by: lydia suarez

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The Art of Positivity

The Art of Positivity Art By: Chris DyerPresentation By: Lydia SuarezTitles: 1. The Art of Positivity2. Titles.3. Chris Dyer4. Hitchhiking Hobo!5. A Brush In Gods Hands6. My Nanny7. My Thoughts on Chris Dyer8. My Upcoming Art Project9. Sources!


Chris Dyer is a 32 year old artists that loves to hitchhike, create art, and spread his positive message to love and accept others for all that they are. Chris Art is:Skateboard ArtPaintingsDrawingsSculpturesMurals

Chris art contains symbolism from skateboarding lifestyles and cultural lifestyle from all over the world.Hitchhiking Hobo!

Hitchhiking HoboI love the bright colors. Character is clearly going against the rules to not hitchhike and continuing to hitchhike because he loves it so much. The sun and the main character are laughing and just all around enjoying themselves.A Brush In Gods hands

A Brush In Gods Hands is painted on a recycled skateboard. Chris likes to paint on recycled skateboards in order to help give skateboards, that would eventually end up clogging a landfill, eternal life. (3)My feelings on this painting can be summed up in this quote said by Chris Dyer: The Creator made everything in this 3D world we live in and the artists are the lucky ones who get in touch with this body-less spirit to continue this creation process, with images from within. In this way we can help him communicate with the human masses and experience creation through our physical eyes. (4)My Nanny

Different from his other work. Chris other work is colorful and random where this is shaded, black and white, and realistic. Shows he loves his family by including them in his work and making nice drawings out of them.Reminds me of my Grandma who is sweet and supportive of everything I do.I love the artist I researched and from this research I learned how important it is to always be working on a project that displays to yourself and others what you believe and never be ashamed of it.I chose Chris Dyer as my artist to research because:

His skateboard art reminds me of my brother and his love of skateboarding.We share the same love for bright colors in art.I appreciate and agree with his dream to love others and treat others with respect.

My thoughts on Chris DyerMy Upcoming art projectPlans: painting a used skateboard, courtesy of my brother, with the same type of paint Chris Dyer uses; acrylic paint. Painting will use bright colors like the majority of Chris Dyers paintings. Painting will contain symbolism that leans towards spreading a message of love and positivity!SOURCES! 3.