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Displaying art in the home is an art in itself. You can have a beautiful piece of art that looks out of place if it’s not displayed so that it complements the work. Here are a few creative examples of how to arrange your artwork in your home in a way that can balance and enhance the overall interior design of the space.


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2. MixandMatchFrameStyles Many frame styles and finishes can look beautiful next to one another. Mixing and matching can create a unique display for an eclectic collection of art work. 3. Triptychs Triptychs are great for taking up space on large walls. They can section off an image in a way that draws attention to each individual piece of the work while still maintaining a cohesive whole. 4. Grids A grid is a great design tactic to consider if you have a collection of work that's all the same medium and size. 5. consider the color palette At times, displaying art can look out of place if it stands alone in the design of the room. This wall art in this room all resembles a modern design style, each complementing each other overall. 6. Shelves Shelves are a great way to arrange smaller framed photographs on the wall. They also allows you a space on a wall to decorate with other objects like small sculptures, ceramic pieces or antique trinkets. 7. Wall Niches Wall niches help designate spaces for your favorite works of art. They can create a focal point, statement wall and keep your art work safe. 8. Accent Lighting Accent lighting is a simple way to draw attention to an illuminated piece of work. Generally this type of lighting is small, soft, and directed in order to not be distracting to other parts of the room 9. Consider the Subject The subject of this still life painting is perfect for the dining room. Having a piece of art that exemplifies the purpose of the room can help bring the design style of the room together. 10. for more design inspiration visit


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